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Steps to Avoid Penalty on Your Website

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If your website hasn’t been gaining visitors or has seen a sudden dip, it could be because you are using outdated SEO practices and received a penalty from one of the major search engines. An organic SEO company can help you to spot and prevent these penalties, but there are some steps you can take yourself to help them out:

  1. Use Keywords Wisely

Keywords do still work, but Your Story says that keyword density has become more important, as search engines will penalize websites which stuff their content with poor keywords or shove them in without thinking. They suggest instead repeating shorter, highly relevant keywords but only a few times per article, and within high quality content.


  1. Stop Abusing Links

Inbound and outbound links have traditionally been an integral part of driving relevant traffic to a website, but it is also easy to abuse the amount of links you use. A high amount of links may seem like a good idea, and perhaps it was once, but now search engines will pick them up as spam, or even as paid links which have been banned. A good organic SEO company will therefore generate relevant links within the search engine parameters, rather than filling up the entire internet with irrelevant links. It is also best to check that any outbound links on your site aren’t directing to spam, adult content, or suspicious sites. Some people will try to post these links in your comments or on your forum. It is important to include at least some outbound links, perhaps to the websites of guest bloggers, to avoid suspicion.


  1. Keep Up to Date

Even if you leave some content archived, it is best to perform a regular audit to check that everything is still working and hasn’t become outdated. Kissmetrics says, for example, that broken links or now banned paid links aren’t favored by search engines and could result in penalties.



Keeping yourself informed on new SEO strategies and avoiding outdated ones will help you to bring in a constant stream of relevant website visitors and avoid penalties. A trusted local SEO firm will help you with this and eliminate any problems that you may already have been experiencing.

How Old SEO Off-Page Optimization Techniques Penalize your Website?

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A modern website is not the type of marketing tool that is built once and then left. It is an ever changing organism that needs to grow and adapt to changes and SEO updates. But it can be difficult to get out of old habits, especially when they used to work at one time. Some archived articles are fine as they are, but many companies don’t realize how much older SEO techniques are bringing the entire website down in the search rankings. Betaout says that this is because building inbound links was essential for SEO, and still is in other forms, but was changed drastically after recent Google updates in order to remove spam and keep junk content out of the page rankings. These are some of them and ways that the right Los Angeles and Ventura SEO services can help you:

  1. Paid Links

Search Engine Journal says that paid links used to be common practice in the SEO industry but are now banned by Google as spam. But some firms still rent or buy links for their clients illegally, costing them money and resulting in dropped traffic.


  1. Permanent Links

These were everywhere in the 2000’s as a ‘high quality alternative’ to rented links. They were links that were brought and used permanently rather than rented temporarily. They were similarly banned by Google and now do no good for a website. Good Los Angeles and Ventura SEO services will never offer you permanent paid links.


  1. Keywords

These are still an important part of SEO, but only when used correctly. The trouble is that SEO firms used to stuff content full of weak keywords in a desperate attempt to get them picked up by search engines. The search engines picked up on this and recognized these articles as junk content. A much better approach now is to use one or two particularly strong keywords per article and focus on producing quality content instead.



If you are still holding onto any of these outdated practices, it is best to remove them as soon as possible so that they won’t drag your website down. You should also avoid any SEO firms or individuals who try to use them in your SEO campaign.

Best Ways to do SEO effectively in 2017

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As SEO is constantly evolving, the strategies you used even just a few months ago should be updated and changed in order to adapt. It isn’t too late to update your company’s SEO policy for 2017 with the right custom link building services in Los Angeles and Ventura. These are just a few of the best ways:

  1. SEO Audit

The most important initial step is to perform a full audit of your existing SEO to see if anything is outdated or broken. Search Engine Journal says that the recent RankBrain update from Google means that websites now need to optimize their keywords for LSI and contextual clues.


  1. Mobile Friendly

Mobile technology has been improving swiftly over the past few years and has now reached the point that it is an essential consideration for any website or business based online. Moz even predicts that Google is gradually making the transition to a ‘mobile only’ online world. This also makes local SEO more important, as people will be looking up local services or locations on their smartphones. Custom link building services in Los Angeles and Ventura should therefore put your mobile site into consideration along with your regular website.


  1. Voice Search

Voice recognition technology has taken great strides and now works much better than it did in the past. Most smartphones now use some kind of voice search function. It does mean that web owners should put it into consideration when putting together their keywords and SEO strategy.


  1. Video and Images

Most SEO is focused on written content, as it is easy for search engines to pick up. But video content and images are also a large part of online content and should be utilized as part of SEO as well, alongside the written articles. Many companies are already using this in the form of infographics, on-page videos, and images posted on social media channels.



If you haven’t begun to jump on board these trends already, it is best to start immediately in order to keep up and adapt your SEO for the present and future. Talk to your SEO firm to find out how they can help you to achieve this and keep a steady stream of visitors coming to your website.

What are the Major SEO Steps for a Website Relaunch?

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Relaunching a website after a temporary absence or restructuring carries vastly different SEO needs than launching a new website. It means that all of your previous SEO will be affected, and may have to be thrown out and started again from scratch. Search Engine Journal found that some companies lost 60 to 70 percent of their search traffic after a redesign, numbers which are difficult and expensive to build up again. This is why for this purpose, it is especially important to find the right Los Angeles and Ventura internet marketing company who can bring in new visitors and redirect your existing visitors. These are the steps that they will use, which you can begin making yourself before your campaign even starts:

  1. Audit the Old Site

It may seem strange to look over your old website with a fine toothcomb, but it is an important part of making your new website successful. Look into what parts brought in high traffic and which ones didn’t. Are there any areas that could be improved in your new site? Your Los Angeles and Ventura internet marketing company can use this data to make your new site even better than the previous one.


  1. Inbound Link Analysis

A useful job your SEO firm can perform is an inbound link analysis. Inbound links are an especially important part of SEO that you want to avoid losing if you can so it is best to know which sites are still linking to your site.


  1. Think SEO

Moz says that the reason many websites fail after a redesign is that the creators didn’t put SEO into consideration when designing and building it. If you already have content that is bringing in high numbers of visitors, copy it over to your new site. Don’t forget to redirect all of the old URL’s so that search engines will know where your content has moved to. Redirecting your SEO is much better than starting it all over again.



Using these steps will ensure that your SEO and website traffic remain stable and you can gain strong numbers from day one of your relaunch rather than losing out on the visitors you worked so hard to gain.

How to Boost Your Brand’s Online Influence?

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Creating brand awareness is trying to capture and win the attention of your target audience and influence as many customers as you can. Therefore, it isn’t a shocker today that brand awareness equal to a brand’s online influence.

Being consistent with brand awareness online is an easy way to have a recall value for your customers so that they have you on their mind when they are going to buy products/services that your brand sells. Furthermore, you can be creative with your brand awareness tactics to influence your target customers to an extent where they relate to your ideas and share your posts online.

Here are 5 ways to boost your brand’s online presence:

  1. Up Your Social Media Marketing Game

Either you are a small organization or a big, this is the foremost step when it comes to boosting your online influence. It will help you to reach a global audience, explore the interests/demands of your target audience and get recognition for your brand.

  1. Optimize your website for organic traffic

Even if you are being very creative with your content, but your website isn’t optimized well, you’re doomed. Your website is a crucial way of influencing your customers, so make sure it is well maintained and devoid of SEO errors for better search engine optimization. Make sure you’re in touch with an affordable SEO company in Los Angeles or in your nearby area to get technical SEO issues fixed that can hurt your organic traffic.

  1. Have as many brand advocates and influencers as you can

There’s nothing better if you are talked about through brand advocates and influencers who are followed and admired by your target customers. Though focus on your advertising your positives.

  1. Respond to your customers Quickly

Even if you do everything above but aren’t prompt in responding to your customer’s queries online, it would reshape your online influence. Thus, respond quickly to both the compliments and the complaints.

  1. Consistency is the Key

If you follow everything above, you will make a loyal base of customers. However, if you aren’t consistent then you will lose them too. Consistency is the key here.

Today, most of the customers take to the internet to review or verify the credibility of a brand before buying their products or services. Creating and maximizing your brand’s online presence can provide you with leads, new customers and also help you retain the existing ones.

How to Get Prepared for the Future of SEO?

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It is the second month of 2017 already and its time to look for the latest SEO strategies that will rule the year ahead. The world of SEO keep on exploding with new tactics every once in a while and it is important to level up with them to save your business amidst today’s cut-throat competition.

Businesses are working hard on the promotional strategies and these tactics keep on changing at a lightning fast speed. Your SEO techniques are a huge factor that drives your online influence. When it comes to SEO, pitching backlinks is an excellent technique, although the current style is quite outdated and slow.


The amount of time spent on making casual approaches to sharing content on external sites and handling the automated emails eats up a large section of your day and is also very draining. It is clearly the time for something that would reform the backlink strategies.


Time For Some Real-World Face Time

All of you who are striving to work out the backlinks, know how you dedicate days in generating a single connection for a cross promotion etc. However, it’s time you alter the game plan, step aside from your laptops and computers, and make real-time connections in your neighborhood.


For those of who are in a local business, this process is considerably beneficial as it will help you highlight your name within the local community. Most (almost everyone) has an online presence through social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), blogs and website. If you get these organizations to comment or write about your business (mainly your specialty), your business will have a larger impact. The greatest part is that their audience is likely your audience too or at least related to your audience due to the local community factor. You can contact affordable website seo services who would do the same for you or help you with the same and then you can take it from there.


Well, this might come off as a shocker for some as it has been really long following the old model but complacency can deteriorate your rankings in the digital world.  So, it’s time you move ahead of your opponents, meet people in the real world and forge relationships. The biggest advantage of this method is that you can influence people easily face-to-face, observe their reactions, and do more pitching in less time.

How to Utilize SEO Services Effectively?

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Search engine optimization is very important to boost the ranking of your site. You can find an affordable SEO service online and get expert assistance to make your site the best ever. Read on to find out how to use these services.

Utilizing SEO Services effectively

  • Keyword placement: Ensure that the SEO service you hire selects the right keyword for your site. Choosing the keyword should be preceded by proper research so that the keywords are placed strategically to improve your site ranking. Only the right keywords will make your pages optimized.
  • Original content: If the content on your website is not original, the search engines will not index the pages. Try to use the sites that help you identify duplicate content and eliminate them from your pages. If the search engines find copied content, they remove your site from the search result pages.
  • Proper navigation: The technicians of the SEO service must make the navigation through your website easy. Search engines index the sites that are user-friendly and easily navigable. An optimized page provides the best user experience and this is the way to gain more customers to your business.
  • Load speed: A site that loads fast will be visited by more users. Even the search engines give priority to sites that take less time to load. So, your service provider must take steps to ensure that the page loading time is as less as possible. This attracts more traffic to your site and you can make profit in your business.
  • Earn links: Your website must earn links instead of purchasing them. This makes your site come in top search results pages. Buying links is considered as illegal as this is considered as bad SEO practice.
  • Use best practices: Ask the SEO service provider to use the best practices in SEO rather than short cuts. This improves your visibility in search engines. It is important that the users find value in your site. This alone can positively affect your business.

Whenever you choose an affordable SEO service provider, make sure to discuss these points in your first meeting. A clear understanding will be beneficial to your business.

How is poor content ruining SEO every day?

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Search engine optimization or SEO of a web page is done by improving the quality of the content in it to make more users come to your site. These days, poor content destroys the efforts to optimize a site. This happens in the following ways.

  • Keyword stuffing: To make the site appear on the top result pages of search engines, many websites try to make content by stuffing keywords unnecessarily. By repeating the same keywords, the search algorithms are manipulated which drags users away from the site.
  • Duplicate content: SEO friendly content does not mean that you have to include duplicate content in your site. The content should be as unique as possible. If you have copied some content from other sites, the search engines will not index your pages as your pages seem like just repetition.
  • Quality of guest posts: When you allow guests to post on your website, you must ensure that the content is original. Accepting write-ups from new writers is good but, they have to be original. Today, a lot of sites have columns filled with content from guests which are too lousy to read.
  • Paid links: Getting valuable back links take a lot of effort and patience. But, there are sites which pay money to buy back links. This is a bad SEO practice that may get good rankings in the beginning. But, they are sure to fail in course of time by losing the ranking.
  • Invisible text: Previously, there was a practice of hiding the real pages from the crawlers. The content contains links that lead to different versions of the same page when clicked by the users and the web crawlers. This is a poor practice which gradually takes away the ranking of your site.

It is recommended to hire good SEO services Los Angeles and Ventura so that your website is optimized according to the rules of SEO. The service providers ensure that the SEO practices are ethical and updated according to the search algorithms. They will provide you continuous support to manage your site now and forever.