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Google’s ‘website hacked’ notice can be a nightmare for any business. Google’s malware database is designed to identify potentially harmful sites and pop up a warning for users visiting such sites. Any legitimate site can be labeled “dangerous” by Google if hacked. So, if hackers have targeted your site and inserted some malicious content, your website too is likely to receive Google’s Hacked notice. This can severely impact your site’s traffic, reputation, and business. This calls for immediate action. You would need expert help from a reputed affordable SEO company.

Recovering your site post Google’s hacked notice could be a tedious task and usually requires professional help. Here are few steps that are typically followed as part of the site recovery process:

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Step 1: Seek help from an expert server administrator as there are several steps that require thorough understanding of server related technicalities.

Step 2: Try to identify the source of the problem by using tools such as Firebug or Fiddler. Once identified, shut down the infected portion of the site completely in order to protect your visitors.

Step 3: Seek professional help to add your site to Google Webmaster Tools and complete the verification process. Once your site is accessible in webmaster tools, you can get information on the malware page or threat and a potential identification of the source. In order to clean the site, it is important to first understand the malware and its source.

Step 4: Now that you have some knowledge on where or what the threat is, it’s time to clean it up. This is the most crucial step for recovery and requires thorough understanding of every component of your site and database & SSH/Shell administrator access and knowledge. At this stage, you are required to perform actions such as running root kit hunter, anti-virus scanner and shell command and disabling third party add-ons. It is always advisable to take expert help at this stage. You may choose to reach out to your SEO company for an affordable solution.

Step 5: After you have cleaned up the malicious content, ensure that your server OS and all installed software including database are up-to-date. In order to prevent such threat in future, make sure you change the password to all database and administrative accounts and tighten your permission levels and firewall.

Step 6: It’s time now to request Google to review your site again and remove the hacked notice if everything is found in place. This can be done by logging back into Google Webmaster Tools and request for review on the Health-Malware page. Remember, it may take some time for Google to review the site and provide the updated status.

So it is entirely the expertise of the professional help at hand that decides the duration of this ordeal. As Google follows a standard process for removing malware warnings, the effectiveness of the solution depends on the removal of the threat. This is the reason why many businesses take help from their SEO partners whenever such an event occurs. Several affordable SEO company also help their clients in recovering their hacked sites and getting a clean chit from Google.


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