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So, when an organization builds a website, they expect high web page traffic and demand for the content. But, sometimes it just so happens that the website suffers from low click rate and the organization’s budget is being uselessly spent on irrelevant keywords that do not generate the desired results for your business.

Paid searches or PPC campaigns were formulated in order to make sure the potential of their business was achieved swiftly through the medium of filtered searches. However, fewer businesses devote time and resources on managing a negative keywords list.

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Negative Keywords, as most of the efficient businesses know, maximize the effectiveness of the PPC campaign by eliminating the aspect of your content popping up for irrelevant searches.


Let’s look at some tips for effective negative keyword management:

Scheduling- There is a need to regularly maintain and review your negative keywords. The most effective manner would be to have this done once a month, timely. One should also take care to eliminate any dates that have occurred before or after you added the negative keywords when the search term reports are reviewed.

Keyword Conflict- On both Google AdWords as well as Bing Ads, there may rise a conflict between a keyword and a negative keyword into producing the optimum results for your business. In case, your keyword and negative keyword are cancelling out each other, both these search engines will alert you.

One might have to make necessary alterations like changing the match type or excluding certain campaigns from the negative keyword list etc. to sort this issue.

Report analysis- In order not to waste time on low volume search terms, make sure to have your monthly report reviewed so that more information is made available on which keyword each search term or query matched to and the frequency of the match.

This will help you figure out which negative keywords to block or more variations to be used. Also, it’ll assist pausing or adjusting a bid depending on what is required to be done in a specific situation.

Match Types- We know that there are three types of matches- broad, phrase and exact.

Most of the times, with negative keywords, a phrase match is the best option. For example, if you have an iron rod business but the search results that get linked to you are varying from “iron gates” to “iron pillars”, what you can do is block the word “gates” and make sure that iron is an exact match for your search.

If your negative keyword is conflicting with a keyword, then you can exact match the broad matched term to produce the desired results.

List Sharing- It is increasingly cumbersome to manage negative keywords when your organization has a large account and various campaigns. To make management of the keyword list easier, you can sync the multiple campaigns with the list of keywords to ensure maximum optimization.

This will also make it easy to add the new campaign by just sharing it in the common drive.

Various SEO and PPC websites such as make it easier to optimize and manage your searches and appropriate keywords.

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