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 Giving webmasters more choices, Google Disavow tool is about indicating Google regarding unwanted inbound links. The tool was initially designed to complement Google’s Penguin update. This article discusses what the tool is and how webmasters can incorporate this tool to make their sites better.

google disavow tool useBack links have already been a popular source when it comes to promoting a website, ensuring better web navigation and initiating Search engine Optimization. But what if the back link isn’t clean, what if it’s low quality and reduces your website’s credibility?

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In such cases, Google now offers a tool for back link cleanup. The Google Disavow tool has been designed to make sites betters. The tool offers cleanup for back links. Google states that the tool can be employed if low quality (un-controlled) links are harming one’s website. For the same, webmasters can ask Google to take such back links into account while accessing a website. This ensures removal of unnatural links and ensures that webmasters can have better opportunities to for Search Engine Optimization and website publicity purposes.

The Disavow tool cleans up unsavory websites in link profile. But that doesn’t mean that it removes links. Instead, it helps Google understand that these unclean links are ignored while your website is being scanned. But the Disavow tool should be used with caution, especially if you want your website to have better search rankings. Moreover, the tool should only be used by professional webmasters or under their expertise.

How websites can use Google Disavow Tool?

A general myth has been associated with the Disavow tool- many people believe that it will hurt their website. But this can only happen if the feature is used correctly. Therefore, users are recommended to conduct a site audit. In case they have unfamiliar back links, they must hire a professional to conduct the audit and understand the potential benefits or losses of disavowing a back link.

Also, webmasters and website owners must understand that Google will not label the site as spammer if you disavow links. In fact, this is a serious effort that can help Google deal with shady sites. Until and unless a website is trying to use this program for disavowing manual penalty, Google won’t label it as spam. Webmasters are a pivotal requirement for initiating disavow, as Google has declared that a spam site and the site that it links to will be penalized.

Following steps can be taken to use this tool-

  1. A link audit must be conduct to see all third party back links. For the same, users simply have to select ‘traffic’ option and then choose ‘links to your website.’ The latest links can be downloaded and then further analyzed.
  2. For dedicated cleanup, document and record the details of the campaign and send a consideration request.
  3. Make sure that an email is provided for link removal to ensure that the link is removed or disavowed in search engine rankings.

Disavow tool is an efficient way to taking care of one’s Google rankings. Even though it seems easy to use, it is recommended that a webmaster is asked to use the tool to ensure that the analysis and disavowing bring positive responses for the website.

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