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Website SEO: One Time or On Going Process?

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Google keeps on changing its algorithms every now and then and hence the parameters on which websites are judged also keeps on changing at regular intervals. Hence, getting your website once may not give you the same results after every algorithm update. Hence, SEO should be treated as an ongoing process rather than as a one-time deal.

Google algorithm is constantly keeping a check on all the websites, hence the rankings of websites on Search Engine Results Page keep on changing. Search Engine Optimization can help your website reach top ranks on SERP’s but, keeping hold of that rank is an altogether different thing. Thus it is important to employ affordable website SEO services to not only increase your ranking but also to stabilize your ranking.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization basically refers to getting your website optimized to latest algorithmic updates that Google keeps on rolling out every now and then. If your website is search engine optimized, it means your display content will be of high quality and rich in keywords.

Since Google keeps on upgrading its algorithm, it becomes essential for websites as well to keep upgrading and evolving, because search engine optimization is not a one time process,  and getting your website Search engine optimized does not guarantee that it will always have the same ranking in SERP’s in future.


Why is SEO an ongoing process?

  • Algorithm updates: Google launched its first toolbar back in 2000, which resulted in the advent of a worldwide SEO industry. Since then Google has been upgrading its algorithm at regular intervals to make search better. This means with every new update, your website is subject to new testing parameters which affects the ranks of every website worldwide. Hence to stay at top of the competition, SEO should always be conducted for every website at regular intervals.
  • Domain authority: Every website has a certain domain authority which is the reason a website reaches the top spots in Google Search Engine Results Page. A website with a higher domain authority will likely be on top of the rankings. If your website is not optimized on a regular basis it loses its domain authority and hence valuable Search Engine Results Page rank.
  • Keywords: A website attracts online traffic based on the keywords it has on display. These keywords keep changing in value and thus with time, your website becomes outdated and loses on valuable search engine ranks. Hence Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process as it keeps your website abreast with the latest changes.
  • Page rank: With its tool bar launch in 2000, Google implemented its page rank method to rank websites in true sense. Page rank checks websites on various parameters such as content displayed, links and back links and allots a specific rank to every website on the internet. Now this page rank keeps on testing websites all the time and hence the website ranks are susceptible to change. Hence Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process.

Online presence of a website is very important for every business going online as it helps businesses attract organic leads which can be converted into future business. If your website has a good rank in Search Engine Results Page, it will attract more customers and make your website stand ahead of the competition.

Since Google algorithm keeps on changing at all times, no website is assured of its rank in Search Engine Results Page. Affordable website SEO services can help businesses maintain their all important rank in SERP’s and hence SEO services should be kept in fold for a long time rather than getting your website optimized just once.

Why SEO services are important for your business?

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Having your business website Search Engine Optimized goes a long way in ensuring that your brand is known to more and more people around the world. It gives better exposure and attracts more organic traffic on your website, thus, expanding your business and reaching more and more customers becomes easier.

Most businesses today are going online because of the huge customer base that an online market place has to offer. While many businesses make a mark for themselves in the online market place, others get lost in the crowd. SEO is an effective marketing technique that can ensure that your business is not lost among the herd.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization or more commonly referred as SEO is essentially an internet marketing technique that helps your business website generate organic customer leads by making your website better in content and tags.


Why is Search Engine Optimization necessary?

  • Visibility: The key to having a successful business is making people aware of the services you provide. This becomes even more important in an online market place where multiple businesses are providing the same or similar services to their customers as you. Search Engine Optimization gives your website better visibility by helping it in gaining rank in the Search Engine Results Page. The higher a website is ranked, the more chances customers will notice it.
  • Branding: A brand is nothing but a name that the customers trust. When more and more people find your business website appearing in the Search Engine Results Page, for multiple keywords entered by them, they start developing an opinion about your business. As more and more people come to know your brand, and the services you provide, your brand value increases.
  • Credibility: Getting a rank in the Search Engine Results Page does more than just making people aware of the businesses and services that you provide. When you are ranked on top or in that group of top service providers by a search engine like Google, people start trusting your business to deliver best services and products. As a result your business grows.
  • Business traffic: Search Engine Optimization brings you what is called organic traffic on your website. What this means is that unlike a Pay Per Click marketing technique where you have to pay for every lead that you generate, when your business website appears in the top results of the Search Engine Results Page, naturally more people visit your website, generating free leads for your business.
  • Return on Investment: There are a lot of ways in which a business can generate a customer base and customer leads. Traditional marketing techniques such as television and print ads, bill boards and flyers are all marketing techniques that require a lot of capital investment upfront. Search Engine Optimization is the most cost-effective method to advertise your business as the initial investment is minimal and the future leads generated for business are free of cost.
  • Customer patterns: Digital Marketing experts such as Search Engine Optimization experts have access to necessary tools such as Google Analytics. These tools help the experts to find out customer behavior such as the kinds of search they mostly do, the key words customers like to use and the services that customers want from businesses. SEO experts keep a track of these customer patterns and help your business provide the desired services.
  • 24*7 active: Your business website is nothing more than an employee of your business who is trusted with generating leads and increasing sales. With a Search Engine Optimized website, your business can generate leads even while you and other employees sleep. Wherever, whenever, a customer types in certain keywords related to your website, and finds your website in the process, your website generates a very important lead which could be turned into potential future business.
  • Marketing: Marketing is another important factor that can help your business grow exponentially. Along with other marketing techniques such as social media marketing and Email marketing, Search Engine Optimization is another important weapon in the arsenal of various businesses to grow and prosper.
  • Variable Pricing: There is no universal rate that SEO companies charge to make a website Search Engine Optimized. This means that you can hire services from experts according to the budget that your business supports. It gives a business various options as to the services they want to avail and the quality of content they want their websites to contain.
  • It’s not a luxury but a necessity: Just making a website does not ensure that your business will get recognition in the online market place. Search Engine Optimization is a must if you want your website to bag the top ranks in the Search Engine Results Page. Hence Search Engine Optimization is not a luxury but a necessity for businesses.


SEO services are being availed by businesses universally and that includes SEO services in LA. In Los Angeles and Ventura, SEO services are in hot demand and most businesses turning online are getting their websites Search Engine Optimized to get more leads and better organic traffic by using the SEO services in Los Angeles and Ventura.

Why should you invest in a Good SEO Company

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Investing in a good SEO company can make our break the fortunes of your business. Not only does good search engine optimization give your business enhanced visibility in the online marketplace, a badly conducted search engine optimization can result in your business loosing valuable online presence. Hence always invest in a good SEO company.

Your business website does more than just making your online presence felt, your website generates valuable business leads which can be converted into more business in future. Hence investing in a good yet affordable website SEO company becomes a must for every website.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is nothing but an online marketing technique which involves giving quality content to a website and organic link building that results in search engine ranking your website higher.

Search engines such as Google and Yahoo, have an inbuilt algorithm that checks every website on various parameters such as content displayed on the website, and if the content provided solves the problem of the user who entered the search at the first place the website is suggested to the user. If the search engine finds a website worthy, it ranks the website higher than its competitors.


Why you should invest money in a good SEO company

  • Result: Most SEO companies that do SEO for small and medium businesses don’t have the experts who actually know how Search Engine Optimization is supposed to be done. These are just internet marketing graduates who have a little knowledge of what Search Engine Optimization actually is. As a result their end product is never able to reach the desired heights. As these SEO companies are not able to deliver desired results, the investment of your business becomes a waste.
  • Price: Most SEO companies that do Search Engine Optimization for small and medium sized businesses charge very minimal amount for the services they provide. It is to be understood that conducting a Search Engine Optimization for a website is a costly process, and requires a lot of time and attention of the experts. Thus, any company that charges lower than its competitors for providing its services might not deliver satisfactory results. Thus, it is important to invest money in a good SEO company.
  • Return on Investment: Search Engine Optimization is actually an investment for every business rather than a cost. If the Search Engine Optimization is conducted properly, like it’s meant to be, the website shows an increase in web traffic attracted towards a website, and it also generates organic leads for business which can be converted into future business. Investing in good SEO Company ensures your investment shows healthy results, while if you invest in just any SEO company that charges less, often, there is no return on investment.
  • Link Audits: There can be a lot of reasons behind a website not attracting desired online traffic towards it. What an SEO company does is it quarantines each and every detail of the website to find out the problems and solutions. This thorough audit of the website has to be done manually by an expert and it is a very time and labor intensive process. Hence most SEO companies charge thousands of dollars just for the link audits, while others who charge less don’t often put in the required efforts hence lack results.
  • Link Cleanups: After a SEO company performs the due diligence of your business website in the form of link audits, there are various toxic links that are found which need to be removed for the healthy functioning of your website. Removing these links organically involves manually requesting parent websites to remove its back links from the website in question. This too is a very cost and labor intensive process and SEO companies charge a chunk of money for these services. Any company charging less might not be doing it the right way.
  • Penalties: Google has shown this in the past that they can remove any website from the search engine results if the algorithm finds out that something is not right with the website. Links and back links in a website tough increase traffic to the website, if over done, they can be removed from search results entirely. This has resulted in losses for a lot of businesses. An experienced SEO service provider will ensure that your website is not subject to such penalties.
  • De-indexation: De-indexation of a website means when a website disappears from the online marketplace entirely. This can be a disaster for your brand. Having your website appear at the Search Engine Results Page gives your customer base confidence in your business, while when the opposite happens, faith in your brand is lost. This will result in heavy loss of revenue for your business along with goodwill loss. To prevent such hazardous circumstances, always invest in a good SEO company.

Market today is booming with affordable website SEO companies and but not all of those affordable SEO companies will deliver the desired results for your business website. When it comes to choosing your affordable website SEO Company, always look for one which can provide you with best SEO services, not the one which provides the cheapest services.



5 ways to save money while taking SEO packages

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Businesses today are turning to online platforms at a rapid pace; as such maintaining the all important competitive advantage over the rivals becomes a key factor in determining the fortunes of any business. SEO services can help a business maintain that competitive advantage over its rivals by being most visible website for the search entered by potential customers.

With the world opening its arms towards companies providing Search Engine Optimization services, it help their businesses grow and prosper, it becomes important to understand the basics of Search Engine Optimization and how can businesses save money while choosing affordable website SEO packages.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is essentially an internet marketing technique that helps a website achieve top ranks in the Search Engine Results Page. Search Engine Optimization helps businesses attract online web traffic and helps generate leads that can be converted into business with minimal efforts.


How does Search Engine Optimization help websites reach top ranks?

Whenever a user makes a particular search on any search engine such as Google or yahoo, the Search Engine Results Page displays various websites containing keywords of the search entered by the user in the ascending order of ranks. The website given top rank is considered by search engine to be most helpful to the user.

To give ranks to every website, a search engine examines a website on various parameters, such as quality of content, information supplied, images and utility. Hence any website which has very good content on display and which in some way solves the problem a user is facing, has a chance to reach the top spot in the Search Engine Results page.

What Search Engine Optimization services can be availed?

  • Website monitoring services: Companies delivering services in the field of Search Engine Optimization offer website monitoring services such as the number of visitors that visit a website in a day, the keywords on display at a website and the landing pages in a website. To achieve this, companies use tools such as Google Analytics, which measures the overall SEO performance of a website.
  • Keyword analysis: Search is based on keywords. Only websites that carry meaningful keywords appear in search results and give website good organic web traffic. As such knowledge of keywords and the understanding of important keywords that can enhance traffic on a website are great tricks to boost sales. SEO companies mostly provide keyword analysis services.
  • Website SEO Review: Most companies providing Search Engine Optimization Services provide businesses with website SEO review. Website SEO review includes an overview of how the website is performing in search engines, is the website optimized to contain all the relevant keywords, and how you can improve the performance of your website so that it can reach top spot in Search Engine Result Page.

Five tips to save money while taking a Search Engine Optimization package:

SEO companies do not have a universal rent that they charge businesses to provide services. Prices vary from company to company, hence with little research and keen eye, businesses can save considerably while choosing a search engine optimization package.

  • On page and off page SEO: On page SEO means when the SEO service provider optimizes your website itself to make it better on content and keywords. Off page SEO is when SEO service providers give meaningful back links to your website to boost traffic on your website. On page SEO deals with your own website and hence is higher in importance. Choose a SEO package where you get most from both; on and off page optimization at an affordable price.
  • Negotiation: SEO companies all around the globe charge differently for the services they provide. This makes them susceptible to price negotiations. Most SEO companies are open to negotiating their prices with clients and thus with a little research and ground word, you can find a company that can provide the services you need at the price you want to pay.
  • Performance based pay: Many SEO companies offer performance based pay option to their clients. This means they will charge you a certain sum of money if your website appears in the top 100 results of Search Engine Results Page, and a different sum of money if your website appears in top 20 results of Search engine Results Page. This can help you save money if you do not get the desired results out of services you have availed.
  • Rank based pay: Many SEO companies charge their clients only after the desired rank is achieved by the website in the Search Engine Results Page. This can be a great money saver as you are required to pay if your website does not reach the rank as promised by the SEO Company.
  • Set up charges: Whenever you approach an SEO company to get your website optimized, they ask for additional set up charges before charging for the content and keywords inserted. These set up charges are known to be negotiable and many a times SEO companies strike off the set up charges all together. Always choose an SEO package of the company who is willing to waive off the set up charges for you.

Apart from the aforementioned tips to save money while taking up an SEO package, there are various other ways as well, which businesses can employ to reduce their search engine optimization costs for their websites. Supplying your own content to display on your website can help reduce content writing costs. Getting your content outsourced from a freelancer who would charge less is also a hack to cut down on costs related SEO packages offered by SEO companies.

Affordable website SEO packages are on offer by SEO companies for various businesses and websites. These SEO packages not only help a website reach top spots in Search Engine Results Page, it also helps businesses generate organic leads and better traffic on their website which can result in better sales and increased brand value of business as a whole.

Having your website Search Engine Optimized gives you a great advantage over your competitors as while businesses that do not have their websites search engine optimized are destined to be lost in the herd, the websites that are search engine friendly stand at the pinnacle of the online market place.

Is CTR Plays Ranking Role In Organic Results?

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People have always wondered as to how a website achieves the top spot in Google search results page. Many believe that CTR is the main factor in determining the ranking of a website on the Google Search Results Page, but this however is a myth. The reality as today stands by the fact that CTR does not have any relation with Google algorithm ranking a website higher or lower. What CTR does is merely describe the ratio of number of clicks to the total number of visitors for every website. Everything else said and claimed, is a myth.

Click Through Rate has always been considered as a driving factor in deciding the position of a website on Google. The websites which fight for the top spot rank on Google or the websites which are already on rank #1 are the websites which have higher click through rate. But does that mean Click Through Rate is the single most important driving factor in getting a website to the top of the rankings? Does Click Through Rate have any effect on the ranking of the website at all?


What is Click through rate:

In layman’s terms, Click Through Rate basically means the total number of people who click a link on a particular website against total number of people who had the opportunity to click the link. This simply means that click through rate is the ratio which determines how many people actually clicked the link on a website and how many of them ignored the said link and decided to move on.

Let’s say you own a website, and the link to your website appears on the Google search results page every time a user does a Google search. When your webpage appears on SERP as a link, the user has two options, either to click the link or ignore it. Now if 30% of the people who see your link to the website click on it, then your Click Through Rate for your website would be 30%.

Click Through Rate and its role in organic ranking:

It is a common myth that CTR has a role in deciding where the link of your website appears on Google Search Results Page. Click through rate is not a deciding factor in ranking a website and it plays no role in organic results. Gary Illyes from Google, while delivering a seminar at SMX Advanced confirmed this by saying “Google uses clicks made in the search results in two different ways — for evaluation and for experimentation — but not for ranking.”

The Google boys Sergey Brin and Larry Page, since the inception of Google, have been trying hard to find ways to stop manipulation of the ranking system, and this only makes sense that if CTR is a major factor in ranking the Websites on SERP then it can be easily manipulated. Any website owner would then pay a small amount of money to affordable SEO Company or just random online workers and get thousands of clicks a day on his website, hence improving his organic ranking. This is against the Google philosophy. It is vulnerability in the ranking system that can be exploited by anyone. Google guys are smarter than that.

Click through rates, though are very good indicators of the traffic on the websites, I highly doubt if they have any real impact on organic rankings in the SERP, even if they do have some effect on the websites, it is likely to be very negligible. If I were to bring my website on the #1 rank of Google SERP, I would focus more on creating quality content that is relevant to the key phrase in question. This would affect many matrices at once and will help my website reach greater ranks.