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How To View AdWords Data In Google Analytics?

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Google is incredibly powerful. Its search engine is used about 40,000 times a second nowadays according to Internet Live Stats, and Google hit 1.2 trillion searches a year in 2012. However, of those 40,000 searches made in the course of you reading that number in your head, 85 percent are searches people have already made, says CNet. And many of them are searches you can make a profit from.


That’s the key point behind Google AdWords – you choose a business-relevant keyword, incorporate it into your content, and pay Google to be listed as a seller or service provider in your specific niche.


Having an understanding of all the key metrics in what makes up your website – and more importantly, what makes up your web traffic and the people who are most likely viewing your content – is the key to creating a profitable website and maintaining a strong web presence. It’s not enough to simply create a great website – if you want to make money, you need to fine tune your ads and content to your audience. And that requires the right data.


For both the sake of convenience and efficiency, Google has officially made it possible to link your AdWords account to a Google Analytics property, so you can “analyze customer activity on your website after an ad click or impression.”


According to the search engine company, this is meant to help you separate your organic traffic from the traffic you’ve been getting through AdWords, so you can boost the effectiveness of your PPC campaign and identify how effective your organic SEO has been, while receiving other AdWords data in your Analytics reports.


Why Join AdWords and Google Analytics?


It’s also useful for helping you identify how to better structure your website to make your AdWords campaign much more effective. For example, Google Analytics can show you when a customer is confused or stuck on a specific part of your page, and combining the two can help you address and solve problems that you might not have known about.


Remember, the most dangerous customer isn’t the one that comes to you with complaints – because that’s the customer you can address and help win over. The most dangerous customer is the kind that leaves without a word after encountering a problem – and it’s likely that many more are simply leaving rather than asking you for help. Pre-empt the problem by finding it quickly.


How to Quickly Link AdWords and Analytics


To begin, you’ll need both an AdWords account, and an Analytics account for the website you’re advertising. Then, you need the right permissions. As a Google Analytics user, make sure you have Edit permissions for your website. As an AdWords user, make sure you have administrative access over your account.


Next, sign into Analytics and select AdWords Linking under your Admin options, under Property.View the Google AdWords tab, and check the box next to the account you would like to link. Click Select All and Link Accounts to make sure you’re linking the right view.


With AdWords access in your Google Analytics, you’ll be able to tell what’s what when it comes to whether traffic is paid or organic. This way, you can tell how an SEO provider like SeoTuners is helping your traffic through affordable SEO services, and what kind of impact your PPC campaign is having.

Here’s How Google’s Product Listing Ads Are Hurting You

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If you’ve ever looked up a certain product on Google – say, a coffee maker or a video game console, or a new mouse – then you may have noticed that a huge portion of the top listings on Google are highlighted Sponsored Ads – specifically, image and info-rich Product Listing Ads (also known as PLAs).


These PLAs are different from your regular AdWords sponsored ads – text-only ads, that is – in that they’re geared to take the person looking for a product immediately onto the product’s page, and off to the point where they get the product sold. Done and done. And more significantly – they’re doing a better job of it than anything else.


Here’s Where They Can Hurt You


The first significant fact is that PLAs take a huge amount of space on Google’s top page for product searches. The second significant fact is that they’ve got pictures in them –those draw in clicks and views more than simple blue-and-grey text. And finally, since they explicitly give people an easy and simple way to nab an item straight off of Google’s search results, most people who are looking for a product with the intent to buy it, will go for the PLAs. So, PLAs are attracting 60 to 70 percent of clicks in searches because:


  • They’re big;
  • They feature images;
  • They provide people with an easy way to immediately buy something.


That leaves you and your organic, non-sponsored search results with the people who are still unsure about what to buy, or people who are simply looking for reviews, feature articles, or an expert opinion on coffee machines, computer mice, or whatever other product they’re searching for.


Why Did Google Do This?


From Google’s point-of-view, product-listing ads are amazing. Firstly, they work. Secondly, they work better than Amazon. And thirdly, they get us to change up the way we pay for clicks – potentially even leading us to paying more to get the right ads going.


Google’s competition with Amazon is an important point to highlight. As the Business Insider points out, Google’s market share for retail marketer’s paid-search campaigns increased by roughly a percentage point within a single quarter, while Google’s former CEO Larry Page himself said shortly after PLAs were unveiled, that “we’ve seen tremendous uptake from merchants and from users.”


As research firm RKG announced, PLAs drove 28 percent of Google’s non-brand paid search clicks in the final quarter of 2012. And things have been growing since.


What Does That Mean For You?


While it’s nice to know how PLAs impact organic search optimization for product searches, this information does have a silver lining – with it, you can strategically allocate your resources and make a lot more out of your marketing buck.


The key is to know at what stages of shopping you should target a customer. If you’re a product or service provider, your best bet is to look for affordable SEO services in Los Angeles and Ventura– like those provided by SeoTuners – in order to promote your company and business’ name as a premier provider of product information and expertise. And when it comes to getting your product sold, transferring most of your PPC AdWords budget into Google’s PLAs is a wise decision.

Why a Website Advertising Company is Great for Your Business

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Online advertising can feel like a minefield to a newcomer. How does one advertise their business online? What’s effective, and what isn’t? What’s SEO, and why is it so important? Figuring it out on your own can cost you time and effort that you probably would rather expend on the business itself. What do you do?


One of your best options is to hire an affordable website advertising company. What can they do for you and your business?


They Know their Stuff  


An advertising team can give your advertising campaigns the time, care and attention they deserve. After all, their job is to get you the best results possible. Hiring them in means you’ll get the best quality advertising campaigns, and therefore, the maximum amount of customers for money spent on them.


They Can Create Content that will Bring in the Customers


The backbone of your web presence is the content you put out. An advertising team will be able to write high quality, usable content for your website and other online presences you may have. This kind of content is shared around and shown to other people online, spreading the word of your business further. As Web Marketing Today notes, if your team knows their audience and writes pieces that are relevant to them, they’ll keep returning to your site.


SEO is Better with their Experience


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and is hugely important in driving traffic to your site. As Forbes points out, when you put a search term into a search engine, do you ever go past the first couple of pages of results? Probably not. Your advertising team will implement an involved but thorough process of analyzing keywords that drive people to your site, and through writing and editing content, they’ll maximize that number to the best of their ability.


They Can Create Customized Social Media Campaigns


Social media has become more and more important in the last few years, with sites like Facebook making billions of dollars on advertising alone. An advertising team will make sure that your campaigns reach as many people as possible, using social media users preferences to send your adverts to those who’ll want to see them.


They’ll Get you the Best ROI with PPC Campaigns


PPC, or Pay Per Click campaigns, can be a quick and easy way of getting your name out there online. Simply allocate a budget to the campaign, and every time your ad is clicked on, a certain amount of money is depleted from that budget. Once the kitty is empty, the ad ceases to be shown online. However, as Farotech explains, it’s not quite as easy as that. An advertising team will make sure that the keywords used in the campaign are laser targeted onto the customer base you’re trying to attract, meaning no one will click on your ad and leave, not finding what they want.


Experienced advertising teams like SeoTuners know exactly what does and doesn’t work online, and can easily maximize visitors to your website. Try hiring a team and see just how far they can spread word of your business online.

content marketing in 2015

Types of SEO services

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Hiring good SEO consultants that provide quality services at affordable prices will give big boost to your business. It will help you attract potential customers and expand your business. The SEO companies offer many services such as, social media marketing, online reputation management, organic search, paid search, building customized links, code optimization and so on.

Every business owner must hire reputed and affordable SEO Services Company to improve their website’s ranking and create brand image online. Before hiring you must check the credibility of the SEO Company and estimated time to achieve the set goals. The terms and conditions of making payments must also be negotiated.

The SEO professionals use a variety of tools and techniques to ensure that their client gets best results. They also offer a variety of services which will benefit your business. Let us look at them.

  • Social media marketing – In this process, the social media links are created so that websites can gain traffic. The social media marketing campaign works around creating content that gains reader’s attention and it motivates people to share the content on their various social networks.
  • Online reputation management – This revolves around maintaining and developing online reputation of individuals or businesses. Online reputation management or ORM checks into any harmful content related to the client and manages it effectively by bringing down the negative content through various tools and promoting positive content by adding articles, blogs, etc. . It uses customer feedback surveys on regular basis to understand consumer’s views about the client’s website.
  • Organic searchOrganic SEO refers to various approaches used to gain high ranking on search engine pages with unpaid results that are algorithm-driven. It uses tactics such using good keywords, creating quality content etc.
  • Building links – Link building is one of the most discussed topic in the SEO industry. Creating backlinks is one of the most important part of any SEO campaign. Building links consumes lot of time and is also very expensive. However, building good quality links is the key to increasing search engine rankings.
  • Paid search – It is also known as CPC or Cost per click marketing and CPM or cost per impression marketing. In CPC, the advertiser pays the search engine each time an individual clicks on its sponsored links. In CPM, the advertiser pays the search engine for every 1000 times your advertisement appears on the search engine pages.
  • Code optimization – It includes techniques used to modify codes of a website to improve their quality and efficiency. Codes of a website can be optimized so that they reduce in size, utilize less memory and function more rapidly.


Apart from the above mentioned different types of SEO services, there are website designing, content generation and SEO penalty services as well. You can invite pitches from different SEO companies so that you can compare and get best and most affordable SEO services. Making your website SEO friendly will give you competitive edge in the online market.

How to Optimize Landing Page Effectively: PPC Campaign

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Pay per Click (PPC) marketing is a paid search campaign where you get a chance to engage with your target audience directly and convert them into your customers. When visitors click on your PPC ad, it means that they are potential customers looking for a product or service as indicated in the ad copy.

The click brings them to a landing page whose sole purpose is to encourage them to take an action. In summary, the landing page is a tool in your hand to win maximum conversions leading to increased ROI from your PPC campaign. This brings forth the importance of optimizing the PPC landing page. You may want to seek professional help from trusted companies offering affordable SEO and PPC services for your landing page optimization.

In addition to higher conversions, a well-optimized landing page also helps in achieving better Quality Scores from Google, which in turn results in improved rankings and lower ad spend.

You too can optimize your landing page effectively if you follow some simple ground rules as discussed below:


Strong & Relevant Headline and Content

Ensure that your landing page content matches exactly with the message in your PPC ad copy. Go for a strong headline that is consistent and relevant to your PPC keyword and ad text. Inconsistent and mismatched message is a big put off for visitors making your paid campaign unsuccessful. In addition, the page content should aim at answering the visitors’ query with respect to your offering in order to drive them to the desired action. You may talk about the features, benefits or USP of your product and service to grab the interest and attention of the visitors. And, to achieve this, all you have is less than a few seconds.

Remember, directing PPC traffic to your generic home page is also a big no. You need to spend that effort and time to come up with relevant PPC specific landing pages.

Professional, Clean Design

Seek the services of a professional web designer to create a clean and engaging landing page design that looks authentic and aligns with your brand image. The page should have an appealing and unique image specific to your PPC ad offering. The overall look and feel of the page should be consistent with the rest of your corporate website.

There are many reliable affordable SEO services providing companies that offer landing page design services to their clients.

Optimized Landing Page Form & CTA

Optimize your landing page form by making it simple and user-friendly. Try to include minimum number of fields just enough to get the essential information about the lead such as first name, last name, email, etc.

The most important element of your landing page form is a prominently placed, eye-catchy button with a clear call-to-action (CTA). The CTA text should be crisp but need not necessarily be always one or two words. Your CTA may also tell visitors what they will get on clicking the button. Getting a nice image with its subject looking to the direction of the ‘call to action’ has also been found to be an effective tactic.

Keep it crisp & simple!

The ground rule is – keep your landing page simple and clutter free. Unnecessary long landing pages with loads of graphics, content and images may take away the real focus and deter visitors to take the action. Moreover, make sure the landing page loads within a couple of seconds.

If you need help with PPC landing page optimization, look for companies that offer affordable SEO services.

Five Tips on How to Manage Your Negative Keywords

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So, when an organization builds a website, they expect high web page traffic and demand for the content. But, sometimes it just so happens that the website suffers from low click rate and the organization’s budget is being uselessly spent on irrelevant keywords that do not generate the desired results for your business.

Paid searches or PPC campaigns were formulated in order to make sure the potential of their business was achieved swiftly through the medium of filtered searches. However, fewer businesses devote time and resources on managing a negative keywords list.

Negative Keywords, as most of the efficient businesses know, maximize the effectiveness of the PPC campaign by eliminating the aspect of your content popping up for irrelevant searches.


Let’s look at some tips for effective negative keyword management:

Scheduling- There is a need to regularly maintain and review your negative keywords. The most effective manner would be to have this done once a month, timely. One should also take care to eliminate any dates that have occurred before or after you added the negative keywords when the search term reports are reviewed.

Keyword Conflict- On both Google AdWords as well as Bing Ads, there may rise a conflict between a keyword and a negative keyword into producing the optimum results for your business. In case, your keyword and negative keyword are cancelling out each other, both these search engines will alert you.

One might have to make necessary alterations like changing the match type or excluding certain campaigns from the negative keyword list etc. to sort this issue.

Report analysis- In order not to waste time on low volume search terms, make sure to have your monthly report reviewed so that more information is made available on which keyword each search term or query matched to and the frequency of the match.

This will help you figure out which negative keywords to block or more variations to be used. Also, it’ll assist pausing or adjusting a bid depending on what is required to be done in a specific situation.

Match Types- We know that there are three types of matches- broad, phrase and exact.

Most of the times, with negative keywords, a phrase match is the best option. For example, if you have an iron rod business but the search results that get linked to you are varying from “iron gates” to “iron pillars”, what you can do is block the word “gates” and make sure that iron is an exact match for your search.

If your negative keyword is conflicting with a keyword, then you can exact match the broad matched term to produce the desired results.

List Sharing- It is increasingly cumbersome to manage negative keywords when your organization has a large account and various campaigns. To make management of the keyword list easier, you can sync the multiple campaigns with the list of keywords to ensure maximum optimization.

This will also make it easy to add the new campaign by just sharing it in the common drive.

Various SEO and PPC websites such as make it easier to optimize and manage your searches and appropriate keywords.

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Services a SEO Company Can Provide for Your Online Business

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If you have an online website and you are struggling with not getting enough traffic to your web pages, it might be time to consider hiring an SEO Company. They can help you bring in more traffic by providing articles, link building, and keyword optimization.

You might have heard the online buzzword ‘optimization’, and wonder what it is all about or if it even pertains to you. Optimization is a phrase used by an SEO company that refers to helping online businesses fully optimize their websites to work well with the search engines. Optimizing a website helps generate as much traffic as possible to a website. Keyword optimization is practiced by analyzing your business and researching which keywords will work the best for your business to improve traffic flow to your site. These keywords will then be strategically used within your site, which will result in better rankings for the company site.

One very popular technique is known as article writing. Writing articles about your business can help you spread the word to shoppers throughout the web that you can provide the products and services they are looking for. An SEO company can write the articles for you and ensure they are relevant and interesting to read. They will be posted throughout the net on sites where there are large amounts of readers, which will give your business maximum exposure. Article writing helps provide credibility with a business too.

Link building works primarily with the search engines to give site popularity and improve your rank with the search results. It also gives online shoppers an easy way to get to your online business. Inbound links are important for any website and they can be placed throughout the web within articles, on other company sites, and even used on bookmarking sites. There are many ways an SEO company can provide link building techniques that will provide a benefit to your business of increasing traffic.

When a company doesn’t have a lot of traffic coming in and out of their website, hiring an SEO company is often a smart idea. There are many tools and techniques used on the web today which can help you be as successful as possible and compete in your industry.

What Should an Internet Advertising Company Avoid?

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There has been a lot of debate about what an internet advertising company is or what it should be or what services it should provide. So basically, a lot has been spoken (or written) about what ought to be done. But what about having aPFA checklist of the things that you should not do? Is it that simple, or are there areas or things that any SEO company in their right mind should avoid? Here is a list to crosscheck:

  • Never ever offer free services and ask a prospective client to take a trial. While this may work sometimes, mostly your clients; who may have suffered previously, may smell a rat and take their business elsewhere. SEO is a taxing job; nobody offers their hard work for free.


  • Do not even think about saying that you “know” someone at Google or some other search engine who will help you get a top rank. The trick is too old to work; and besides, a company that relies on special relationships instead of the quality of its services doesn’t inspire much confidence.


  • The worst business mistake that a company could make is the lack of transparency, or proclaiming to the client that you have some secret strategies that will help get magical results. It cannot be emphasized enough that in the world of hard work, there is no magic; and the moment you say secret, your client may think that you are employing some unethical practice.

While this list is not all pervasive and the situation differs from one customer to another; it does not harm to practice good methods.

If you have any questions regarding how an ethical SEO should function, mail us at

Basics of PPC Advertising

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Pay-Per-Click or PPC Advertising embraces a powerful model of internet marketing whereby you pay only for those advertisements which are being clicked to be viewed. As a small-time business owner or someone who has just entered into his maiden entrepreneurial venture, you cannot afford to simply sit and relax for your advertising eggs to hatch and reap profits by themselves. In order to get your word out and extend your horizons by making your website or products visible you have to constantly undergo optimization in order to grab visitors’ attention and make them crawl to your site.

 PPC Advertising

Pay-Per-Click is one such potential internet advertising medium which is cost-effective in the way that you require paying fee as the advertiser to the host Search Engines only when your ad is getting a click. If your ad is simply visible without any interested visitor sneaking to take a peek into what lies inside, you are not charged for your advertisement. PPC is considered powerful since the worth of the profits you obtain from a single click can be much more than what you pay if, of course, executed properly. However, in order to ensure that every click that you get from your targeted customer is a winning one making the fee seem negligible it is important to build up a proper PPC campaign. In fact, if Search Engines find your PPC campaigns more focused and diligently devised, thus appearing of optimum use to the visitors you are charged lesser fees per click, thereby augmenting your profits.

Understanding Keyword Worth

If you have even the slightest idea about SEO you must be aware of the important of choosing the right keywords to help your website get relevant matches. The more focused and specific are the keywords that you opt for in relation to your industry the greater is the possibility of receiving targeted quality traffic. In this aspect it is essential that you understand the concept of Cost-Per-Click bidding which will depict the fee you will be in a position to pay Google. Google AdWords is a helpful tool in this regard whereby you bid for your chosen set of keywords and pay Google for each click that your ad receives. If you happen to be among Google’s AdWords advertiser winners by virtue of your keyword relevance and quality, your ad or link will be catapulted in the top results of the search pages. The calculation of winners is done on the basis of two things namely your CPC Bid or the highest amount of fee you are bidding towards Google and your Quality Score that is judged by the quality of your keyword, relevance, click-through rates and landing page standards.

Understanding PPC Advertising Terms: Impressions, Clicks and Click-Through-Rate:

Impressions are the number of times your ad gets exhibited in front of visitors every time they type in the relevant keywords. Although mere flashing of the ads will not get you profits, yet with higher impressions you can understand that people are interested in your niche. Monitoring clicks on monthly or weekly basis is important not only from your sales perspective but also to gauge how much you have to spend in terms of fees per click. Click-through-Rate comprises the ratio at which your interested customers end up clicking on to your advertisement to check on your website or products.

A final word- if you wish to get the highest profits out of your PPC ads it is essential to delve into customer psychology, what they expect from you, how they rummage for you in search engine pages, what issues, if any, they are facing regarding your product and attempts to optimize client satisfaction. If PPC seems to be a profitable venture, rely on SeoTuners to manage it for you and reap its benefits in no time.