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Navigating the world of digital marketing can be a daunting task for most business owners. With over 75,000 advertising agencies in the United States, it can be impossible to narrow it down to just one. They all claim to be the best, get your business the traffic it needs, and seem to have client testimonials to back up those statements.

However, if every agency has sparkling reviews, how can you possibly choose? Here is what to be on the lookout for to find the right agency for you:

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Review an agency’s website and, if you don’t see an address, bios, or a client list, then this agency is likely not worth your consideration. Lack of transparency is the most basic and also the most overlooked red flag. If an agency looks like it is hiding something, then it probably is. For example, there are many offshore agencies that make big promises with cheap rates but don’t have any accomplishments to back up their claims.

The Right Fit

Just because an agency appears to have loyal clients and to have achieved impressive results, it doesn’t mean they are the perfect fit for you. It’s not only important to do your homework on their capabilities, but also to find someone you trust and feel comfortable discussing marketing strategies with. Make sure they understand the vision you have for your business and can communicate it in a way that feels right for you and your brand.

Strategize Together Before Committing

It’s perfectly normal to ask your potential marketing agency to discuss their plans with you and explain what they recommend for your business. Not all industries are treated equal and it is important to make sure that they have a plan for yours. Find out if they work with only B2C or B2B companies and look over the results they have for companies that are similar to yours.

If they don’t supply case studies on their website for you to read make sure to ask if they have any available . Ask what industries they specialize in and make sure to check out their personal online presence. A digital marketing agency should have active social channels, a blog, and a website that is easy to navigate while being informational.

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When viewing the Google Analytics of a sample client make sure to take note of the revenue percentage. This number will tell you how much that client made over the specific period of time they were with the agency. Since digital strategies take months to accomplish, make sure you are looking at a span of four months or more.

Remember slow and steady wins the race!

Look at Awards and Reviews

If a marketing agency has any awards you can most likely find them displayed on their website. If you don’t see any that is probably a sign that they don’t have any or worse they didn’t think it was important to list them. If an agency forgets to display their proudest moments, what makes you think they won’t forget to highlight yours?

Examples of awards include:

seo tuner awards

Clutch finds the best firms in the industry to help business owners find the perfect marketing company for them.  Every month Clutch awards the highest performing B2B companies by industry and location. In order for a business to become a “Top Advertising and Marketing Agency” on Clutch they must have verified reviews, data-driven content, and better business solutions than their competitors. The platform will show you the rating, average cost, location, and contact information for their chosen winners.

clutch listing

It’s not only important to look at the overall star rating but also how many reviews they have. It’s easy to have five stars when you only have three reviews! Also make sure to check out the service focus. At SEO Tuners everyone is a master of SEO! While other companies try to do everything under the sun, we’re focusing on the nitty-gritty that really matters to all businesses with an online presence.

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Companies who recommend Clutch include:

• Entrepreneur Magazine
• The Huffington Post
• USA Today
• Forbes
• Business Insider

If your business needs a better ranking on Google then TopSEOs is a great additional resource for you. They highlight the best companies for search engine optimization. Sites like TopSEOs and Clutch make it easier for you to narrow it down to a few top choices without visiting multiple sites.

Pour a Drink and Think

Once you have heard all of the strategies and have narrowed it down to a few options pour a drink and think about it. Skip the part where you pick a random name out of a hat and truly think about your future partnership. At the end of the day all of the companies you narrowed it down to must have impressed you in some way.

However, as a business owner marketing is supposed to be a fun part of your job. Choose someone who made you excited about the future during your meeting and that you could see yourself and your team working with. The better communication and relationship you have with an agency the more your campaign will thrive. That being said it is important to find an agency that knows your business and seems to care about your success like it was their own.

We deliver nothing less than what we promise and that’s what our clients want and appreciate. You want something done; you hire us!

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