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Bad design could be killing your business. If your website design is much too cluttered, confusing or simply wrong, then that’s not going to inspire confidence in prospective clients and partners. Hiring the services of a competent and reliable web design company in Ventura can change that.

One of the first steps you need to take is to take a look at the company’s portfolio or sample works, the CIO says. Here’s how to use what you find to help you arrive at a sound hiring decision.

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Do you like what you see?

Appeal is a factor. If you don’t like the design, you won’t bother to go much further with the selection process. If you like it, though, determine what elements work for you. Do you admire the designer’s use of colors? Do you think the same style or vibe will work for your brand? Pinpointing the elements that you liked will help you figure out the kind of results you want from the designer.

How is the content presented?

When you evaluate a site, it’s important to consider how the content is presented, the Search Engine Journal says. The same idea applies when you look for a web design company in Ventura. If you’re checking out the company’s portfolio, be mindful of how the content is presented on the pages. Is the written content too thin to add any real value to the pages? Keep in mind that while visuals attract people, the right content can make them stay. If there’s a bit of a gap there, then talk to the firm about it. if they can’t deliver the quality of output you want, then rethink your hiring choices.

Is the tonal quality spot on?


The best designs are often tonally right. That means the design is reflective of your brand and business. Think of the Apple site. Without seeing any logo or branding, you’ll immediately associate the clean lines and spaces with the firm. That’s the same kind of tonal quality you’ll want for your pages. If the tone isn’t consistent with your branding and messaging, that’s going to create a disconnect, one that could confuse your audience and leave them thinking they’re better off going elsewhere.

Does it help with your goals?

Why do you want to hire a web design service? Do you want to upgrade your pages? Do you want to re-brand your business? Do you plan to launch a new line of products or services? Determine your goals and find a team that can come up with a design that’s going to support and move those goals forward.

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