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For Mobile Unfriendly Sites: Google Warns Site Owners in Mobile Search Results Back in April 2015, the search engine giant, Google, announced through their Official Webmaster Blog that they would be putting out updates and launching an algorithm that was specific to the mobile search results that users would be getting. Specifically, the company noted that they would be giving preference to those sites that were already optimized so that they were easy to browse on various types of devices. This meant that those that had a mobile-friendly layout and design would rank on top of the list versus those that were difficult to navigate due to their desktop-centric coding. mobile-friendly-bp The Recent Update to the Algorithm If you were lucky enough to already have one that was good to go for smartphones and tablets, then you were probably unaffected by the specific change. But now, starting around April of 2016, the company is sending out warnings to several owners who still have not gotten the memo about tweaking their pages to be viewable beyond just desktop and laptop computers. For those who own pages with outdated designs, you would see a snippet above your meta description when you try to view your domain in the search results. It is a simple warning, as all it says is this: “Your page is not mobile-friendly.” According to an article by Jennifer Slegg on The SEM Post, Google’s very own John Mueller confirmed that these alerts are only visible to those who own websites that have been found not to comply with the new regulations. What This Means for Your Online Presence This all seems simple, or so it may seem. Surely it is just a reminder and not a threat to your online presence’s rankings, as many people would like to think. However, this is actually a polite warning from the corporate giant to start giving your page a face-lift before the next update to the algorithm rolls around. The company has even provided the public with several tools for developers meant to assist you in editing your coding so that it becomes much more suited to the latest lightweight and wireless technology. Some of the great tips that the company outlined in their very own guidelines include the following:

  1. Make it easy for your target audience to use your website for whatever purpose it is meant to serve.
  2. Analyze how effective it is based on how easily your users can carry out certain tasks that they have to do often.
  3. Choose a template or layout that will work on all sorts of devices, regardless of model, maker, or operating system.

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