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How To Optimize your Google My Business for SEO in 2023

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Gone are the days you would shuffle through yellow pages in search of a business, only to find that the location had changed! According to 99 Firms, 72% of customers searching online for businesses visit them within five miles of their search radius.

With the advent of search engines and the internet, the business advertising approach changed. This is a result of the digital transformation known as Google My Business Listing. After verifying your Business and entering your Business’s correct contact details, your Business will appear on Google search and maps.

Google My Business is not only a place to find basic information about your Business. It’s also a powerful tool that can increase your business revenue and give insights about your customers. Learn more ways that SEO companies in Thousand Oaks, CA can help you optimize Google My Business for SEO in 2023.

1. Verify your Business

You need a GMB account to optimize your Google My Business listing. Follow the link from Google and create an account. Provide all the basic information required, such as business name, location etc.

Note that filling in all the details correctly to get preference in ranking. Then, you can choose to do verification via post, email or mobile phone. After which, you will receive a 5-digit verification code that you enter to proceed to use the Google my Business Listing.

2. Enter all Details on the Google My Business Account Section

When verification is complete, it’s time to optimize Google My Business profile. First, you must provide every business information that may put you in front of searchers. Providing more information gives you a better ranking and makes it easy to reach potential clients.

There are three factors to consider as you complete the section. These are proximity, business relevance and popularity. In essence, you want to give Google reasons to put you first.

3. Enter Correct and Updates Contact Details

Contact details include more than the business phone number. It involves a few more things that you need to consider.

  • Ensure that you use the same address on all your online accounts. In case of any changes, ensure that you update them timely, so there is consistency,
  • Enter the correct phone contact that is on at all times. A direct number is preferable.
  • Enter the business working hours to ensure that walk-ins are taken care of.

4. Write a Proper Business Description

A proper business description is important as it details what you do for potential clients. From the review section, you can add descriptions of your Business. However, keep a few things in mind to optimize the description.

  • The character limit on the section is 750; hence ensure that you cover all the crucial information about your Business in the first 300 words.
  • You must consider 1 or 2 highly targeted keywords in the description. It’s tempting to overwhelm the description with many keywords but keep the density in check.
  • Note that you do not need to add your website link here.

5. Update and Publish Google Posts Weekly

As in your social media accounts, Google allows you to post content to your Google My Business account. Take advantage of this opportunity and post the most relevant information about your Business, such as new offers or sales.

On your Google My Business dashboard, you can publish posts that help to optimize your visibility and ranking. Here are a few tricks to ensure you do it right.

  • Note that some posts last up to a week. Hence you must frequently post to gain the attention of Google.
  • Take advantage of this opportunity and post on your current offers and sales. It’s a good trigger for people that follow your business profiles.
  • Add links to your business posts.

6. Upload Photos Frequently

As you update the weekly posts to the page, ensure that you also upload photos from our Business. Photos act as proof of operations. In addition, clients are more likely to visit your Business when they see photos of it.

To optimize your Google my Business profile, use these tricks as you update your photos:

  • Use your logo as a thumbnail
  • Add a captivating cover photo. However, Google will automatically select a photo based on search queries
  • Never upload graphically edited or stock photos
  • Only upload photos with great image quality
  • Always use Geo-tag on your photos
  • Include a 360-degree street view
  • Provide a video of your Business

7. Ask and Respond to Reviews

If you think about it, reviews affect the decisions of potential clients. As a ranking algorithm, Google weighs on the reviews and ratings; hence you need to pay special attention to this section. SEO companies in Thousand Oaks will give you a few tricks to help with your reviews, such as:

  • Request for reviews from loyal customers
  • Share reviews from happy customers
  • Always respond to the reviews and express gratitude to the reviewers.

Investing in a Google My Business account gives your business an edge in the online scene. Ensure that you add as much information as possible and quality photos and videos. In addition, you must regularly log in to your Google My Business dashboard.

Make weekly updates while ensuring that all business information is up to date. You will be amazed at how this online presence can help scale up your business revenue as it attracts new customers.

8 Common Mistakes in Drug Addiction Treatment Marketing

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Addiction continues to be a public health crisis in the United States. It is estimated that there were over 107,000 fatal overdoses in the country in 2021, the CDC states. That is the highest number of overdoses in a single year. And last year, in 2022, there were 23 million Americans struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. Given the high number of addiction cases, it’s only a given that drug addiction recovery centers come up to meet the demand for treatment. But how are these centers being marketed? When it comes to SEO marketing campaigns for addiction treatment, are they getting it wrong? Well if they’ve got little to no traffic, they could be doing it wrong. If you find yourself in the same position, asking the same questions, here’s a list of common mistakes companies make in addiction treatment marketing. Knowing what they are will help you avoid them in the future.

Not Looking Beyond Your Brand

Your content must contain keywords or terms and language particular to the market you want to appeal to. It also helps if you mention your brand name a time or two. But if the content is riddled with it or overdone with brand names, that will do your work no good. By thinking beyond your brand, you make it easier for the audience to recognize and know your brand and the services you offer.

Selling Only a Sales Pitch

Find a drug rehab marketing agency to help you improve consumer engagement. That also drives home the point on how an excellent SEO agency can make a difference in the outcome of your marketing campaigns. For instance, marketing that only focuses on getting clients may not be as successful. However, rehab marketing companies that know this realize what they must do to ensure positive results. That is to focus on creating a service or marketing campaign that fixes the problem. That means choosing companies that focus on more than the money, but rather help your facility show that they offer a value and trusted resource for addiction recovery.

Neglecting Your Website

Running an addiction facility is a lot of work, equally demanding and rewarding. But that can leave you too busy to keep track of SEO developments, much less worry about updating your site or pages every few months. If you run an addiction treatment center, you hear plenty of stories. Some of them may not be true. Some of them aren’t exactly what they seem. Spare yourself the trouble by hiring a drug rehab marketing expert to help you. Their expertise will ensure that you get the best possible results.

Not Staying Informed

Check your online information. Are there any mistakes? Are your contact details correct? Just a single misstep—like a wrong word or number—could result in fewer leads and clients. That’s where rehab marketing comes in. They can take over the job for you. Their team can review your online information on every platform for mistakes. Fixing those mistakes effectively nips problems in the bud.

Not Checking for Compliance

Google continues to roll out changes in its algorithm. If you don’t tune into those changes or don’t stay updated, you could wake up one morning with many of your pages penalized or worse. Don’t let that happen. Ensure compliance for your pages by hiring an online marketing agency for drug rehab facilities. Experts have tools, practices, and solutions to help ensure your pages are compliant with Google’s rules.

A Team That Doesn’t Understand the Market

Before hiring a rehab marketing agency, understand your market. Which market do you want to appeal to with your campaigns? A skilled rehab marketing agency can help you determine if you are marketing to the best possible audience. If that isn’t the case, the company can help you re-direct the attention of your campaigns elsewhere.

Forgetting About Google My Business

The best companies know they need to start paying attention to their Google Business Profiles. If you’ve forgotten yours, this is the best time to get those things done. Check if there are any mistakes in the information. Sometimes, an incorrect letter or word carelessly made can prevent potential clients from finding your brand and business. By working with an expert, you can ensure your profile page will create trust and confidence in your clients.

Not Using Video

Companies that provide multi-platform marketing services can help. They can offer video creation services, blog post creation, updates, infographics, eBooks, and more. Consider which marketing services can hugely benefit your business and reach out to the team to learn more about the process. With high demand for videos, brands that don’t know how to use video in their marketing campaigns may lose out to other businesses that know how to leverage this technology. That’s why hiring pros is a must. Get a team of experts to use video in attracting more clients to your facility.

10+ Link Building Building Strategies for Law Firms and Attorneys

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Link building is all about exchanging value and forming mutually beneficial alliances. Links will come readily if you can gain some authority and give value to another website and legal link-building is still extremely vital for ranking law firm websites. However, it is one of the most difficult aspects of law firm SEO. Hopefully, the practical strategies listed here will assist you in building important links.

1. Engage in cooperative initiatives with other groups.

When working on a project, you frequently have the option to offer information about your company and services. For example, you can include a link to your website. This can aid in the development of partnerships with other firms. In addition, you can acquire high-quality, relevant backlinks to your website. However, remember that the partnership’s goal should always be to provide value to your target audience, not only to collect links.

2. Organize events and webinars that give your target audience useful information and insights.

You may offer information about your company and services when you hold events and webinars. This can aid in the development of connections as well as the acquisition of high-quality backlinks to your website. Furthermore, events and webinars may give significant information and insights to your target audience. This can boost the exposure and credibility of your website.

3. Putting up reference pages for your website

Resource pages may give your target audience useful information and resources. This can boost your website’s exposure and reputation and allow you to gain high-quality, relevant backlinks. For example, on your website, you may build a resource page with information and resources on a certain legal issue. For example:

  • immigration law
  • personal injury law

These pages might include links to pertinent articles, reports, and other materials and links to other websites with relevant information on the topic of immigration or personal law.

4. Improving your web presence through directory listings and citations

Directory listings and citations can boost your online exposure. They deliver consistent and accurate information about your services throughout the web. An affordable SEO company can help you execute this step effectively.

Additionally, it is critical to verify your directory listings and citations. You do this to ensure that the content is correct and up to date, preventing old info from showing up online. This can help increase your online exposures and prevent errors that could harm your website’s search engine rating.

5. High-quality content creation

You can offer useful information and insights to your target audience along with high-quality content. These are such as:

  • blog posts
  • articles
  • infographics
  • videos

This can boost your website’s exposure and reputation and allow you to gain high-quality, relevant backlinks.

It’s critical to remember that the goal of your content should always be to provide value to your target audience, not only to get links. The information should be relevant, accurate, and useful. It should demonstrate your skill and understanding of your subject. You should also promote your material on your website and social media networks to attract a larger audience and boost your exposure.

6. Contacting local and national news outlets to present your work

Reaching out to media sources allows you to share your experience and knowledge with a larger audience. It’s critical to remember that the goal of your outreach to media sites should always be to provide value to their audience, not only to get links. You should also seek media publications related to your law practice and have a comparable target audience to yours.

Reaching out to media sources can be time-consuming. However, if done right, it can be a very successful strategy to create links and boost your online presence. This method is well-executed with the help of an affordable SEO company.

7. Using social media to market your content and network with other websites

Social networking may be an effective tool for advertising your content and reaching a larger audience. In addition, it is a beneficial method to connect with other websites and influencers in your area.

8. Provide reduced-fee legal services to non-profit organizations, charities, and community groups.

Giving pro bono or subsidized legal services is useful for giving back to your community. In addition, it may help boost your internet presence and trustworthiness, as well as brand awareness and recognition. Furthermore, if you want to market your free or reduced services on your website, you may earn a few links from the organizations you assist. It can also assist in increasing your internet exposure and reputation.

9. Taking part in internet forums and debates

Participating in online forums and debates allows you to exhibit your experience and knowledge in your subject. This may boost your internet exposure and trustworthiness. You should also engage in forums and debates related to your law practice and have a comparable target audience to yours.

10. Developing connections with other websites in your field

Relationships with other websites and influencers in your niche may help boost your online visibility and reputation. It can generate high-quality, relevant backlinks to your website. Your cooperation should be beneficial and reflect your skills and understanding in your sector.

Marketing and advertising have long been touchy subjects in the legal profession. Always remember that the quality of the links is more essential than the quantity while developing links, though it is a good idea to mix up your backlink profile with different types of links from different sites. Try to obtain connections from credible and authoritative websites. It boosts your website’s reputation and search engine rating.