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Finding an SEO Service Provider in Your Area

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If you’re a little SEO savvy, then you’ll know that as per Moz, Google loves changing the way search works.

Taking a step back, it’s important to be armed with a few important facts when discussing SEO and digital marketing. These are:

  • Google is still the king of search engines, with a steady 85 percent market share for years and years.
  • Search engine rankings are very important, because search engines define the way people search for services and businesses and browse the Internet in general.
  • Local search is king, especially for smaller businesses as it allows them to compete within a smaller pond with similarly-sized fish, versus battling whales in the ocean.

With that aside, let’s take a look at some of the most recent changes – specifically Google “Possum”, a follow up to Pigeon, which back in 2014 most impacted and changed the way local search works as per Search Engine Land.

Possum, according to what we know, affected the way organic searches work, and changed the way local SEO works to prioritize neighborhood and city skirt results, rather than focusing on the results that show up in urban centers. It’s part of a push for Google to popularize people supporting businesses closest to home, for convenience sake or some other reason.

The reason you as a business should then look up to team up with a local SEO company, is in order to utilize their personal knowledge of the area to bump up and maximize your local chances at dominating search results for businesses in your area.

To put it simply, an SEO company in Agoura Hills and Thousand Oaks is your best bet at being a major player as a business in Agoura Hills and Thousand Oaks. Looking for providers like SeoTuners by narrowing your searches to local search service providers.

Does SEO Really Matter?

The answer is yes, it does. Everyone is online to look up what they don’t know, and when they aren’t asking their friends (which is where social media marketing becomes handy), they’re asking Google, or search engines that largely base their results on Google. The better you rank in online search results, the better your traffic, and the higher your sales in the end. Simple math.

Why Choose a Local SEO Company for Local SEO

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There’s no denying it – local SEO is one of the most powerful variants of SEO out there, as per Entrepreneur. There are several reasons for this.

The first, is that local SEO is easier to compete in. If you’re a mechanic doubling as an online retailer for second-hand car parts, and you’d try to compete online in general for car parts, you’d get absolutely slaughtered by larger second hand retailers who’ve been in the online business for much longer, have their own ruthless strategies and a much larger existing customer base.

However, not everyone wants to shop from that one store. They may want a local store like yours that will offer lower rates and much lower freighting and delivery costs. So they’ll look for businesses in their area, instead, and that’s where you need to pump your affordable SEO services to come out on top.

Furthermore, through Google’s recent changes as per Search Engine Land, most searches for businesses automatically look for local businesses before expanding the search nationally and globally. Possum, and the older Pigeon, work together in order to improve the rankings of quality businesses within a searcher’s exact radius and location, unless they specify otherwise. That means people searching for good restaurants will not find the best ones in the city, but the best ones in the neighborhood first, city second.

This is to help small businesses in what some see as an ever-increasingly pro-big business search engine market, where big money buys bigger rankings.

Google is trying to show that this isn’t true, by letting smaller companies compete for all the local searches before any larger chains or corporations show up to take the rest of the pie.

Getting a Local SEO Company for Local SEO

Now that you see that local SEO is king, you’ll also see that in order to rank highly locally, you need to produce content that is high-quality and relevant to your location. That’s why an affordable SEO company in Agoura Hills and Thousand Oaks like SeoTuners makes more sense for businesses based there, than a bigger company located elsewhere.

Digital Marketing Services Every Small Business Needs

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We live in a digital age, and it’s impossible for any business to subsequently ignore quality digital marketing. But small businesses in particular often have small budgets, which means they have to ignore some marketing services in order to make room for others. Aside from hiring an affordable Internet advertising company like SeoTuners, a great way to reduce costs is to limit your chosen services to:

Content Production

Content is king, and everyone seems to say it again and again. However, it isn’t just true because everyone loves repeating it – the facts support that a cheap and effective way to build an immense following and a ton of organic ranking points is through the production of good content. Good doesn’t just mean well-written (which is a must); it means the content has to be useful, and interesting to its readers. Otherwise, it has very little use because it won’t be driving traffic, and thus won’t be considered relevant to your SEO – which is important, as per Inc.

Social Media Services

Social media or alternatively social networks are highly popular, and great places to connect with customers. Go where the money is, is a very basic and common business tactic, and it works wonderfully in this context. If you want to connect to your customers and have a platform through which to communicate with them, utilize services like Facebook and Twitter to increase brand recognition as per Forbes.

Paid Ads

Google isn’t the only contender for this – Facebook especially allows businesses to amass a lot of traffic from cheap traffic areas for relatively little starting costs, building up likes and relevance in order to go after the actual big fish: local customers, within the US or wherever else you are based.

It’s not the cleanest method in the world, but it’s a good tactic for startups looking to increase and match their online credibility to their existing real world credibility and the quality and efficacy of their product or service.

Through these simple yet effective marketing efforts, you can quickly and relatively painlessly increase your reputation and ranking as a local company online.

Affordable Small Business SEO

SEO Essentials for Small Businesses

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SEO is a big buzzword for businesses large and small, and that’s for very good reasons. The first is that, chances are your customers are online. About 3.5 billion people are on the Internet, and a significant portion of that number includes the 89 percent of North America that is connected to the Internet, according to the Internet World Stats.

Affordable Small Business SEO

Why is that relevant? Because nearly all of these people use Google. Just look at Statista, which reports that Google has controlled over 85 percent of the search market for at least the past six years.

It’s a relatable fact to anyone who’s used the Internet, and by extension, the almighty search engine Google to find out anything at all. The way Google sorts its search results, is through a myriad of tools and algorithms developed by the company in order to sift through the entire World Wide Web and sort content by relevance, quality, reputation, and a bunch of other factors.

Making sure that you rank as high up there as possible on search keywords that matter to you, is where search engine optimization, or SEO, comes into play. But to actually do good SEO, you need to know what good SEO looks like. Here are a few basic tips for you:

Hire a good SEO company.

Affordable website SEO packages are advertised around every corner online, but identifying a quality company like SeoTuners requires a bit more work. Look around third-party sites and look for local LA services to see whose reputation is the best.

Create lots of (quality) content.

The simplest and most helpful thing you can do to increase your company’s relevance, reputation and ranking online is create content. The quality of the content should be high, but more important than quality is consistency and quantity – you want lots of content, each piece being informative and readable without taking a month to produce. Steady streams of content are sure to put you ahead in Google’s rankings because you simply have more pages, and more views, and thus a higher reputation.

These are all very simplistic basics, but they exist to give you a vague idea of how SEO works, why it matters, and why you should invest in it for the sake of your company.

What Sets a Quality SEO Company Apart From the Rest?

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SEO is the bread and butter of today’s basic digital marketing setup. As per Forbes, there’s a myriad of reasons you should invest in SEO. Even if you’ve got great web design and an amazing product selection, having an incomplete SEO strategy will still probably put you below your competitors on crucial search engine keywords, which will not only hurt your traffic, but hurt your overall sales as a result.

On the other hand, while SEO’s importance is significant for businesses of all sizes on the Internet, finding a good SEO business that’s worth the cost isn’t too easy.


Why You Shouldn’t Do SEO Yourself?


If affordable website SEO services are tough to find, the natural reaction would be to simply opt to doing it yourself. But the reason partners like SeoTuners are so crucial is because SEO is only truly effective if you set up the proper infrastructure and do all the legwork – and that’s enough of a time investment to either warrant its own team, or outsourcing. And yes, SEO is worth all that hard work – it’s what search engines depend on to find you as per MOZ.


Taking on the task of doing SEO in-house is simply going to take too much of your time, especially if you’re a small business or a start-up. The best solution? Take that time and put it towards finding a good partner, and focusing on other aspects of your marketing budget.


Finding the Best SEO Solution For You


Finding a great SEO company to work with is a combination of determining a set budget, and then looking for businesses within that budget with stellar reputations and great online presence. Bonus points for a company that presents the proper credentials and showcases its previous work in the form of portfolio links and client testimonials.


Contacting clients to hear more from how a particular business conducts its customer service and takes care of troubleshooting common issues is an extra step you can take to ensure that you’re in good hands.


Finally, if you’ve begun to narrow your choices down to a definitive short list, try and communicate with each company and see which one seems easiest to work with. SEO requires cooperation and partnership, and a big part of that is making sure you can communicate easily with your SEO service.

3 Questions You Should Ask Before Getting into SEO

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SEO is a complex field of knowledge, with lot of intricacies and details – but there are a few concrete basics that any company should be able to impart upon, to help you decide and find out how experienced they are, and whether or not such company is fit for you.

Otherwise, as per QuickSprout, SEO can make or break your business – and define the difference between nothing and thousands of dollars a month.


Here are such questions:


How are your clients doing?


Bonus points for when asking a business for contact info for the clients. Choosing a company to work can be simplified drastically once you’ve confirmed one simple thing: The clients they have, all have successful SEO campaigns and techniques in place and are doing well versus their local competitors.


If they can’t seem to get their clients on the map, however, how can you be sure they can be effective for your business and niche?


Is paid search worth it?


SEO can typically be split between organic SEO, and paid search. As per Search Engine Land, paid search or PPC isn’t strictly about SEO; but does often relate to search engines because these are the most common places for buying ads. A good SEO company in Agoura Hills and Thousand Oaks, LA like SeoTuner will provide you with PPC services as well as a myriad of other digital marketing options.


So, if you can work with a business that not only encourages you to step into the world of PPC, but can actively produce good results in doing so, then all the better.


What is your general SEO strategy?


There aren’t many (if any) secrets left to good SEO. There’s just good SEO. So, if a business refuses to tell you what it’ll do to boost your search engine rankings, increase your traffic and boost your sales then they aren’t trying to hide some sort of trade secret; they’re simply inexperienced and don’t want to admit it.


A good SEO company is like a good boxer. Anyone can throw a punch, and anyone can move with their two feet. But it takes years of practice and a great sense and intuition for the sport to become a good boxer – or an SEO expert.


Make sure you’re working with an SEO expert. As long as you’re armed with these three simple questions, you’re good to go.

Why SEO is Important from SEMs?

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Between the cost of SEM, web design, content, social media management and a decent logo, it can be tough to see a reason why SEO should still make it onto the list given the amount of time and effort needed to see results. After all, isn’t SEO just something large companies can afford to invest in to compete with other large companies?

No! At least, not anymore. For quite a while now, SEO has become extremely useful (and importantly) for small-to-medium businesses and enterprises because search engines deals with local business searches differently than they do for international searches.


How Local SEO Helps?


This means that if someone is looking for a business that is clearly localized – like a restaurant within a specific cuisine – then it will automatically prioritize search results of businesses located in the exact same neighborhood as from where the user is making their search, as per Search Engine Land.


This alone means that, with the right affordable website SEO company in Los Angeles and Ventura, like SeoTuners, everyone in your part of the city looking for your kind of business will see you at the top of search engine results, over all your local competitors.


This has been the way since the introduction of a new algorithm in Google. Google is the definitive leading search engine, with over 85% in total market control, and no sign of any major losses as per Statista.


SEO Doesn’t Have to be Costly


Speaking of costs, one big benefit of SEO is that it has seen a massive price reduction versus how much it used to cost businesses to employ a good SEO strategy. The result is that businesses can now afford quality SEO, mostly because companies are competing at a much more aggressive rate, bringing prices down and giving small businesses the chance to enjoy special SEO packaged built to offer an affordable yet reasonable list of services – a definite win-win situation.


You still have to find the right service, though. That’s where employing your own basic search skills can help you sift through non-viable options and narrow down your SEO solutions to the best, most affordable local services.

The Apparent Gamble of Paid Search Advertising

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Pay per click advertising, also known as search engine marketing and a myriad of other terms as per Search Engine Land, is different from SEO in terms that it involves a direct daily budget to effectively increase traffic and more importantly, sales. However, unlike SEO which can be used to boost awareness and generally get more eyes on your business, PPC is meant to be used conservatively and precisely in order to target certain businesses.

This isn’t, however, how many businesses use PPC. And as such, it has a reputation for being an advertising method only made useful by the near bottomless marketing budgets of large corporations.


This simply is not true, as per Click Z. In the hands of the right and affordable Internet advertising company, a business can – with a fairly limited budget – pick off the right keywords and utilize the keyword analysis capabilities of experts like SeoTuners to easily get ahead of the competition by attracting leads and netting sales.


How to do PPC Right?


Doing PPC right is all about knowing the basic tenets of how to make the most of the marketing technique. First of all:


Use long-tail keywords. These are keywords that major industry players won’t be competing on with you, as they’re focused on spending their budget on the two or three extremely common keywords that everyone keys into their search engines.


Instead, focus on something more specific. Instead of “wedding photography”, try something like “affordable wedding video package los angeles”. Los Angeles and Ventura helps you specify what search engines already look for when cataloging a search request (location), and choosing a specific product or package with a commonly searched adjective which lets you shy away from the keywords with too much ad competition.


Finally, what really matters with PPC is that you are specific. You need to match your keyword to your landing page. Pay per click works on the basis that you pay for a certain number of clicks.


On their own, however, those clicks are entirely meaningless to you. The whole point is making sure that they actually pay forward into something useful – a sale. And that’s where a quality landing page comes into play to capture readers and leads and get them to buy the product they were looking for all along.

Must-Have Digital Advertising Techniques for Businesses

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We’re living in the digital age, so it’s clear that digital advertising is integral to any company operating nowadays. Even for local restaurateurs and hardware store owners, leveraging the internet to boost sales and curb the competition is becoming increasingly important.


And for aspiring startups and existing corporations alike, the Internet’s seamless global communication possibilities makes it too powerful and useful to resist.

Alas, while digital marketing is anything but straightforward, there are a few must-have techniques that apply to almost any business, and can really take your online business to the next level.

Create a Laser-Focused Strategy

Let’s start with the most important bit – while the Internet allows you to speak, communicate and market to anyone on the Internet, amounting to a total of over 3 billion people as per Time, the fact remains that only a tiny fraction of that massive audience is interested in buying anything from you, and even less actually will.

A big part of digital marketing is making sure you don’t waste time and money speaking to an audience that isn’t interested in your message. Let’s repeat one of the most important rules and lessons in sales: you can’t sell someone something they don’t want.

Try Video Marketing

Text and audio are popular mediums in the Internet, but nothing gets as many eyeballs, achieves as much conversion and is as SEO-intensive as high quality video marketing, as per The Huffington Post. And with a little talent, it’s not that expensive either.

That being said, it’s a double-edged sword. Don’t get into video marketing unless you’re in contact with a quality, affordable website advertising company that has extensive video marketing experience.

Are You Mobile Yet?

Mobile marketing is growing more and more important. As per Statista, over 2 billion people use smartphones today – and many of them are using those phones to browse products, and make purchase decisions. Keeping your web presence dynamic and mobile-compliant is key to capturing that gigantic portion of your audience.

Work with SEO Specialists

It’s not enough to just install a few plugins, avoid spamming your customers and have a general gist of an idea of what modern SEO looks like. SEO is an integral part of any company’s digital marketing plan, and having professionals at the helm when it comes to building a proper SEO system for your business is critical.

If you want success for your business online, you need to be the best locally and in your industry. To be the best, you have to provide quality information, an amazing product or service, and be seen before your competitors. To be seen before your competitors, you need good SEO, provided through an affordable website advertising company like SeoTuners.

Once you’ve implemented these techniques, prepare to see your numbers rise dramatically. Digital advertising and marketing might seem like a field with a lot of gimmicks, but really, these are just straightforward trend-based tips on the basics – and it’s a strong foundation in the basics that guarantees a great online presence.

SEO Techniques You Can Apply Today

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SEO is growing increasingly complex, and resource-intensive. Search Engine Land estimates that companies will spend $65 billion on the industry this year, and that value is supposed to increase on an annual basis.


Cheap and fast black hat techniques are quickly dying out and are being actively punished by Google and other search engines, while arduous, leg work-based white hat techniques are being made more effective.

However, even mostly without the help of an affordable website SEO company, there are a few techniques you can apply right away – and you’ll within short order, see their beneficial effects.

Apply Smarter Linkbuilding

Right off the bat, you can start your journey to highly effective SEO by making use of quality backlinks. Backlinks still matter in this day and age, but they’re nigh useless if the reputation of the website that is linking to you isn’t absolutely stellar.

Indeed, what matters today far more than the number of backlinks you have is where they’re from. Even just a handful of quality backlinks from educational or authority sites can make a huge difference in your SERP, and subsequently, your ranking.

How do you get quality backlinks? By offering to replace broken links with your own content, as per Backlinko. Authority sites and educational blogs often require several outbound links for SEO purposes and to redirect readers to sources for the various facts and information cited in a post – but over time, websites change their domain structure, companies rebrand, or links simply die. That’s when it’s time to contact blogs and offer your own research or content as a replacement to dead links.

Get a Website Audit

This will require the service of an SEO specialist, but it is well worth it. One of the biggest problems with many companies is that they simply don’t know how well they’re doing in the grand scheme of things. Don’t let your company be part of that problem – use a quality SEO service to determine first where you should focus your attention, and optimize accordingly.

Put Your Contact Info on Every Page

Search engines function in relatively new ways today, specifically in the world of local SEO. You can get a lot done with just a few simple tweaks. One of them is to input your company’s contact information on every single page, rather than just your contact page, as per Search Engine Land – that way, Google is more likely to score your website higher for having a physical location with consistent, frequently-posted contact information.

That being said, it’s also important to do so in a way that is not obnoxious. A simple fix is to place your contact information on every one of your webpage’s headers – or, more accurately, your website header. That way it’s always easily accessible, consistent in its location, and it blends in perfectly into that outer layer of a page that exists, can be viewed, but is rarely looked at unless explicitly needed.

With these three simple SEO tips and the services of an affordable website SEO company like SeoTuners, you’ll quickly get a leg up on the competition, and that without investing majorly in SEO. You can even apply most of these tips and techniques on your own, although getting a professional specialist to do it for you ensures a thorough, quick job.