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The Importance of Quality Local SEO

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When it comes to SEO, it’s important to note how critical a strong focus on the home turf is. In fact, that importance has been rowing a lot as per Entrepreneur. Businesses are largely dependent on their reputation and popularity locally when it comes to success – and unless the majority of your client or customer base is outside of Agoura Hills and Thousand Oaks, you need a laser-targeted SEO approach, and a proper SEO services company in Agoura Hills and Thousand Oaks.


This isn’t just because of the fact that your customers are here – there are a myriad of reasons to focusing on local marketing, and many of them are very important in SEO.

Home is Where the Cash Is

If you’re a retailer, restaurant, or general service provider, then obviously your biggest potential for growth will be at home. In today’s industry, it’s better to be the big fish in the little pond here at Agoura Hills and Thousand Oaks, than try and compete with the blue whales out in the Pacific – through the right marketing and business approach, you can continue to grow and dominate your industry at home, rather than spreading thin by expanding too soon and losing out on precious logistics possibilities, product quality, and a number of other things.

In short – in most cases, it’s more profitable for you to continue to grow your business here in Agoura Hills and Thousand Oaks, and focus on perfecting the core identity of your brand, rather than moving too fast as per Read Write. Grow slow, but grow strong – through that small-scale mindset, you can build a personal and talented team of professionals and see a much brighter, less frustrating future ahead.

For all that to be possible, however, you need solid local SEO.

What Local SEO Entails

A quality SEO services company in Agoura Hills and Thousand Oaks, will apply a unique and tailored system of optimization on your company, based on a number of crucial vague steps:

Total Website Audit

The first step is to see where you and the competition stand, in order to have a clear picture of how best to outrank the competition and dominate local industry.

Local Keyword Analysis

Long tail keywords are a part of the bread and butter of the SEO industry, as per Search Engine Watch. Most importantly, knowing what keywords to use can help you laser-focus your marketing efforts, and capture the audience that is most likely to both read your content, and pay for your products or services. Keywords need to be relevant, and provide context – the days of low-quality black hat keyword research are gone.

Local Demographic Research

Once your SEO partner has figured out what most people tend to look for in your area and industry, it’s time to see exactly who is reading your content, and buying your products. It’s important to keep your writing relevant to the clientele – if you sell pain medication and see an equal interest in pain meds among athletes and aging seniors, but the majority of your audience is concerned with aging rather than overtraining, it would make little sense to write content about recovering from sports injuries.

With the proper research and analysis, the final and most important step is the actualization of the SEO plan. Finally, that’s where the quality of your chosen partner will shine the most – as long as you work with a reputable and experienced company, you’ll have no worries.

Why You Need an Affordable SEO Service

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SEO, when applied properly, sort of follows the basic philosophy of “go hard or go home” – if your end goal is to outrank the competition, maximize visibility and rake in as much traffic as possible, then you can’t simply dabble in search engine optimization. Yes, SEO is legwork intensive – but that doesn’t mean you have to put in all the work on your own.


An SEO service will take the legwork and guesswork out of the optimization, and leave you with an end result that puts you miles ahead of the competition – if you choose wisely and partner up with a quality SEO company in Agoura Hills and Thousand Oaks, that is.

Why Quality SEO Matters

It’s not even just a matter of getting the most out of SEO’s usefulness – as the Internet continues to grow and search engines become increasingly strict with their guidelines for what a quality website should look like, businesses need to stop looking at ways to solely expand their web presence aggressively, and start looking for ways to effectively trim and tighten their existing offerings, and create a web presence that describes a focus on quality and excellence.

SEO is more than just a little bag of tips and tricks – it entails a wide selection of Best Practices, used as vague guidelines to let professional services and specialists analyze and present you with a better version of your website and social presence. That means better content, better writing, better design – everything needed to prove to your customer base that your domain is the go-to for services, products, and information within your industry and area.

And it’s massive – Search Engine Land estimates that the industry is worth $65 billion, and is steadily growing.

Getting all that done isn’t easy. Sure, SEO matters, but quality SEO matters much, much more. Which is why you’ll have to curate and vet your potential partners.

Finding the Right SEO Partner

SEO companies seem to be a dime a dozen nowadays, and that can make finding the one to work with quite difficult. But just like SeoTuners, a quality SEO company in Agoura Hills and Thousand Oaks will always reveal itself by one defining feature: a stellar reputation and track record.

Via the power of instant mass communication, the Internet has quickly unveiled itself as the most powerful amplifier to the word of mouth, ever. Businesses and customers have never had to think and worry about trust and reputation as much as they do today – to the point that some experts point to the creation and evolution of a “thank you economy”, an economy where customer service and actual legitimate business-to-customer empathy will become integral to success, as per Convince and Convert.

The right SEO company will share that philosophy, putting you and the quality of your website ahead of fast and easy profit.

In Conclusion

SEO is time-consuming, complex, and a service that is constantly evolving, with new techniques being developed on a weekly basis, and new news changing the landscape of the industry regularly as per Moz. As such, focusing on SEO through your in-house resources could get expensive, and may get you nowhere.

A good SEO service, on the other hand, will deal with the legwork and let you worry about properly focusing on your business operations.

How Does Google Hummingbird Affect Your Business?

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It seems as if Google has all the answers any person could possibly need. All you need to do is plug in your search query, and it will show you all the relevant results it can find. But a certain trend has started to emerge in the way that people do their searches: people tend to type in questions rather than standard keywords. So how can you make sure that they will see your site when they do that? Well, Google may just have the answer to that, in the form of an algorithm update called Hummingbird. In this article, we will show you what this means for your business and how you can adjust.


How Hummingbird Understands Search Queries

According to Business2Community, Google is aiming to have their search engine make a better guess about what users are searching for rather than simply relying on purely keyword-based interpretations. That means if you are trying to rank for “car tires,” for example, Hummingbird will interpret long sentence-like queries related to that keyword. So if somebody were to search “where can I buy some good quality car tires in the city,” Hummingbird can break down that sentence and figure out that you are probably looking for the main keyword “car tires.” It is a lot like how SEO strategies take advantage of long tail keywords. In fact, according to Search Engine Watch, using long tail keywords was usually 66 percent more profitable than focusing on head keywords.


How Hummingbird May Impact Your Business

If you have been building your site up using top notch content, then you do not have a lot to worry about, really. In fact, Hummingbird might even be bringing more people to your site than ever before. But if you have been relying heavily on just optimizing only your keywords (whether they are short tail or long tail), without really producing the best quality content, then you might notice a dip in your site’s overall rankings. However, as long as you provide your audience with articles, videos, and infographics that actually answer those specific search queries, then you will do just fine.


How to Keep People On Your Site for Longer

Instead of focusing on short-term SEO strategies that are often rendered obsolete by search engine algorithm updates, do your best to simply be the best authority figure in your industry. Provide articles that show off your expertise so that audiences will know to trust you for their needs. That way, you may be able to get reputable sites to link back to you as a reliable source of information, according to Search Engine Land. This, in turn, will greatly increase your page rankings. If you do not have enough time to invest in this endeavor, then you might want to look into SEO Packages in Los Angeles and Ventura.


In the end, it all comes down to presenting a great image with meaningful content. Keep yourself updated with the latest trends in SEO and you should be able to maintain your site’s SEO-friendly qualities.

What is RankBrain, and Why Does It Matter?

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The undisputed giant of the search engine industry, Google, always has a few new tricks up its sleeve. Recently, it unveiled RankBrain, a new type of artificial intelligence that was designed to keep an eye on search results and make any required changes in order to assist their main search engine algorithm. While that sounds amazing on paper, what does this all mean for your company website’s SEO rankings? In this article, we will dive into the implications that RankBrain brings to the table.


What RankBrain Can Do

Basically, RankBrain is a part of the Hummingbird algorithm. It can do a better job of analyzing a user’s search query and then figure out what exactly the user was looking for, according to The Next Web. For example, if one were to search using the sentence “What are the exact steps I need to take in order to make my SEO the best it can be?”, Google’s core search algorithm may have a hard time breaking that sentence down to its core components. Meanwhile, RankBrain will be able to deduce that you are trying to look for results that correlate to the much more succinct query “SEO best practices.”


How to Make Content Relevant and Meaningful

According to the Search Engine Journal, all you have to do is look at things the way RankBrain does. By that, we mean looking at the search queries you want to rank for, and analyzing what exactly your audiences are trying to gain based on that. For instance, if you were hoping to rank for the keywords “quality writing,” then you may be inclined to focus only on churning out content that revolves entirely around that phrase.


However, if you want to take advantage of RankBrain’s algorithm, then you will want to go even further than that. You can start discussing different areas that are relevant to quality writing. You could add in something about the elements that make for a great piece of writing, or the effects of a well-written piece of content. The best way to do this is to do a Google search for the keyword you want to rank for, and then checking the related search terms at the bottom of the page. You can then subtly weave in those other search words so that you can make your article an even better read for your viewers. The more useful information you can provide your viewers, the better for your rankings.


Still Confused?

If you need some help pulling it off, you may want to invest in seo services in Los Angeles and Ventura. Whether you are a small startup or a well-established company, you will want to make sure that your site is optimized for RankBrain. Besides that, you need to find out how to appease other aspects of Google’s algorithms too, such as Hummingbird, according to an article on LinkedIn. So make all of your digital marketing efforts count. Fix up your site’s SEO today and see the results for yourself.

Is Your Website’s Design SEO-Friendly?

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Having a website in this day and age is a must, but you can’t just put up any old page on the internet and call it a day. You have got to put in the legwork necessary to create a truly beautiful and unique site design. You also need to make sure that it is optimized in order to take as much advantage of SEO as possible, too. But how can you know if your website is SEO-friendly? In this article, we will give you a few questions you can ask yourself.


Do you have a lot of indexable content?

If you have any important content that you want search engines to detect, then you should format them in HTML. Unfortunately, search engine crawlers tend to ignore most other types of content, such as applets or graphics. While it can take some extra time and effort, it pays off to add some alt text for any images that you have on your site. You can also add some text to any page that contains an applet so that the crawler has something to get. If you provide audio and video files, then you can greatly benefit from adding individual transcripts for each one.


Do you have crawlable link structures?

Check your site to see if you have any orphaned pages floating around. That means hunting down any and all pages that aren’t linked in any way on your main page. This is because search engines start off by crawling your home page, then making their way through the different links in order to discover the other pages you have. If there are no links leading to some of your other pages, then the crawler has no way of detecting that they even exist. A great way to solve this is by creating a sitemap, as suggested by BusinessInsider.


Do you use your keywords wisely?

Keywords are absolutely vital to any SEO-friendly website, so make sure you’ve been using them correctly. According to CIO, some of the best places to put them include:

  • At least once in the title tag
  • Once at the top of the page
  • Two to three times within the main body of the text
  • At least once in the URL
  • At least once in the meta description

Make sure that you make the keyword appear naturally, though. Search engines are optimized to detect keyword abuse. That’s why it’s important to provide high-quality, meaningful content for your audiences, according to Forbes. Otherwise, you’re just spamming in the search engines’ eyes.


Should you want to implement all of these changes but just don’t have the time to finish them, then you may want to try hiring an SEO company to do all the work for you. You can find a lot of affordable seo packages if you know where to look online. Just make sure that you do not settle for just any company. If you do, your site may end up worse off than when you started it on your own. Good luck!

Why Your Blog Isn’t Getting Traffic

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You have just got the latest statistics about how your site has been performing, and you are not happy about them. How come you are not getting as much traffic as you were hoping you would? In this post, we will give you a few reasons why you may not be generating that much traffic.


Your Blog Design Is Not SEO-Friendly

You blog should not just look attractive. It has to be structured in a way that makes it easy for search engine crawlers to index it, too. You need to make sure that your keywords occur in all of the right places, such as the title tag and the top of the page. If you are not sure how to do this, you may want to invest in some affordable website seo services for your blog.


Your Writing Is Not Very Strong

You might be updating your blog every single day, but if you are not producing quality content, then your readers will just hit the back button without giving your site a chance. According to Huffington Post, one way to improve your writing is to focus on a very specific target audience. That way, you will be able to write relevant content that your target market will want to click on and read. If you can afford it, you may want to hire an editor or a proofreader to look over your work to ensure that it is free of any common errors.


You Are Not Promoting It Enough

What good is a blog post if nobody else in the world knows that it even exists? You might not be promoting your work on social media enough. For example, Statista notes that there are 1.71 billion active users on Facebook as of 2016. That is a huge audience that you could potentially tap in. But you can’t just broadcast your blogs to the world without at least trying to target your specific audience. You may want to go further and invest in some ads so that the right people see your content.


You Forgot to Use Your Keywords

As well-written as your article may be, search engines will not be able to index it if it does not contain the keywords that you want to show up for. But you can’t just haphazardly insert your keyword, especially if it does not make any sense within the context of the post. You need to make sure that when you use your keyword, you use it in a way that occurs naturally. You do not need to stuff your article with multiple repetitions of it either, as Google may penalize you for this, according to


There could be even more reasons why your blog is not taking off. For a better understanding of how to optimize your site, you may want to get some affordable website seo services so that you can tackle each problem one by one. It may cost a bit, but it will pay off in the long run.

Managing Your Paid Search Advertising Effectively

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Search engine optimization is no simple task. You’re basically trying to figure out how to both appease users and create a website that answers what questions a user might have when they first visit, as quickly as possible. You’re also trying to create a website that makes it as convenient as possible for the current algorithm of a search engine to crawl your page and rank you above your competitors.


What is Paid Search, and Why Does It Matter?


Paid search is extremely effective. A massive portion of the screen is taken up by sponsored links whenever someone keys in a competitive search term. While organic SEO is doubtlessly important, paid search ads deliver the edge you need. But paid search is also expensive, and requires resource management. That’s where an affordable website advertising company can help your company save money. When you’re using, say, Google AdWords, which as per Webopedia is Google’s official advertising system, you pay for how long an ad stays up, how many search terms it shows up for, and the size of the ad.


However, as per Forbes, AdWords is very expensive for small companies, especially without a targeted campaign. That means if you want your paid search to pay off, you need to be efficient with it. You may want to look into alternatives to Google’s official solution. All this means considering a few things before you take out your first ad on Google:


Keyword Importance: You need the right keywords, and you need to be careful about them. If you choose keywords that are even vaguely irrelevant to your business, you risk targeting people who ultimately won’t even turn into leads because your product or service doesn’t interest them.

Perfect Timing:
Timing matters. You don’t want your ad to be up all the time because that’ll just get too expensive. That’s why you should consider when people will be awake and most likely to search in your area. This is especially important if you’re focusing on local search, by adding the neighborhood name into your keywords.


Focus on Local: Since paid search is all about making sure you’re using it as efficiently as possible, you’ll want to focus on targeting your demographic as much as possible. This means you should be focusing on local search. Unless you’re an online business selling a service to businesses all over the world, regardless of location, focusing on local strategies can be a great way to narrow down your resources and use them more effectively.


Specify Negative Keywords: The final tip to a great search ad campaign is to specify negative keywords. In your campaign manager – like AdWords – you can specify keywords that have nothing to do with your product, thus eliminating the cost of searches from customers who will simply have no interest in your product.


As per Google itself, this can be fairly general, such as eliminating terms like “free” or “rent” if you’re a store that only sells and doesn’t rent out its products, or terms like “stainless steel” if you only provide, say, PVC plumbing.


Through these tips and more, you can lead your company to success by outranking your competitors, and claiming a slot in at the very top of the most relevant searches.

Simple and Effective Link Building Ideas for You

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Link building is one of the cornerstones to any decent SEO strategy. As per SEO Hacker, link quality or authority makes up a huge percentage of your page rank factors. While there are hundreds of different ranking factors playing a role every time you or someone else hits enter on their keyboard and runs their search through Google, there are a few significant factors that we know matter more than anything else in the world of search and SERP.


Link Building in the Past


Getting that to happen for you is called link building, and it used to be really easy. Basically, the best way to efficiently build links to your website (links that are called inbound links, as per TechTarget) was through a private blog network.


You would have your own collection of websites, cheap blogs in fact, that you could use to host content that points back towards your own domain.


As per Shout Me Loud, this kind of behavior is being cracked down upon, and website owners who rely on it as a major component of their link building strategy are actually getting penalized as engines check for the quality and reputation of a website when it links to another website. That’s why affordable website SEO solutions in Los Angeles and Ventura, like SeoTuners, offer more advanced link building techniques.


Link Building Techniques Today


There are still several strategies you as an entrepreneur or business owner can employ to increase your link authority and perform link building for your website, almost from scratch. Here we go:


Local News. By tapping local news sources, you can pitch in and offer a story on your business, especially if there’s something interesting or news worthy about you. Don’t be shy. You might just write in on a slow news day and appear to be a blessing in disguise for a paper struggling to fill its digital pages.


Press Release Websites. As another form of news, press release distributors or syndication tools are also a way to get links back to your website on relatively reputable websites. Note that, in the world of link building, bought and paid for links aren’t as valuable as those hard-to-find organic links, but they still count towards your imaginary score.


Local Directories. These aren’t really necessary, since they won’t help you much, but if you can get yourself listed in your local Chamber of Commerce or another large, high-traffic directory that people actually use, then go for it.


Broken Link Building. This is a relatively complex link building technique that can work wonders when done well. Basically, you scour for websites in your industry and then, through the use of a broken link checker, you find out if any of the external links used in a given article or blog post leads to a broken website. Then you write in as a concerned reader, and offer your company’s own blog post as a source. This works great for blogs, especially university blogs.


While there are other link building strategies, these are some of the most effective which you can do yourself. However, with the help of a professional service, you can broaden your options and cut down on the leg work you have to do to get those precious quality backlinks.

5 Link Building Tips You Need to Know About

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In SEO, the biggest factors for search engine ranking are without a doubt content quality and inbound links. This is as per the Google Q&A, which lists these two alongside user experience design for SEO factors.


Your content is totally within your control. You want talented writers, skilled editors, and a topic that interests your customers and gets plenty of shares and traffic.


It’s different with links. Since Google Penguin, which is getting an update soon as per Link Research Tools, utilizing self-created links are the least effective. Outreach links, created by talking to bloggers or paying for listings, are more effective so long as they’re legitimate, an example of which is being listed for a local business award. They work to your advantage. The best links are natural editorial links, given to you by trusted news outlets.


Thus, link building has become an important cornerstone in SEO. Through an affordable internet advertising company like SeoTuners, you’ll be able to get around today’s link building limitations. If you’re having trouble finding ways to get reputable websites to link to your website and get you the traffic and SERP you really need, then here are a couple of tips that’ll help you out.


  1. Replace Dead Links


A golden tip is to scour the web for educational or informative websites that report or educate on your chosen business niche. You can do this through a little Google-fu, by seeking out websites that specifically end in .edu and looking up the “blog” keyword in them. Then, through a dead link checking resource, you can discover if any of the websites these sites link to have a dead link. A little email outreach and you can refer them to your website to replace the dead link, by acting as an independent third party.


  1. Get into Local Directories


Local directories are an extremely easy way to get linked to online, but it’s still worth your while for the traffic. Free listings are best, but if a directory has particularly high traffic, then a paid listing may pay off for you.


  1. Host Local Meet Ups


By hosting meet ups in your local area related to your business, you can create awareness about your brand and create a little buzz online about your company.


  1. Reach Out to Local News


Press releases are a great way to build links. If you have a particularly interesting piece of news – like winning a local business award – you can reach out to a local news outlet to help them cover the story.


  1. Win an Award


This may sound tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. As per Search Engine Land, local business awards aren’t always greatly televised. Look around, and you may be able to find a local guild looking for nominations.


In the past, inbound links could come from almost anywhere, and they’d be registered as a significant factor in your website’s ability to rank. Inbound links existed as a ranking factor because they were a way for Google and other search engines to figure out that your website, being highly cited, must contain some valuable, interesting, and relevant information.


Today, inbound links matter in a different way. They can’t come from just anywhere, and they can’t be bought, either. With the introduction of Google’s Penguin program, link buying and spamming are offenses that will be punished through penalization.

How RankBrain Will Affect Your Business SEO

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Less than a year ago, Bloomberg revealed a new component in Google’s significantly large search algorithm. This new component, however, has something special about it that has not yet been seen in the rest of Google’s search engine system. It’s an AI.


Yes, Google has begun incorporating artificial intelligence into its job of categorizing and ranking websites. While it’s interesting, the real question here is this: why does that matter, and why does it matter now?


What is RankBrain?


Before we tackle how RankBrain affects your company’s SEO and what you need to be aware of for future reference, it’s important to understand what it is and why it may be significant not just for the here and now, but for the future of search engines, search engine optimization, and marketing in general.


RankBrain isn’t true AI. Rather, it’s based on what is called machine learning. Instead of being self-aware, RankBrain is written to learn from mistakes and get better at its ability to rank search results based on Google’s other existing algorithms and parameters.


Although it had been in testing for quite some time, it’s only recently become a significant factor in search. Google first introduced it into their engine about a year ago, and have since then been increasing its influence. As per the Drum, it handled 15 percent of search queries last year. What’s more significant now, however, is that recently RankBrain has been involved in all of Google’s search queries, becoming the third-most important factor alongside inbound links and the quality of a website’s content.


What Does RankBrain Do?


No one knows exactly, but as per Search Engine Land, there’s speculation that it exists to handle new and long tail searches. These long tail searches are searches that are exceedingly long, incorporating a number of different keywords and often requiring specific context to be understood.


As Google has mentioned in the past, a significant amount of searches in a year – hundreds of millions – are entirely unique and never searched before. This presents a challenge to the search engine to come up with the best websites in a search result – and as a machine learning AI, RankBrain may be used to provide better results for such queries.


It can be that when people input queries that are similar to other more popular queries in every way, RankBrain automatically switches them out. What that means is that businesses can potentially focus their efforts on tackling the most popular search queries out there instead of trying to spread their keyword influence over various similar keywords in order to capture a wider demographic.


What This Means for Your Business


As always, SEO is changing. What does this mean for you? Well, in one way, you’ll want to focus more on long tail keywords and local SEO. Ranking for popular terms has just become a lot harder. The competition is extremely stiff, and paid search results dominate a large portion of the first page, especially in competitive industries like Forex. Now more than ever, reputation matters, as companies like SeoTuners can tell you. To get ahead, you’ll want the services of a professional and affordable SEO company.