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Link building is one of the cornerstones to any decent SEO strategy. As per SEO Hacker, link quality or authority makes up a huge percentage of your page rank factors. While there are hundreds of different ranking factors playing a role every time you or someone else hits enter on their keyboard and runs their search through Google, there are a few significant factors that we know matter more than anything else in the world of search and SERP.


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Link Building in the Past


Getting that to happen for you is called link building, and it used to be really easy. Basically, the best way to efficiently build links to your website (links that are called inbound links, as per TechTarget) was through a private blog network.


You would have your own collection of websites, cheap blogs in fact, that you could use to host content that points back towards your own domain.


As per Shout Me Loud, this kind of behavior is being cracked down upon, and website owners who rely on it as a major component of their link building strategy are actually getting penalized as engines check for the quality and reputation of a website when it links to another website. That’s why affordable website SEO solutions in Los Angeles and Ventura, like SeoTuners, offer more advanced link building techniques.


Link Building Techniques Today


There are still several strategies you as an entrepreneur or business owner can employ to increase your link authority and perform link building for your website, almost from scratch. Here we go:


Local News. By tapping local news sources, you can pitch in and offer a story on your business, especially if there’s something interesting or news worthy about you. Don’t be shy. You might just write in on a slow news day and appear to be a blessing in disguise for a paper struggling to fill its digital pages.


Press Release Websites. As another form of news, press release distributors or syndication tools are also a way to get links back to your website on relatively reputable websites. Note that, in the world of link building, bought and paid for links aren’t as valuable as those hard-to-find organic links, but they still count towards your imaginary score.


Local Directories. These aren’t really necessary, since they won’t help you much, but if you can get yourself listed in your local Chamber of Commerce or another large, high-traffic directory that people actually use, then go for it.


Broken Link Building. This is a relatively complex link building technique that can work wonders when done well. Basically, you scour for websites in your industry and then, through the use of a broken link checker, you find out if any of the external links used in a given article or blog post leads to a broken website. Then you write in as a concerned reader, and offer your company’s own blog post as a source. This works great for blogs, especially university blogs.


While there are other link building strategies, these are some of the most effective which you can do yourself. However, with the help of a professional service, you can broaden your options and cut down on the leg work you have to do to get those precious quality backlinks.

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