Mistakes in web design
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Find how to avoid the top website redesign mistakes with tips from leading website development services

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The main idea behind every website redesign project is the purpose to exceed current search engine optimization (SEO) factors. All you need is a faster-loading website, relevant and better-looking for your branding campaign. This is facilitated by a website structure that helps capture leads by being easy to navigate and further find valuable information effortlessly.

Ultimately, you want your site to attract, convert and retain more leads and customers. And your website development services, Ventura should be aware of it. The worst website redesign mistake your SEO services provider can make is to create a site that performs worse than the previous version.

The Simple Website Redesign Mistakes that Destroy SEO


Here are some you’ll want to avoid right from the beginning to maintain your SEO advantage.

1.     Not Auditing Current SEO Elements


Failure to conduct an initial SEO audit means you and your website developer cannot retrace what worked (and to what extent) and what did not before and after the development phase for comparison. Make sure you maintain high performing elements intact. Also, keep note of elements such as image names, keywords, long-tail keywords, SEO plugins, and high-quality links on well-performing website pages for reuse after the development phase.

2.     Removing/Changing Pages or Page URLs


Changing or removing pages or website page URLs (domain names) without redirecting them to relevant landing pages disconnects the site from search engines, leading to decreased indexing, visibility, and website traffic.

If you have a large website, permanently redirecting all of its pages to the new one, it can be tough and time-consuming. Instead, conduct a 301 permanent redirect for the most important landing pages such as the homepage, services, about and testimonials pages.

3.     Focus on Adds


Most redesigns focus on adding more features instead of functionality. For example, you do not want to just focus on good looks at the expense of loading speed. Depending on the level of expertise your choice of Ventura website development services offers, adding more website features, especially aesthetic ones, often compromises a website loading speed, ease of navigation, and more essential functionality.

4.     Block Search Engine Crawlers from the Work-In-Progress Site


Allowing search engine crawlers to crawl your unfinished site will cause the finished site to decline in ranking as the crawlers consider it duplicate content, of secondary importance, and thin content.

To avoid this, block search engine crawlers from accessing your development stage website content with no-follow and no-index instructions. Use Google’s Webmaster Tools guidelines on doing that under “Crawler Access”

Avoiding these basic website redesign mistakes will help you maintain your SEO advantage even after making major changes to your current website pages. Ultimately, you’ll want to choose the website development services Ventura has to offer if you prefer professional Ventura SEO services’ help in making the essential changes or recouping the lost SEO advantages.

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