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Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing A SEO Company

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Trusting an unknown identity with the reigns of your company’s website, is reason enough to do a thorough research before choosing an SEO company. Besides the company’s clientele, its rapport in the market, its age, and its workforce, there are some other things to consider as well, when you’re signing on a company for SEO services.

Best SEO companyConsider the following:

  • Get the basic facts right – It would be foolish to believe that undertaking SEO services will provide your website ranking overnight. SEO is not a magic wand, which you can wave to yield the results that you desire, instantly. Any SEO company promising that would be lying through their teeth. That said, you need to choose an SEO company with whom you can work with, in the long term, to improve your website quality and work towards better rankings. A task-based service provider isn’t going to do any good. It’s important that the SEO Company you choose assists you to reach your goals faster, for instance increased visits, sales, etc. SEO isn’t a one-time, but an ongoing process, and if you’re expecting quick results, you’re sadly mistaken.
  • Frequency of communication – Communicating is a major part of a successful SEO campaign, which you’ll eventually discover. Communication will not only ensure that your ideas and thoughts related to your website’s functioning is heard, but also instill transparency and trust into the process. Timely update on the progress of the project, the activities being performed on your website, expert suggestions, analytics reports, etc. is very important. There should be clear communication of ideas and activities between the client and the SEO company, for an SEO project to be successfully executed.
  • Project plan – How does the company plan to work on your website, to yield the desired results or reach the expected goals? As a website owner, you should have no ambiguity about this. What are the problem areas in your website at present? What sort of changes need to be made on your website and why? How many backlinks will the company be able to generate, and in what way? Will they optimize your business for local searches? How frequently will content be posted on your website’s blog? Do they have a plan for optimizing your website for social media platforms as well? For all this and more, the SEO company you choose, must be able to provide you with a project plan blueprint.

These are three important factors to consider when signing on an SEO company, which many website owners tend to overlook most of the times. And, more often than not, it’s because of overlooking these factors that numerous problems crop up in future. Why let that happen?

So, what factors do you suggest are the most important when choosing an SEO company? Share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comments below; we’d love to hear from you as well. And, for credible SEO services in LA, visit us at SeoTuners, a leading SEO company in LA.

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Affordable Small Business SEO

Affordable SEO Services: What Small Businesses Should Consider

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It would be misleading to say SEO is cheap, because it isn’t. Then doesn’t affordable SEO exist? Well yes, it does. But the understanding of affordable SEO is what small businesses should focus on. To make it very clear at the onset, affordable SEO isn’t the same as cheap or inexpensive SEO. Affordable SEO implies getting an SEO service tailored for the needs of your website, without burning a hole in your pocket.

Affordable-SEO-Services for Small Business

Beware of those who compromise with quality

There are many SEO companies that you’ll come across, when looking for SEO services for your website, that offer both exorbitantly expensive SEO packages as well as very cheap ones. Now, if you think SEO companies that offer cheap packages will do well for your website, think about it again. You could be inviting trouble. While we don’t mean to sound daunting, it’s important to realize that there’s a cost involved with everything and nothing comes for free. The SEO company should be able to meet its costs and make some extra bucks to survive and thrive in the industry. And, if they’re offering services at really low prices, they could be compromising on quality, or engaging in spammy practices, which can eventually attract a Google penalty for your website. You wouldn’t want that, would you?

Look for tailored SEO services

More often than not, SEO companies that offer economic SEO packages, tend to push a combined, standardized plan, the offerings of which may not be of use in your website entirely. You’re loosing out money there. Hence, when looking for affordable website SEO services, you should consider companies that offer you a package tailored to your website’s needs. This will need a little brainstorming on your end, to be clear as to what your business needs are, before you communicate it to the SEO company. For that, consider the following two points:

  • Role of the website in your business – Is your website only serving as an e-brochure for your company? Or, is it an online marketplace, such as an e-commerce website where your customers can buy products from? So, depending on what role your website is playing for your business, its SEO needs will differ accordingly.
  • Immediate needs of your business – Does your business need more visitors, more conversions or branding on an immediate basis? Though the ulterior motive of all organizations is to gain more business and increase profits, the approach to performing SEO on your website will vary accordingly.

With clarity on these two fronts, you should be able to clearly communicate what you expect from the SEO company, and ask for a package that helps your achieve your goals.

Conclusively, here’s what you should be looking for:

  • Align the services to your budget
  • Don’t compromise on quality
  • Keep room for scaling and flexibility
  • Your SEO package should be unique
  • What do others in the market think about the service provider you’re choosing

Remember, affordability isn’t about low cost; it’s just worthwhile and efficient spending.

What do you understand of affordable SEO service? Share your thoughts and opinions with us below.

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link building strategies

What Are The New Link Building Techniques In SEO World?

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Someone who knows SEO well enough would know that link building, though very benefiting for SEO, can be potentially dangerous, if not done in the right manner. Google has come a long way from being a platform, where indiscriminately building links will yield you higher rankings; you’d only be attracting a penalty if you do so. Moreover, link building practices are constantly evolving, leaving no one formula to follow to do it right.

So what are the latest link building techniques in SEO then?

link-buildingLatest Link Building tactics

The following four ways are the most rewarding, amongst the many link building techniques that can be used.

  • Quality guest blogging – Let’s cut to the chase. Guest blogging should not be done with an aim to get backlinks. Well, it does get you back links; but, engaging in guest blogging simply because it will get you backlinks, will kill the true purpose and the quality of the blogs will take a plunge. This in turn will attract penalty for the website where it’s being featured. Understand that guest blogging is a way of adding value, and premium recommendation. It needs to be done once in a while, and done well, so that the reader is compelled to buy your opinion. Therefore, quality guest blogging is important.
  • Infographics – Honestly, infographics are no longer as popular as they used to be. This is because infographics today can be mass created, by any company that possesses a marketing budget and an ounce of strategy. But, they are still effective. They may not get you as many backlinks as they used to earlier, but they are still an effective way to get backlinks.
  • Content marketing – By content marketing we don’t just imply creating good content, but promoting it sensibly too. Going by the latest trends, content marketing is increasingly being done through social media. Besides, sharing your content on Twitter, Facebook, etc. consider sharing them on Reddit, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, etc. as well. The more people read and share your posts, the more links you’ll get.
  • Ask – By asking for links, we don’t imply begging or trading. For instance, you’ve mentioned a few names in a blog you’ve written. Now, you can simply let them know that you’ve done something good for them, and leave it to their sensibilities to return back the favor. Or, you can directly request them to share it within their networks.

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So, these four tactics are safe to use this year, when considering link building. Steer clear of any link building tactics that can attract penalty for your website, and engage in activities that only add value for reader. Though link building may have become more labor intensive over the last few years, it’s still a core part of SEO, and therefore still important.

Need help with link building? Looking for a credible SEO company in Los Angeles and Ventura that offers affordable SEO services? Look no further; visit SeoTuners for a technical analysis of your website today.