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How to Use Reddit for Your Business?

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Reddit is a popular social news platform that allows users to submit, comment, discuss and vote on content. It serves as an avenue where people with common interests come together and interact on various topics and areas. As Reddit allows creation of communities and a large network of followers within a short span of time, it has become increasingly popular as a social media marketing tool with businesses too.  In fact, several SEO companies in Los Angeles and Ventura and elsewhere also provide services aimed at using Reddit to build brand awareness for their clients.

Using Reddit, you can build small communities called sub-Reddits that can improve the visibility for your business in the online space. Some of the most effective ways to leverage Reddit for your business are discussed in the following sections:


Encourage user participation

In order to build a strong community on Reddit, you must engage with the followers and encourage them to actively participate in all discussions. Active participation would require them to freely submit content, pictures, their comments and views freely pertaining to the topic and your brand. Identify the best posts and their contributors to increase the interactions within the community. This in turn will help you win advocates and followers for your brand.

Build Sub-Reddits for customer service

You can build a sub-Reddit dedicated to provide customer service to keep your existing customers happy so that they remain loyal to your brand. Several businesses are making use of sub-Reddits to direct all customer queries to a dedicated channel for quick resolution. People visit such communities to discuss their product or service related issues or problems, get solutions, share their experience and post pictures and videos. You can also create a section for helpful links.

Aim at building a network

A network in the world of Reddit means several interlinking sub-Reddits around an idea or topic. If you can get one popular sub-Reddit, it becomes much easier to have the same set of followers for another sub-Reddit on a similar topic. However, it is essential to have high quality content and images to attract these followers. In addition, you need to follow a common naming convention and a common navigation linking all sub-Reddits in a network.



Provide latest updates

In order to have successful engagement and interaction with your brand followers, ensure that you keep them updated with latest news and upcoming events related to your business, products and services, and different activities.  The sidebar of your sub-Reddit can be used to post company news, event calendar and other latest updates.

Conducting interviews

Several businesses bring in their company representative or celebrities endorsing their brands in interview sessions with their sub-Reddit fans / followers. Such engagements make the community feel important and valued, and improve their interaction with your brand. This also helps in growing the size of the community and your brand advocates.


Creating a highly interactive and engaged community on any social media platform requires a lot of hard work, effort, time and great content. However, if you know that your business can grow with the help of active interactions with your customers and followers, starting on Reddit is an ideal step. If you are looking for a reliable SEO company in Los Angeles and Ventura for help with Reddit, you may visit

How to Optimize Landing Page Effectively: PPC Campaign

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Pay per Click (PPC) marketing is a paid search campaign where you get a chance to engage with your target audience directly and convert them into your customers. When visitors click on your PPC ad, it means that they are potential customers looking for a product or service as indicated in the ad copy.

The click brings them to a landing page whose sole purpose is to encourage them to take an action. In summary, the landing page is a tool in your hand to win maximum conversions leading to increased ROI from your PPC campaign. This brings forth the importance of optimizing the PPC landing page. You may want to seek professional help from trusted companies offering affordable SEO and PPC services for your landing page optimization.

In addition to higher conversions, a well-optimized landing page also helps in achieving better Quality Scores from Google, which in turn results in improved rankings and lower ad spend.

You too can optimize your landing page effectively if you follow some simple ground rules as discussed below:


Strong & Relevant Headline and Content

Ensure that your landing page content matches exactly with the message in your PPC ad copy. Go for a strong headline that is consistent and relevant to your PPC keyword and ad text. Inconsistent and mismatched message is a big put off for visitors making your paid campaign unsuccessful. In addition, the page content should aim at answering the visitors’ query with respect to your offering in order to drive them to the desired action. You may talk about the features, benefits or USP of your product and service to grab the interest and attention of the visitors. And, to achieve this, all you have is less than a few seconds.

Remember, directing PPC traffic to your generic home page is also a big no. You need to spend that effort and time to come up with relevant PPC specific landing pages.

Professional, Clean Design

Seek the services of a professional web designer to create a clean and engaging landing page design that looks authentic and aligns with your brand image. The page should have an appealing and unique image specific to your PPC ad offering. The overall look and feel of the page should be consistent with the rest of your corporate website.

There are many reliable affordable SEO services providing companies that offer landing page design services to their clients.

Optimized Landing Page Form & CTA

Optimize your landing page form by making it simple and user-friendly. Try to include minimum number of fields just enough to get the essential information about the lead such as first name, last name, email, etc.

The most important element of your landing page form is a prominently placed, eye-catchy button with a clear call-to-action (CTA). The CTA text should be crisp but need not necessarily be always one or two words. Your CTA may also tell visitors what they will get on clicking the button. Getting a nice image with its subject looking to the direction of the ‘call to action’ has also been found to be an effective tactic.

Keep it crisp & simple!

The ground rule is – keep your landing page simple and clutter free. Unnecessary long landing pages with loads of graphics, content and images may take away the real focus and deter visitors to take the action. Moreover, make sure the landing page loads within a couple of seconds.

If you need help with PPC landing page optimization, look for companies that offer affordable SEO services.

Best SEO Tools to Check Google Penalty

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Google in its constant endeavor to provide relevant search results is always looking for ways to refine its algorithms. It follows a set of well-defined guidelines to deter websites from using spams, unnatural links and toxic domains. It continuously makes updates to punish sites and pages that have been spamming and using techniques such as keyword stuffing, cloaking, back-link building software tools, etc. So, if your site has been negatively affected by a Google algorithm update, it could possibly mean that Google has penalized it.

Meaning of Google Penalty

In simple words, Google penalty means lowered rankings, reduced web traffic, and very less search visibility thus negating all SEO efforts that you have put into strengthening your web presence. For instance, Google’s Penguin Algorithm update has been one of the primary reasons behind a drastic fall in rankings for countless number of sites in the time period between April 24, 2012 and October 17, 2014.

In fact, over the last two years, Google had been very regular with updates in its algorithms, with some releasing every 6 weeks. Most such updates were released with two primary objectives – first to fine tune the rankings criteria for improved relevance and second to penalize the sites that were incorporating techniques violating Google’s guidelines. In order to understand what techniques are working against your website, it is first important to keep a close tab on your site’s rankings. Unless you identify the penalty, it is difficult to recover your site from it.

There are several companies offering affordable website SEO services that also include monitoring your website for any such penalty.


Tools to Check Google Penalty

SEO companies make use of several tools to effectively check for Google penalty for their clients’ websites. These tools strive to offer a complete overview of any negative impact on your site following Google’s updates. Some of these tools are discussed in this section:

Google Analytics is a free service available that offers several features to monitor your site’s traffic and ranking status. Regarded as a primary tool, it provides a quick glance at the changes in your organic traffic and provides you an idea of when the traffic began to drop.

Google’s Webmaster Tools is also available for free and offers a number of ways to monitor your website closely.

Moz Rank Tracker is an effective tool for tracking rankings over a period of time for pages and keywords on all major search engines. However, it is not free and requires one to subscribe to it. With the help of this tool, you can closely monitor the efforts that are making an impact on rankings and also sign up for notifications on rankings updates.

SearchMetrics is another effective tool for getting a clear picture on your sites’ search visibility over a period of time. The free version of the tool allows you to see the trend over past few months. However, if you go for paid subscription, you can see the trend for a much longer period of time. The tool clearly pinpoints the peaks and lows in search rankings and the changes occurred around those times. offers a host of free SEO tools to help you check for all those factors that could send a signal to Google. This could be undesired links, inappropriate tagging, and many such on-page issues.

With so many effective SEO tools and affordable website SEO services available, monitoring and optimizing your website has become easy and therefore should not be missed.

Steps to Recover Your Site After Google Hacked Notice

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Google’s ‘website hacked’ notice can be a nightmare for any business. Google’s malware database is designed to identify potentially harmful sites and pop up a warning for users visiting such sites. Any legitimate site can be labeled “dangerous” by Google if hacked. So, if hackers have targeted your site and inserted some malicious content, your website too is likely to receive Google’s Hacked notice. This can severely impact your site’s traffic, reputation, and business. This calls for immediate action. You would need expert help from a reputed affordable SEO company.

Recovering your site post Google’s hacked notice could be a tedious task and usually requires professional help. Here are few steps that are typically followed as part of the site recovery process:


Step 1: Seek help from an expert server administrator as there are several steps that require thorough understanding of server related technicalities.

Step 2: Try to identify the source of the problem by using tools such as Firebug or Fiddler. Once identified, shut down the infected portion of the site completely in order to protect your visitors.

Step 3: Seek professional help to add your site to Google Webmaster Tools and complete the verification process. Once your site is accessible in webmaster tools, you can get information on the malware page or threat and a potential identification of the source. In order to clean the site, it is important to first understand the malware and its source.

Step 4: Now that you have some knowledge on where or what the threat is, it’s time to clean it up. This is the most crucial step for recovery and requires thorough understanding of every component of your site and database & SSH/Shell administrator access and knowledge. At this stage, you are required to perform actions such as running root kit hunter, anti-virus scanner and shell command and disabling third party add-ons. It is always advisable to take expert help at this stage. You may choose to reach out to your SEO company for an affordable solution.

Step 5: After you have cleaned up the malicious content, ensure that your server OS and all installed software including database are up-to-date. In order to prevent such threat in future, make sure you change the password to all database and administrative accounts and tighten your permission levels and firewall.

Step 6: It’s time now to request Google to review your site again and remove the hacked notice if everything is found in place. This can be done by logging back into Google Webmaster Tools and request for review on the Health-Malware page. Remember, it may take some time for Google to review the site and provide the updated status.

So it is entirely the expertise of the professional help at hand that decides the duration of this ordeal. As Google follows a standard process for removing malware warnings, the effectiveness of the solution depends on the removal of the threat. This is the reason why many businesses take help from their SEO partners whenever such an event occurs. Several affordable SEO company also help their clients in recovering their hacked sites and getting a clean chit from Google.