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SEO is growing increasingly complex, and resource-intensive. Search Engine Land estimates that companies will spend $65 billion on the industry this year, and that value is supposed to increase on an annual basis.


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Cheap and fast black hat techniques are quickly dying out and are being actively punished by Google and other search engines, while arduous, leg work-based white hat techniques are being made more effective.

However, even mostly without the help of an affordable website SEO company, there are a few techniques you can apply right away – and you’ll within short order, see their beneficial effects.

Apply Smarter Linkbuilding

Right off the bat, you can start your journey to highly effective SEO by making use of quality backlinks. Backlinks still matter in this day and age, but they’re nigh useless if the reputation of the website that is linking to you isn’t absolutely stellar.

Indeed, what matters today far more than the number of backlinks you have is where they’re from. Even just a handful of quality backlinks from educational or authority sites can make a huge difference in your SERP, and subsequently, your ranking.

How do you get quality backlinks? By offering to replace broken links with your own content, as per Backlinko. Authority sites and educational blogs often require several outbound links for SEO purposes and to redirect readers to sources for the various facts and information cited in a post – but over time, websites change their domain structure, companies rebrand, or links simply die. That’s when it’s time to contact blogs and offer your own research or content as a replacement to dead links.

Get a Website Audit

This will require the service of an SEO specialist, but it is well worth it. One of the biggest problems with many companies is that they simply don’t know how well they’re doing in the grand scheme of things. Don’t let your company be part of that problem – use a quality SEO service to determine first where you should focus your attention, and optimize accordingly.

Put Your Contact Info on Every Page

Search engines function in relatively new ways today, specifically in the world of local SEO. You can get a lot done with just a few simple tweaks. One of them is to input your company’s contact information on every single page, rather than just your contact page, as per Search Engine Land – that way, Google is more likely to score your website higher for having a physical location with consistent, frequently-posted contact information.

That being said, it’s also important to do so in a way that is not obnoxious. A simple fix is to place your contact information on every one of your webpage’s headers – or, more accurately, your website header. That way it’s always easily accessible, consistent in its location, and it blends in perfectly into that outer layer of a page that exists, can be viewed, but is rarely looked at unless explicitly needed.

With these three simple SEO tips and the services of an affordable website SEO company like SeoTuners, you’ll quickly get a leg up on the competition, and that without investing majorly in SEO. You can even apply most of these tips and techniques on your own, although getting a professional specialist to do it for you ensures a thorough, quick job.

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