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content marketing in 2015

Best Practices for Content Marketing in 2015

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Are you looking to jumpstart your content marketing initiatives in 2015? Some time back there was a ‘content explosion’ that was mostly carried out by amateur writers working with SEO companies in LA . With the help of  massive available content SEO professionals made money through online advertisements. Although the content wasn’t quality, it did manage to work its way out through Google’s rankings.

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As a digital marketing professional if you want to get indexed higher on the popular search engines you might have to get back to content marketing basics and work on following aspects this year-

  1. Unique Storeytelling

    The content that is being created must be unique and not listed anywhere else on the World Wide Web. Search Engine Optimization algorithms are capable of finding copies of the duplicated text on the Internet and may not help you reach at the top of search engine results. The content should also be engaging and tell a story people want to listen to.

  2. Relevant content

    Content Relevancy is also of great importance for better visibility on the Internet. One should focus on creating links at high authority sites within the same niche where your website belongs. Link building using non-relevant source may not fetch the results as you would expect.

  3. PR sites

    One should focus on building links with high quality PR sites as it may provide you a higher listing on the search engine indices. You can further choose to build links on recognized website, such as educational institutions like Universities and Schools (with .edu domain).

  4. Popular social networks to Add Human touch
    Popular Social Networks

    You will have to make optimum use of known social networks such as ‘Facebook’ and ‘LinkedIn’ and further use services like ‘Postplanner’ to schedule updates. Going ahead, you can set up microblogging posts using ‘twitter cards’ to gain maximum engagement. In case your website hosts any images; you can make those images ‘Pinterest’ friendly by using services like ‘Canva.’ You can further make use of portals such as ‘’ to automatically share the content on various social channels.

    To humanize your online brand, you will need to leverage on high involvement platforms such as ‘Wordpress’ and ‘Tumbler’ to share original content and build a link to the website. Further, you can be part of the web based community, such as ‘Scoop. it!’, and make sure to share the content once again after some time.

  5. Analytics to reach out to the right Demographics

    SEO companies in LA can further make use of ‘Kissmetrics’ analytics to monitor demographics and search engine results. Also, portals providing blog intelligence services like ‘Grouphigh’ can be used along with tools called ‘Buzzstream’ for researching links prospects.

    That said, as of today the real emphasis on Search engine optimization (SEO) practices is to create quality content for the web.

  6. Visual Content
    Content Marketing

    A pixel speaks a thousand words. Use of images, YouTube videos, whiteboard animation and Infographics to communicate an idea  and keeping the written content as brief as possible is the latest trend in content marketing.

  7. Brand Authority

    In future a product brand could be synonymous to the website itself (provided the website gets ranked high enough in the search engine.) Appropriate ‘keywords’ would redirect Internet users to the website irrespective of link building efforts and keywords listed on the website; making search process a lot more organic. That said, as per these patents such ‘brand mentions’ are going to be the future of Search Engine Optimization.

Naturally content marketing has entered the new era of Internet visibility where ‘Brands’ will talk for itself!

SEO 2015

SEO Checklist for 2015

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According to trade gurus, this SEO trend is going to continue in 2015 as well and business owners who want to get better ranks for their websites on search engine listings should understand the trends for SEO and check their websites against this SEO checklist to make sure that it will fare well in the current year as well:

  • Title Tags

    One should understand that the title tags on the main page and the secondary pages are the most important when being searched by the search engine. According to SEO experts, the search engine generally displays 50-60 characters of the title tag and hence one should ensure that the title tags on the website are within this range to get the highest rankings.

  • Web Page Content

    Based on the keywords that have been used in the title tag and the web content, the search engine understands the product or service that is on offer. One should make sure that these keywords are not stuffed into the content and rather appear uniformly throughout the content to make it more attractive for the readers.

  • Link Building

    The strength of a website depends upon the back links that point towards it. One should make sure that right amount of good quality links that are trustworthy are included in the web content. No inorganic links should be included as this could lead the search engine to mark the website as spam.

    SEO Checklist

  • URL and H1 Tags

    According to an expert at an SEO services company in Los Angeles and Ventura, inserting keywords within the H1 tag could also prove to be beneficial for the search engines to find the website easily. Thus, business owners should make sure that keywords are not only included within the web content and the title tags but also within the H1 tags.

  • Social Media

    Search engines are quick to pick up the businesses that have a huge following on various social media networks. In 2015, business owners should put in more efforts to popularize themselves on the social media as this would help them in gaining a higher ranking on the search engine listing as well.

  • Blogging

    When new content is put up on a website, the search engine prioritizes it and one should make sure that the content that is being put up on the website is good enough to drive more traffic towards the site. More traffic means more chances of business.

  • Videos

    Search engines prioritize the websites which have videos embedded in them. Also viewers worldwide prefer watching videos to get more insight into a company’s profile. Thus business owners should try to add some videos to their web content to attract the search engine as well as the consumers.

This year, make sure to check your business website with this SEO checklist to ensure that your website is good enough to feature high in the search engine listings.

Best SEO Tools

Top 10 SEO Tools for Analyzing Competitors in Business

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process that is used by the business owners so that their website ranks higher in the search results and thus is more visible to the browsers. SEO makes use of a lot of concepts like researching the keywords, checking the keyword density, analyzing the websites of the competitors, building links, marketing the website, tracking the search engine result page etc.

The process of analyzing the competitor goes a long way in helping a business organization to understand what makes them click and what steps should be taken to improve the visibility of one’s own website. An expert in a SEO company in LA explains, “This process helps in understanding the strategy that is used by the competitor for marketing and gives a detailed report on the positive and negative points of the competitor. This can be extremely useful for the business owners and this process involves finding:

  • The keywords used by the competitor company
  • The back links used by them
  • Their SEO strategies
  • If paid links are being used
  • Their rankings in search engine result page
  • Source of their traffic
    SEO ToolsA number of SEO Tools are available that help the business owners to analyze the strengths of their competitors and plan on how to improve their websites such that they get a better ranking in the search engine results. Given below are the top 10 SEO tools for competitor analysis:
  1. Open Site Explorer

    This tool by SEOmoz is one of the best tools for competitor analysis and allows the users to compare their websites with five of the competitor websites simultaneously. This tool helps in analyzing a number of components like the anchor text used by the website, the inbound links, internal links, external links, links that are internally followed, links that are externally followed, domain authority etc.

  2. Free SEO Report

    This tool by ShoeMoney compares the website with the website of the competitor and comes up with a detailed report. This tool analyzes components like titles, headings, web content, site map, html code etc.

  3. SEO Worker’s Analysis Tool

    This tool makes an analysis of the two websites and elaborates on the significance of the titles, HTTP headers, relevance of keywords, keyword density, Meta tags, the URLs on the web page etc.

  4. DIY SEO Report Card

    This is a free tool which analyzes the website and reports on the ranking of the website on various search engines depending on the keywords and other SEO components that are used on the web page.

  5. Majestic Stat SEO

    This is another SEO tool which is capable of comparing up to five different websites at the same time. It analyzes and reports all the internal and external back links, referral IP addresses, referral domains etc.

  6. Traffic Travis

    Many SEO services in LA make use of this tool to check the effectiveness of the SEO of a website. It tracks the rank of the website on the important search engines, analyzes the competitor’s websites for back links and keywords, displays the page warnings etc.

  7. Ranks NL Page Analyzer

    This is another tool which helps the business owners to compare their web page with that of the competition. This tool analyzes the IP address, the density of keywords used, meta tags, title tags, web content and anchor text, ranking of the website etc.

  8. How Good is Your SEO

    This tool compares two websites and analyzes the web content, keywords, popularity and design of the website etc. Using this tool one can compare one’s website with two other websites simultaneously.

  9. SEO Mastering Site Comparison

    This tool makes use of a number of aspects of SEO two compare two web pages. It compares the various components of the websites like keywords, titles, headings, content etc.

  10. International Marketing Ninjas Side-by-Side Comparison

    This tool compares the web pages of a maximum of five websites at the same time. it compares the size of the page, headings, meta keywords, meta descriptions etc.

These tools are extremely popular among the SEO services in LA and all over the world and these tools can prove to be extremely beneficial in improving the business prospects of an organization.