GOAL: Increase web traffic, brand exposure, and overall online sales revenue

RESULT: 680% increase in revenue in 4 months! Sales grew from $6,604 to over $51,569 a month!

Skregear approached us during the summer of 2019 with the goal of increasing their keyword rankings and organic search traffic in hopes of improving their overall online sales revenue. At the time, prior on-boarding with our agency, Skregear was only receiving roughly 1,494 visitors a month with a total monthly sales revenue of $6,604.

Fast forward just 4 months to August 1st, 2019 and Skregear’s search traffic more than doubled to almost 5,000 visitors a month resulting in a 680% increase in revenue and a new monthly sales revenue of over $51,000 a month!

SEOtuners was able to achieve this by utilizing and leveraging our propriety content network in conjunction with our traditional national SEO campaigns which has cost our client less than $2000 a month yet brought them an extra $40,000 a month in online sales revenue!!