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As an affordable SEO company or a website owner you must be well aware of the roller coaster rides that Google Panda updates give you. No, Google’s Panda is no cuddly, cute animal. With its coming into the SEO scene in February 2011 the algorithm completely caused a pandemonium in the online cosmos. While good quality websites were catapulted at the top ranks of SERPs, Panda’s pernicious blows were felt simultaneously causing several others not adhering to the rules to get plummeted down. If you to have been one among those to be thrashed by Panda, here some ways to recover from it.

google-pandaDetermining Low Quality or Thin Content: This comprises one of the foremost things to get yourself geared towards in order to dodge further hits by Panda. Low quality content is detested by Panda and loses your site of your readers’ trust. Hence, to eradicate such thin content take some time out of your busy schedule and attempt at rewriting or writing quality content with focus on details. Low quality content according to Panda is content which is too short in length to be possessing in-depth data, having outdated articles or ones which suffer from duplicate issues pertaining to titles or content. Scour all your content thoroughly to dig out any such issues and get rid of them outright.

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Know SEO tactics: If you are contemplating on making your online venture a serious one with attempts made at blogging it is imperative that you enlighten yourself about the various SEO techniques. Some of the things that you require possessing knowledge about are keyword research and optimization, building backlinks, On-site SEO, and the likes.

Re-Indexation and Quality Links: Re-indexation by thorough checking of the Robots.txt file for errors and implementing a new XML sitemap of the URL is essential to make your links get labeled as quality links by Panda. If you are operating on multi-author blog ensure that the links that are arriving at your website from other bloggers are equally high in quality and are relevant to your specific industry.

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