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Affordable SEO Secrets

Valuable SEO Secrets to Attract More Traffic

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There are many factors that go into SEO. Here are some tips that make your campaign stand out. Utilizing these techniques will ensure that you are within the guidelines Google is looking for, and get your website noticed.

Search Engine Optimization is very much important in the new business world where internet plays a significant role in all aspects. Every website or online venture can be successful only if it gets sufficient numbers of traffic to their web pages. And there is no alternative way to attract more people other than good quality, affordable SEO or affordable internet marketing via search. So, we will discuss about top ten SEO tips and tricks to bring more visitors to a website.

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Tips to hire a good SEO Company in Los Angeles and Ventura

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Internet presence has become mandatory for every business, which helps it flourish. But, just having a website won’t be of any help till the time one hires experts from an SEO Company. Los Angeles and Ventura boasts of a comprehensive list of SEO companies which will place your company on high visibility radar, in turn generating higher traffic and an increase in sales. A professional company will come up with strategies that will further augment the search engine ranking of your website.

Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind while hiring a Los Angeles and Ventura SEO Company:
One should always make an effort to collect as much information as possible about the SEO Company before hiring its services.

Good SEO Company

Don’t fall for tall claims, like your website flash on the top of the search engine page in a few weeks (say a week or two) time. It is not possible to assess what kind of work a website needs to make it visible on the internet.

A good company should not adopt shortcuts that will lead to temporary results.

Ask the company to tell you about the strategies that they will be following to optimize your website.
Don’t be shy to ask the company about the kind of work they have done in the past.

Hiring a good SEO Company will make a great difference when it comes to converting traffic received on the website to sales.

SeoTuners offers high quality SEO services for all kinds of businesses. To know more log on to

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Why to Choose an SEO Company Los Angeles and Ventura ?

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Los Angeles and Ventura has turned out to be an SEO hub with a plethora of SEO companies Los Angeles and Ventura like SeoTuners hiring dedicated SEO experts and Internet marketing professionals. Professionals at SeoTuners ensure that your website wins optimum exposure, attracts traffic of your potential customers or visitors, creates a brand name for your business and catapults your online sales. Here are some advantages of hiring professionals of our SEO company.

Advertising your Business: As SEO experts our professionals know how and which sites to employ the right marketing techniques so as to advertise your business among potential audience. Through techniques of Viral Marketing campaigns they ensure that your company is rightly placed and visible on the social networking platforms like Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. We target to make your website searchable as well as interactive by incorporating social media links on it and by linking it to popular websites.

Applying the Right SEO techniques: We, at SeoTuners, have all the latest SEO strategies to proffer your website with the desired ranking among Search Engine Pages. The online cosmos is crowded with millions of websites jostling to get to the top. Employing the right SEO techniques is essential to enhance visibility and leave behind indelible impressions on the minds of your prospective clients.

Seo Company Los Angeles and Ventura

Branding: To enable your website gain maximum revenue, it is important to turn it into a brand name which will be remembered by your customers and allure them towards it every time. The greater the number of hits, the higher is the profit that your website earns.

Array of SEO Services: As an SEO company we provide a wide range of SEO services some of them being Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Link Building, SEO Copywriting, Pay Per Click Advertising and Email Campaigning, Keyword Tuner and Brand Identity Protection.

Harnessed with the right knowledge of SEO techniques, we at SeoTuners can help turn your online business into a brand name.

Why Should Your Company Have a SEO Friendly Website ?

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Today’s informed customer knows a company by its website. SEO companies thus focus on improving the quality and quantity of traffic on a customer’s webpage because it is a part of the online marketing strategy. If your company does not focus on website design or if the SEO business has not emphasized the importance of it; this is what you should be knowing:

  • Your website establishes your company as a brand. Most internet users do not even bother to look beyond the first page of the search results. So, your SEO company should focus on getting you there.
  • Once you are on the first page, your company website is bound to attract increased traffic. There is a difference between traffic and organic traffic; but increased presence of customers is a good start regardless of whether they stay or not. Keeping them there will involve other marketing ploys.
  • Let us face it – nobody questions Google! If you are on the first page of the search results of this engine, it means to the customer that your website is a worthy source to be visited. After all, Google is vouching for your credibility (though getting there might be difficult due to Google’s stringent quality policies).

Once your company’s website is at the top place and you have an increase in the traffic, you can take your business to the next level by focusing on how to make your customers stay. Just because they visited your webpage does not ensure their trust in your brand. That has to build up over time. is one such SEO company that can help you kick-start an online marketing campaign.

What Should an Internet Advertising Company Avoid?

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There has been a lot of debate about what an internet advertising company is or what it should be or what services it should provide. So basically, a lot has been spoken (or written) about what ought to be done. But what about having aPFA checklist of the things that you should not do? Is it that simple, or are there areas or things that any SEO company in their right mind should avoid? Here is a list to crosscheck:

  • Never ever offer free services and ask a prospective client to take a trial. While this may work sometimes, mostly your clients; who may have suffered previously, may smell a rat and take their business elsewhere. SEO is a taxing job; nobody offers their hard work for free.


  • Do not even think about saying that you “know” someone at Google or some other search engine who will help you get a top rank. The trick is too old to work; and besides, a company that relies on special relationships instead of the quality of its services doesn’t inspire much confidence.


  • The worst business mistake that a company could make is the lack of transparency, or proclaiming to the client that you have some secret strategies that will help get magical results. It cannot be emphasized enough that in the world of hard work, there is no magic; and the moment you say secret, your client may think that you are employing some unethical practice.

While this list is not all pervasive and the situation differs from one customer to another; it does not harm to practice good methods.

If you have any questions regarding how an ethical SEO should function, mail us at

Mobile SEO Tips and Tricks

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Google has recently revealed that Mobile Users type different search words when looking for a solution or webpage. Therefore, the website rankings are influenced by what mobile users type or where they live, indicating that the search engine results and rankings are different when a searchers type on phone or on laptop. If you are interested in increasing your site rankings for mobile phones, then try these Mobile SEO Tips and Tricks

Make you page mobile friendly
Despite mobiles becoming an integral part of our lives, most of the websites haven’t yet made their websites mobile friendly. Considering that 25 % of search traffic comes from mobile, websites must make a mobile version of their sites for more traffic.


Want you website to rank higher on mobile search engines? Then try using words that are common to a region. Google indicates that mobile searches are more often based on the region or locality. So, an affordable SEO Tip is to include words such as ‘Spa Services in Kuala Lumpur’ on your site rather than ‘Spa Services in Malaysia.’

Using Sitemap

If you have mobile HTML sitemap, then add an XML sitemap to your site and submit it to search engines. This will ensure that when searched, Google displays the result of your separate mobile website. Don’t worry, a separate mobile site is easy to achieve and allows for greater SEO techniques for mobile optimization. But make sure that the descriptions are mobile friendly too.

Get in touch with us at 877-736-1112 or visit SeoTuners.

How to Recover from Google Panda Update ?

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As an affordable SEO company or a website owner you must be well aware of the roller coaster rides that Google Panda updates give you. No, Google’s Panda is no cuddly, cute animal. With its coming into the SEO scene in February 2011 the algorithm completely caused a pandemonium in the online cosmos. While good quality websites were catapulted at the top ranks of SERPs, Panda’s pernicious blows were felt simultaneously causing several others not adhering to the rules to get plummeted down. If you to have been one among those to be thrashed by Panda, here some ways to recover from it.

google-pandaDetermining Low Quality or Thin Content: This comprises one of the foremost things to get yourself geared towards in order to dodge further hits by Panda. Low quality content is detested by Panda and loses your site of your readers’ trust. Hence, to eradicate such thin content take some time out of your busy schedule and attempt at rewriting or writing quality content with focus on details. Low quality content according to Panda is content which is too short in length to be possessing in-depth data, having outdated articles or ones which suffer from duplicate issues pertaining to titles or content. Scour all your content thoroughly to dig out any such issues and get rid of them outright.

Know SEO tactics: If you are contemplating on making your online venture a serious one with attempts made at blogging it is imperative that you enlighten yourself about the various SEO techniques. Some of the things that you require possessing knowledge about are keyword research and optimization, building backlinks, On-site SEO, and the likes.

Re-Indexation and Quality Links: Re-indexation by thorough checking of the Robots.txt file for errors and implementing a new XML sitemap of the URL is essential to make your links get labeled as quality links by Panda. If you are operating on multi-author blog ensure that the links that are arriving at your website from other bloggers are equally high in quality and are relevant to your specific industry.

If you are still unsure, rely on SeoTuners, an affordable SEO company to help you recover from Google Panda fever with aplomb.

How To Recover From Penguin Update?

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Although you must be scouring the online microcosm for a proficient internet advertising company to help fix and fish you out of the Penguin panic, it pays to enlighten yourself on the ways to recover from the same as well.

With Google hurling its latest algorithmic animal Penguin last April, oodles of websites and online business owners became the butt of the pernicious blow it inflicted and many are still looking for ways to escape from it.

Moreover, do not think the Penguin will be sitting for days after being flung. Remember, the algorithm is completely alive and utilizes a whole new cauldron of technology to stop websites from spamming. If you too have been the victim of the no-so-sweet Penguin’s sinister sting, here are some ways to recoup from it.

google penguine update

Build Only Links of Value

In short, do away with the unnecessary links; keep the ones that add value to your content or website only. Gone are the days when the SEO business was all about littering your website with as many links as you can grab without paying attention to quality. Link building methods like social bookmarking, advertorials and mass submissions in directories have tarnished the online cosmos and Google surely detests them, authorizing only a few. So it is time to undergo a thorough analysis of your backlink profile, bring them all in one spreadsheet and siphon any links which are or appear detrimental to your site.

This is to say check links such as sponsored posts, paid ones, those from irrelevant and de-indexed sites and directory submissions and pull out those which do not add any value to a user. You can take the help of Google’s Disavow Tool which endows a second chance on you to “disavow” or weasel out those sites which you might have created in haste in the past.

Embark on a New Link-building Endeavor

Once you have removed the unnatural links, you require attempting at strong natural inbound links with high diversity in link, anchor text and domain and with plethora of social signals. Penguin approves anchors comprising naked URLs, hybrid-branded ones like those of Social Media News, Branded and Universal Anchors. Check online for all sorts of innovative and creative natural link-building resources which can help you overhaul your links in accordance with your business.

Emphasize on Good Content

As you must have heard all those tech gurus and SEO geeks around you talking about good onsite content, it is a fact that quality content forms the very basis of good links making customers crawl to your website. Quality content means having useful, informative and interesting blog posts and intriguing

data analysis that intrigues readers to read them and add potential value to your links. If you run a business which is boring make it appealing to your customers by sprucing up your content with videos, images on Pintarest along with influential press releases to broadcast your latest development.

Obtain Social Signaling

SEO, Digital and Search Marketing all hanker after being social. Grab the opportunity to create and establish relevant and interesting pages on Social Networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Linkedin. Those in the online shopping genre can go for Pintarest. Once you have pages established on these sites, be sure to add posts regularly without fail and share any development or promotional offers that you might be having.

At the end of the day if you feel Penguin busted you unnecessarily for no spamming fault utilize the Penguin Feedback Form explaining that you adhere to quality by giving examples. And if it appears too herculean a job to you, entrust the responsibility of recovering your website on SeoTuners, an internet advertising company of repute.

All About The Marketing Trends Which Will Dominate

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Internet Marketing Trends 2014

  • Panda and Penguin two of the major updates by Google means that the emphasis for high rankings is no more on repetition but blog posts, videos and slide shows which would make the websites more interactive. This would guide a steady flow of organic traffic, a trend which would continue to dominate much of internet marketing in 2014.
  • Mobile and content marketing would continue to dominate internet marketing in the years to come. Blog posts might be the new in thing for content marketing while email newsletters, information on sales and offers and all this brought to him over the comfort of his Smartphone would certainly appeal to the customer in 2014. Mobile and content marketing going hand in hand is already the road to the future.
  • Content marketing allows the companies to interact with its consumer base and not only does it mean a bigger role for the same but social media, articles, e newsletters, blogs and posting on their websites would all allow it to concentrate on the important buzzword in marketing circles today – inbound marketing.
  • Since Author Rank might be rolled out by Google soon and this may also be a part of Page rank there would be a stress on creative and innovative content.
  • One needs to know the return on investments when it comes internet marketing. This is where analytics will play a key role in the near future. Measuring the marketing processes in a company and whether it is achieving its desired results would become a demanding slot in internet marketing of the future. This would also result in an evolution of the attributing model.
  • Loyalty marketing would also be of importance in the field of internet marketing since it is always difficult to find a new customer in this tech savvy world of intense competition than to retain a loyal customer with tailor-made services and recognition. This would mean more and more focus to make the consumer’s experience worth coming back for.
  • SEO and social marketing are set to come closer which would mean the more shares on the social media would mean higher rankings on the search engine’s result pages. Something which goes viral might therefore be taken as a marketing blitzkrieg in the world of internet marketing.
  • Product videos and testimonials might soon be of immense importance in what has come to be understood as video marketing. Even though it is yet to earn its rightful place under the sun video marketing might just be the new future. One of the reasons why Twitter’s 6 second Vine videos have been popular with many brands
  • There may also be a greater demand for outreach and partnership which might at times divert the concern from content. However, content and interactive tools would essentially complement each other in the coming few years with a steady intermixing of the two.
  • Improved visualization with a greater stress on design in a business website to bring the new tech savvy consumers might be the focus of internet marketing in 2014. This would be the defining trend in many ways since the new age web users do not like to wait for pages to load and wouldn’t stay if they don’t like what they see.