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6 Big Benefits of Investing in SEO Services for Your Business

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SUMMARY: Thinking about investing in SEO services for your small business? Here are six reasons why you should – and what to look for from your SEO provider.

There is a reason why SEO – or search engine optimization – is considered so imperative to the success of modern businesses. In fact, there is more than just one!

Here are a handful of reasons why today’s business owners rely on SEO to bring in and keep customers – and you should, too!


More – and Better – Web Traffic

Most business owners believe that the best reason to invest in search engine optimization is to drive more web traffic to their website and brand. However, this is actually only part of the formula for success that SEO creates.

The real value of affordable SEO services in the USA is that they bring you better web traffic – not just more of it.

What does better web traffic mean? For business owners, it means attracting consumers who are actually interested in the products or services that they offer. It means bringing in people who are already searching for what they have to offer and who are likely to become loyal customers in the future.

In this way, you are not just investing in more exposure for your brand when you pay for SEO services. You are investing in the creation of repeat business and satisfied customers.

Bump Up Brand Awareness

Advertisements are important in your marketing strategy. Marketing campaigns help consumers learn more about your brand and products. But you might not have given nearly as much thought to how search engine optimization can create and improve brand awareness.

Think about how often you search for goods and services online. Whether it is local or international companies, your favorite products likely resulted from a high-ranking search result that caught your eye. The same is true for your prospective customers. They are much more likely to purchase from or patronize your business if they happen upon it through organic search. SEO just helps that process along – and helps those customers to learn more about your brand naturally.

Increase Credibility

In addition to improving the overall awareness of your brand, your investment in SEO services can also improve your company’s credibility.

This happens in two ways. First, SEO can improve your search engine rankings. This means that your website will appear higher in organic search results. Studies have continually proven that consumers are only interested in the first page of these results – and usually only the first couple of items listed. Getting your website closer to that top spot will create the impression that it belongs there because of its quality and credibility.

Secondly, the purpose of SEO is to direct consumers to relevant websites. If your website is packed with useful information or products that consumers are looking for, they will see your site as the most credible return among the many search results. Your job is to create a website that answers consumer questions and satisfies their search for quality products. Your SEO provider will help you demonstrate your commitment to quality to your consumers and in turn drive up your credibility in the process.

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Make Your Website Easier and More Enjoyable for Consumers

Customer experience is one of the most important factors in a successful online presence for your business. Why? Because it is well documented that consumers who have a negative experience on a brand’s mobile app or website are much more likely to shop with a competitor afterward. In fact, a high percentage will click straight from a frustrating website over to a competitor’s site.

That is money that could have gone to your brand, delivered straight to your competition!

To keep this from happening, it is important to streamline your website and mobile applications to ensure a great customer experience. SEO helps you do this by highlighting important information and helping consumers find it on your site. This delivers a higher quality experience to customers looking for something specific from your brand. It also helps you to keep climbing in Google rankings as your site will be perceived by the search engine as offering quality information or content consumers are seeking. It is a cycle that keeps on benefiting your business!

The Effort That Never Stops Paying Off

When it comes to investing in your business, most things you do will only reward you once or for a short period of time afterward. Trends in marketing come and go and most services are not designed to keep pace with these changes.

Search engine optimization is different. SEO is one of the only investments that will not only keep pace with market trends, but will also help you to create them. A solid SEO strategy can continue to pay off for weeks, months, and even years down the road as consumers continue to organically find your business online. Few other efforts yield such lasting results – and adapt to meet consumer tastes, preferences, and expectations.


The Best Investment You Can Make for Your Business

SEO may be the best choice for an investment you can make for your business. The return on your investment is higher than any other marketing effort you might make. It is also one of the easiest for you and your team, when you partner with a professional to make it happen.

There are many providers of affordable SEO services in the USA. Slim down your list of potential partners by looking for a provider that answers your questions and can demonstrate a record of excellence. You will love the way SEO boosts your business – and your customers will love the way you meet them where they are already searching for you!

Google Introduces Brand New, Up-to-Date Design for Desktop Search

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SUMMARY: Google has made changes recently – and they mean the potential for major improvements to the way consumers perceive your brand! Here’s how.

This year, Google updated the way they present search results to users. These changes are small, but they are expected to make big waves when it comes to the way consumers and businesses interact online.

Keeping Pace with the Well-Received Mobile Design

The decision to change the layout and design of Google’s search engine results page is partly due to the popularity of the mobile version of the page. The mobile version was revamped in October of 2022. Users have reportedly high rates of happiness with the new design for its sleek, easy-to-use layout and more visually impactful information.

This visual impact has been achieved by featuring more important information in easy-to-spot locations, as well as bolded text. Site names are featured alongside web addresses, and favicons are also now used to help further highlight what sites users are clicking through to. This has helped people use the Google search feature to get the results they’re looking for more quickly and easier. It is also helping consumers to have more faith in the websites that they visit.

Given the popularity of this design change for the mobile version of Google’s search engine, it only makes sense that the same changes have been implemented with the desktop version. Favicons now bring visual interest and impact to the returns page, while more descriptive information is now easier to find and read right from those search results.

Why Visual Impact Matters

Why would it matter if search returns had visual impact? It is all about setting brands and organizations apart from their competitors.

No matter what field your organization operates in, there is a large pool of competitors in that same field. You have many peers competing for the same consumers’ attention that you are vying for. When it comes to advertising your goods or services, visual impact helps you to set yourself apart from the rest with bold colors, logos, and other designs.

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What chance does your search result have among the sea of competitors if you cannot use these same techniques? Even if your company is already well established and loved by consumers, not being able to recognize it in a long list of options can hurt your web traffic. That is why the addition of familiar logos and more through Google’s new featured favicons is so important. It uses familiar marketing science to further enhance both user experience and companies’ chances of being seen and chosen over the competition.


Clearing the Air on Ads

If you have ever entered a search term and received results near the top of the page that didn’t seem entirely relevant, you are not alone. This has traditionally been the result of site owners paying for priority placement on the results page. That means that those results you didn’t want to see were likely just another form of advertisement – and a sneaky one at that!

Thankfully, the new update to Google’s search returns page does something to address this issue. While companies are still allowed to advertise through prioritized placement on search result pages, these advertisements are now much easier to spot.

Labels to clearly distinguish advertisements and paid promotions from organic search results will now be visible on every Google search return page. For search result advertisements, a label will be visible in the top left corner of the ad. This label will have its own line so that the text will be obvious to the user and not easily confused with other text.

Mobile advertisements will receive a similar treatment. They will be highlighted and labeled with the word ‘sponsored’ in dark, bold text. This will help to differentiate them from other types of content found on Google’s pages – and keep consumers informed about the content that they see.

How Can You Improve Your Site’s Appearance in Google’s Returns?

With all this information in mind, you might be wondering what you can do to harness the power of Google’s new search result presentation. As with many things related to the success of your business’s online presence, it all starts with SEO.

The new method of displaying your website’s name alongside the web address and favicon uses a sophisticated system of auto-generation. This crawls the pages of your site and uses the information there to create a title. Many times, this is the correct title, but not always.

The key to ensuring that Google gets things right when presenting information about your website and brand is to have that information readily available. You can do this by utilizing strong search engine optimization – or SEO – to let Google and any other search engine know what your page is about. This way, you will see fewer errors in search returns – and more high-quality web traffic as a result.

If you aren’t comfortable outfitting your website with adequate SEO yourself, worry not. There are plenty of options for affordable SEO companies who can help you get the ball rolling without busting your marketing budget. Partner with a professional and see how easy it can be to show search engines and consumers alike what makes your brand different from all the rest!


Your Guide to Using ChatGPT to Help with Local SEO

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SUMMARY: Can today’s hot new AI technology help you hone your business’s local SEO? Here’s how to harness the power of ChatGPT to do exactly that.

The world of technology is changing more rapidly than ever before. Nowhere is this truer than when it comes to the way brands and consumers interact. These changes might seem scary, but by learning more about technology like ChatGPT, you can make the most of today’s technology to improve your business’s reach locally – and beyond.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a language model based on artificial intelligence technology. It uses statistics and information available all over the internet to predict patterns of human speech and create content based on prompts given by users.

What does this mean for your local SEO strategy? It means that you can use this technology in myriad ways to harness the power of keywords, geotags, and more to drive traffic to your website.

Learning More About Your Competition

How much do you know about your local competitors? While you might know their names, it would likely take hours for you to find other relevant information. With services like ChatGPT, you can find all this information in seconds.

This includes names, addresses, phone numbers and other contact information, products and services offered, pricing, ratings, and much more information available online. Whatever you might want to know about your local competitors, AI can help you compile that data quickly.

Keep in mind, ChatGPT has difficulty accessing up-to-date information. Experts in the field of artificial intelligence recommend double-checking the information the language model puts out for accuracy before relying on it fully.

Create Post Copy and Text Content


Whether you have an informative blog that features long, data-rich posts or a fun and entertaining website that has a primary purpose of pushing products, coming up with content for your site can be a challenge. The secret to success in blogging and content creation is to post frequently and offer high-quality content. How can you and your team possibly come up with new posts day after day, week after week?

Using systems like ChatGPT can help with this. While content may still seem a little stiff when generated by artificial intelligence, the quality of this computer-generated content has improved significantly since the dawn of AI technology. Language models like ChatGPT use the cadence and content of normal human language to create web copy that mimics human speech and writing. This means that you can quickly and easily create content that needs only slight adjustment before it’s ready to use to fill the pages of your blog or website.

The most important factor here is that these auto-generated pages of text can be filled with your most important keywords. ChatGPT can use these keywords in ways that seem natural and practical. That way, the content on your page does more than simply fill it – it helps drive traffic to your products or services, too!

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Describe Products for Listings, Ads, and More

Do you struggle with creating engaging, interesting copy for advertisements, web listings, etc. for your brand’s products and services? Many business owners do, but you don’t have to let that keep you from doing so.

ChatGPT is based on prompts. Information that is fed into the language model is used to create natural-sounding, tone-appropriate output. This means that the content the engine creates will sound much more natural than standard artificial intelligence is capable of. It also means that you can use it as a starting point for creating copy for ads, product listings, and more.

Simply input the information you need customers to see about your products, services, etc., and watch the language model create useful blocks of text for your ads or listings. These text blocks will have to be edited for clarity, tone, and any errors that might be present, but imagine how much work that will take off the shoulders of you and your team!

Answer Questions and Interact with Reviews

Another issue many business owners struggle with is answering consumer questions and dealing with reviews. Language models like ChatGPT can help with this, too. They can be given the question as a prompt with a request to answer it, as well as evaluate reviews from a given page or list and deliver output based on the user’s request. It is a handy way to make quick work of fielding questions, addressing concerns, and more!

While ChatGPT is a great tool for improving your business’s SEO, it is important to remember that it is based on fallible systems. These systems are currently limited in their access to information from before 2021. They are also limited to very rigid “thinking” based on prompts that were input by users. When it comes down to it, artificial intelligence of any kind is still only a tool – and only as capable as a tool can be of content creation without any real ability to think fluidly or understand human emotion.


If you want help with local SEO in LA that goes deeper than this level of artificial intelligence, it might be a good idea to talk to a team of real, human professionals. Human beings truly understand the behavior of others in ways that computers simply can’t. A locally based professional will also better understand the culture of the area than any technology could.

Working with a company specializing in local SEO can help you and your business make the most of your presence online – and your investment in improving that presence!