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With Google bringing its pet Panda and Penguin to the forefront of SEO cosmos, bloggers, SEO practitioners and web masters are out scouring the best possible SEO tools to ensure top Search Engine Page rankings. However, if you are a newbie in the field trying to cache on the immense potential that Internet marketing bestows on you to boost your business it may seem unnecessary to invest in expensive SEO software only to realize they might not work for you. There are umpteen SEO tools that you can get without shelling out a penny and amazingly quite a handful of these are of truly of great quality. Check out some of these free SEO tools that you can use to catapult your business to a notch higher.

Free SEO Tools

Free SEO Tools

Google Analytics: An awesome boon from Search Engine giant Google, the Google Analytics tool is an absolute must-have for a beginner endeavoring to make mark in the online cosmos. Not even pro webmasters can deny the power of this tool which gives you all the details as to the flow and kind of traffic that your website is receiving. It tracks traffic, analyzes routes and gives you complete clarity as to your visitor needs so as to help you improve your site and make necessary changes for optimum impact.

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AdWords Keyword Tool: As a blogger undergoing Search Engine Optimization, you must be familiar with the importance of keywords and the need to optimize them. Researching for the right keywords to boost your campaign and drive maximum traffic towards your blog site or website is a tough job. The AdWords Keyword tool can come handy in giving your myriad perspectives in your keyword search, thereby exhibiting specific keywords chosen by you and their position in the competitive cosmos with monthly searches based locally and globally. Such detailed analysis of specific keyword phrases can give you an idea about the keywords that will be best suited for the campaign you are seeking to promote.

Keywords Analysis: Get to know about the changes which the various keywords you use undergo over daily, weekly as well as monthly basis and covering local and global searches. This tool also gives you a peek into your pagerank and backlinks, thereby helping you exercise control over your Search Engine Page Rankings.

SEO Quake: Another immaculate innovation by the SEO professionals, the SEO Quake proffers you knowledge about a bundle of things in the SEO genre helping you gauge solutions such as meta descriptions, page rank, page indexing, Alexa Rank and many more. You just need to install the SEO Quake plugin on your browser before using it.

SEO MOZ: SEO MOZ is a comprehensive SEO tool package proffering everything that you need to know about your SEO. It deals with a number of things including keyword rankings, web crawl diagnosis, Social and Twitter Analytics, Open Site Explorer, Link Analysis, On-Page optimizations and the likes.

Keyword Density Analyzer Tool: While using the appropriate and targeted keywords is necessary for blogs and articles to gain maximum impact, keyword stuffing is something that is highly penalized by Google’s Panda. To ensure that your content possesses the right density of keywords and you have not used too many or too less of those phrases, make use of the Keyword Density Analyzer tool before getting your article published.

SEOSiteCheckup: This is another great tool to understand where your page or site lacks and the way you can fully optimize the same for gaining the right kind of traffic in large volumes. The web-based analysis tool proffers you information related to your Page Cache, Meta Tags, HTML page size and HTML compression, Robots.txt, most common keywords, Page Objects counts and listings, site’s loading speed, backlink numbers, Directory browsing and loads more.

PageRank Status: As a beginner you can optimize your link building strategies by carrying out a research of the ranking of every page or website you visit by downloading the PageRank status free browser extension version. It helps you see page details, page speed, SEO statistics of the page and other SEO protocols by simply clicking on the browser plugin.

Google Webmaster Tools: Get an in-depth peek into your website’s interactions and activities in the online world as projected and witnessed by search crawlers. You can gauge your site’s internal links, crawl statistics and errors, tracking queries for searches related to your website’s pages, submit sitemaps, understand keyword clicks and monitor your site’s indexing.

SEM Rush: Finally, reduce your SEO errors by understanding your blog rankings and statistics with SEM Rush’s Adsense Analytics, Organic Keywords and their positions, competitor analysis and Search Engine Marketing keyword analysis. The tool is extremely popular among bloggers seeking to minimize their SEO flaws. If you are still wondering where to go about looking for these SEO tools, rely on SeoTuners to proffer you with flawless SEO strategies for optimizing your website.

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