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Ten Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies

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Facebook took the world by storm in just a few baby steps it took way back in 2004. Since then, the social networking site has seen tremendous growth in the expansion of its business, so much so that leading businesses from the corporate realm can’t keep away from marketing themselves via this popular social medium.

Needless to say, having a list of objectives helps paint a clear picture of how a marketing strategy will be executed. Some of these objectives may focus on:

a) Generating brand/product awareness
b) Promoting product development
c) Increasing traffic and sales
d) Building and nurturing customer loyalties

Once the objectives are ready, businesses can choose from a plethora of approaches to market their brand or product on Facebook. Ten strategies that are becoming increasingly popular with marketers are highlighted below:

facebook marketing

1. Integration On Website

Simply adding a Facebook icon on a company website can help leverage existing traffic towards any page the business may have on the social site. Equally important is the placement of the icon on the website. Top-of-the-page placement gets a better visibility than that of a bottom-of-the-page placement.

2. Pages

Fan pages are a rage these days. These are used extensively for educating and entertaining fans all the while attracting more traffic. Any comments that a published content garners will surface in people’s feeds thereby attracting more visitors to the page.

3. Advertisements

Advertising on Facebook can give a business the much needed boost it requires to stay on top of things. Facebook ads help a great deal in attracting new fans and at the same time, promoting brand awareness.

4. Applications

Facebook apps are mostly used for creating “landing page” or “lead capture page” which basically coverts site guests into sales or leads. With an in-depth analysis of the same by the marketers, the success of an advertisement is determined.

5. Community

In order to build lasting trust and loyalty with customers, businesses are widely making use of Facebook communities.

6. Contests

To break away from the lull of inactivity, many companies announce exciting contests that they run exclusively for their Facebook fans. It is important to think out-of-the box in order to achieve soaring engagement scores.

7. Engagement On Other Pages

By regularly commenting on other popular Facebook pages, marketers can attract a large pool of visitors to their own page and gather “likes” which they can read as “lead conversions”

8. Social Plug-ins

Facebook plug-ins such as “like”, “share”, “comment”, “follow”, etc. increase the awareness of a brand and it depends from business to business which plug-in works for them the best.

9. Images and Videos

Fans on Facebook engage more promptly with a business when they use images and videos to communicate with their customers.

10. Reveal Pages

Reveal pages, otherwise known as custom tags, are visible to the fans of a brand. Many businesses that use these pages either put a lot of discount-coupons for their fans or upload e-books as free downloads.

The use of any or all of the above mentioned strategies can give businesses a lot of visibility on social platforms like Facebook provided that their execution is properly followed by constant reviews and feedbacks.

YouTube & Mobile Banners

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How do you measure success? The most common response to this question in the business world is ROI (Return on Investment). So how does one measure the success of a banner ad? The answer isn’t as cut and dry as we would like. Banner ads can be displayed across multiple platforms and in different sizes, which can drastically alter the message they carry to consumers. Sometimes the greatest measurable benefit of display banner advertising isn’t in dollars and cents, but in information that is collected during the campaign.

The first banner ads have been around since 1993 and their evolution has skyrocketed ever since. Web banners function the same way as traditional advertisements are intended to, by notifying consumers of the product or service and presenting reasons why the consumer should choose the product or service being presented. With the proliferation of smart phones and tablets, the race for more innovative banner advertising has become hotly contested. “Viewability” – ads that are at least 50% visible on a user’s screen for at least one second – is one of the most important factors and can induce more genuine clicks from buyers.

Brand Exposure

With the use of hand held devices increasing daily, the question for advertisers then becomes how to use the limited digital space effectively. Video is hot right now, not only in the U.S. but throughout the world, and is an excellent vehicle with which to capture the consumer. In Europe, banners with videos and video ads outperform all other banner formats in every metric, including engagement rate, engagement time and CTR. Pre-roll video ads on publisher sites and YouTube were particularly hot in 2013. Youtube has pioneered the use of video banners, which have recently knocked Facebook banners (99×72) off of the list of top ten favorite banner ad formats used by advertisers. The “media as a message” approach by Youtube video banners allows businesses to present themselves in a unique way, when and where it matters most. The limited amount of time these ads have in front of the consumer means that they have to be engaging, use the right message and evoke just the right passions in the consumer. This exercise in advertising alchemy is not for the faint of heart and best left those who live, eat and breathe internet marketing.

The data gleaned from banner advertising can be useful for both brand exposure and performance metrics for more targeted advertising. To ensure that a campaign is generating useful data, banners should be designed to promote specific awareness-raising goals, such as “likes” on Facebook, or downloads of coupons. This data can be used to retarget interested consumers who’ve shown affinity to a particular brand, product or service.

Whether you are focusing on building a brand or performance advertising, mobile is pivotal to reaching your audience. Research shows that 90% of people move between devices to accomplish a goal, so reaching customers on-the-go is more important than ever before. All too often marketers rely on display ad campaigns via laptops and desktops to reach an increasingly mobile audience. This is a mistake. In Europe, parts of Asia, Africa, South America and the Middle East, smart phones and tablets are far more important devices. The goal should be to think multi-screen from the beginning, and choose standardized formats that are easy to benchmark. The space being somewhat limited does mean that the right message must be paired with the right creative to produce the desired results. SeoTuners can help you achieve your performance marketing objectives to grow leads, win new customers, and increase conversions.

10 Tips and Tricks For Planning And Creating Content

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Content marketing is a scheme to attract a customer’s attention by developing content that is helpful and pertinent. It has attained much awareness in the past few years because of the ever expanding access to internet especially for the age group and target consumer’s of most brands. Hence it’s time to leave aside the conventional ways and implement content marketing to promote your brand.

Planning And Creating Content

Since it is an ongoing process one may run out of ideas and find it difficult to create crisp write ups on a regular basis. That is why it is essential that you must continually update and refine your writing strategies. Here are a few tips which will help you while planning and creating content so that it reaches out to a greater number of people:

  • First and foremost get to know your clients. Ask them what they want and what are the difficulties they are facing while promoting themselves. Check whether you are targeting the right kind of audience or not.
  • Define attainable goals that you want to achieve through your content like building customer relationships. Tell the brands story so that people can connect to it, stimulating social media attention and so on.
  • Then do proper market research and gather as much information as you can and familiarize yourself with the people you want to target. Once you get to know who is reading your content and buying your products it will help you hold on to your valued customers.
  • With the help of the info you gathered keep creating relevant and shareable content that people will definitely come back to read. Create content that makes your reader feel certain emotions like humor, surprise and awe. These emotions will make them feel good. In turn it will push them to share it with friends and colleagues thereby increasing your contents readership and visibility.
  • Try to make content that is more thoughtful and pleasing so that your target customers can trust your brand. This is essential in order to hold on to existing customers and also the prospective visitors.
  • Increase the contents’ potential by carrying out newer campaigns like PPC advertising, catchy and crisp headlines that grab target readers attention, keyword research tools, curate others contents etc.
  • Remember the golden words, “An image speaks a thousand words”. Go for high quality shareable images that tell a story and compel the readers to take further action.
  • Ask for readers’ feedback and make them share their experience about your content. You’ll be amazed by the response. Use this info to provide new content. By doing so you will earn the trust of a large number of people.
  • Steady and regular content publishing is essential. Provide useful and updated information so that people always come back to read your contents. With consistent performance you would soon be considered the leader in the industry.
  • Lastly preset and keep your goals in mind. Know what you want to accomplish by the end of your content marketing like brand awareness and leadership prospects in the market, lead generation, increase company’s sales etc.

To achieve all this via content marketing it is essential that you hire professionals who know how to plan and develop content that best suits your company’s profile.

10 Must Use Free SEO Tools

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With Google bringing its pet Panda and Penguin to the forefront of SEO cosmos, bloggers, SEO practitioners and web masters are out scouring the best possible SEO tools to ensure top Search Engine Page rankings. However, if you are a newbie in the field trying to cache on the immense potential that Internet marketing bestows on you to boost your business it may seem unnecessary to invest in expensive SEO software only to realize they might not work for you. There are umpteen SEO tools that you can get without shelling out a penny and amazingly quite a handful of these are of truly of great quality. Check out some of these free SEO tools that you can use to catapult your business to a notch higher.

Free SEO Tools

Free SEO Tools

Google Analytics: An awesome boon from Search Engine giant Google, the Google Analytics tool is an absolute must-have for a beginner endeavoring to make mark in the online cosmos. Not even pro webmasters can deny the power of this tool which gives you all the details as to the flow and kind of traffic that your website is receiving. It tracks traffic, analyzes routes and gives you complete clarity as to your visitor needs so as to help you improve your site and make necessary changes for optimum impact.

AdWords Keyword Tool: As a blogger undergoing Search Engine Optimization, you must be familiar with the importance of keywords and the need to optimize them. Researching for the right keywords to boost your campaign and drive maximum traffic towards your blog site or website is a tough job. The AdWords Keyword tool can come handy in giving your myriad perspectives in your keyword search, thereby exhibiting specific keywords chosen by you and their position in the competitive cosmos with monthly searches based locally and globally. Such detailed analysis of specific keyword phrases can give you an idea about the keywords that will be best suited for the campaign you are seeking to promote.

Keywords Analysis: Get to know about the changes which the various keywords you use undergo over daily, weekly as well as monthly basis and covering local and global searches. This tool also gives you a peek into your pagerank and backlinks, thereby helping you exercise control over your Search Engine Page Rankings.

SEO Quake: Another immaculate innovation by the SEO professionals, the SEO Quake proffers you knowledge about a bundle of things in the SEO genre helping you gauge solutions such as meta descriptions, page rank, page indexing, Alexa Rank and many more. You just need to install the SEO Quake plugin on your browser before using it.

SEO MOZ: SEO MOZ is a comprehensive SEO tool package proffering everything that you need to know about your SEO. It deals with a number of things including keyword rankings, web crawl diagnosis, Social and Twitter Analytics, Open Site Explorer, Link Analysis, On-Page optimizations and the likes.

Keyword Density Analyzer Tool: While using the appropriate and targeted keywords is necessary for blogs and articles to gain maximum impact, keyword stuffing is something that is highly penalized by Google’s Panda. To ensure that your content possesses the right density of keywords and you have not used too many or too less of those phrases, make use of the Keyword Density Analyzer tool before getting your article published.

SEOSiteCheckup: This is another great tool to understand where your page or site lacks and the way you can fully optimize the same for gaining the right kind of traffic in large volumes. The web-based analysis tool proffers you information related to your Page Cache, Meta Tags, HTML page size and HTML compression, Robots.txt, most common keywords, Page Objects counts and listings, site’s loading speed, backlink numbers, Directory browsing and loads more.

PageRank Status: As a beginner you can optimize your link building strategies by carrying out a research of the ranking of every page or website you visit by downloading the PageRank status free browser extension version. It helps you see page details, page speed, SEO statistics of the page and other SEO protocols by simply clicking on the browser plugin.

Google Webmaster Tools: Get an in-depth peek into your website’s interactions and activities in the online world as projected and witnessed by search crawlers. You can gauge your site’s internal links, crawl statistics and errors, tracking queries for searches related to your website’s pages, submit sitemaps, understand keyword clicks and monitor your site’s indexing.

SEM Rush: Finally, reduce your SEO errors by understanding your blog rankings and statistics with SEM Rush’s Adsense Analytics, Organic Keywords and their positions, competitor analysis and Search Engine Marketing keyword analysis. The tool is extremely popular among bloggers seeking to minimize their SEO flaws. If you are still wondering where to go about looking for these SEO tools, rely on SeoTuners to proffer you with flawless SEO strategies for optimizing your website.

Web Advertising to Increase Your SEO Popularity

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Like in school, the more friends you have/had, the more popular you are. Well, the same goes for ranking on Google. The more popular you are, the higher you will rank. The heart of popularity on the web is having backlinks pointing back to your site. This shows Google that you are an authority in your industry, therefore you should get higher rankings.

Well, no one…except search engines! If you want people to read your page on the web, you need to have plenty of incoming links pointing right at your site. Search engines value the quantity, quality, and relevance of these links. The trouble with getting “backlinks” to your site, as they are called, is it’s kind of difficult. The best way to receive high quality links is by creating a quality page or site. It’s one of the most important steps in your SEO campaign!

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SEO Training on Panda Recovery

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The Panda update caused many businesses to have to reevaluate their marketing strategy. Instead of spamming their sites with unnatural links, content remains to be king. Employing an SEO strategy that focuses on content in imperative now.

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Affordable SEO Service for Everyone

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Welcome to!

SeoTuners is an Affordable SEO Service Company in Los Angeles and Ventura providing quality, value, and innovation with a boutique style experience to produce Organic Search Engine Optimization Ranking results.

Affordable SEO Online Marketing that Works

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Marketing is expensive for any brick and mortar store looking for maximum exposure.  When you are looking for advertising on the web you can take advantage of affordable SEO that will give you the most exposure possible at the best rates.

You really can find affordable SEO on the web today.  You can choose from many different companies to provide professional content on your web pages or even hire a freelance writer.  Some people choose the free option by writing their own content but often experience negative results.  It is usually best to hire a professional.

Because SEO techniques are things that people can do on their own for free if they have the time, businesses offer affordable SEO.  It is common for people to automatically assume the cost is far too expensive.  Some people have paid so much money for keywords and pay per click marketing efforts they assume SEO is outrageous also.  The good news about hiring a professional for SEO is that you will pay a one time fee for the content and efforts.  These fees are not ongoing like pay per click and keywords.  Once you pay for SEO, your business can continue to enjoy the benefits for good without paying any additional fees.

You might have done everything you can to get the most exposure on the web possible.  You might have paid for keywords and practiced methods online but also done your share of offline marketing too.  This might include passing out business cards and other things.  Some people even rely on their friends and family to provide word of mouth for their business.  The web is too big to rely on word of mouth.  Affordable SEO can provide exposure for an online business quickly to a lot of people.  This is one of the fastest ways to gain exposure.

Affordable SEO does exist and you do not have to continue paying for it on a recurring basis.  This is a one time fee that can help you generate customers to your online business by providing natural keywords and content.  You can get a good site rank at an excellent price without paying money monthly.  SEO will help you gain the maximum exposure your online business needs.

Hiring a Professional Organic SEO Company

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Hiring a professional organic SEO company is the best option in the online marketplace today.  There are many reasons for this which include saving time, professionalism, website repair, and more.

If you don’t have a lot of time to mess around with your website but you know it needs work then you might consider hiring an organic SEO company to help.  The web is changing everyday, which means that you need to keep your site up to date with the latest technologies and techniques that impact the way your site ranks with the search engines and against the competitors.  If you aren’t sure where to get started it can take weeks to get caught up.  A professional can help you make positive changes for your online business in as little as a week and you will begin seeing results right away too.

online marketing servicesProfessionalism is very important with an online business. Many companies design their own sites and it is usually evident to the visitors by the content written on the pages and the overall look and feel.  An organic SEO company can provide professional content that is error free, grammatically correct, and that works with the search engines to give you the best results possible.  The biggest benefit is that an SEO can look at a site and know exactly what needs to be done to make the online business look more professional.

Website repair is another benefit of using an organic SEO company.  It is common for a business to make mistakes with content and not realize it.  Content mistakes can cause problems with the way a site is listed in search results or if a site is even listed at all.  You might have too much content, too little, or even be using the wrong keywords that do not work for total optimization.

An organic SEO company can help you achieve success on the World Wide Web by providing many services for an online business.  These services will help you save time so you can work on more pressing issues, have a professional looking website, and repair any issues that might be causing you more harm than good.