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Pay per click advertising, also known as search engine marketing and a myriad of other terms as per Search Engine Land, is different from SEO in terms that it involves a direct daily budget to effectively increase traffic and more importantly, sales. However, unlike SEO which can be used to boost awareness and generally get more eyes on your business, PPC is meant to be used conservatively and precisely in order to target certain businesses.

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This isn’t, however, how many businesses use PPC. And as such, it has a reputation for being an advertising method only made useful by the near bottomless marketing budgets of large corporations.


This simply is not true, as per Click Z. In the hands of the right and affordable Internet advertising company, a business can – with a fairly limited budget – pick off the right keywords and utilize the keyword analysis capabilities of experts like SeoTuners to easily get ahead of the competition by attracting leads and netting sales.


How to do PPC Right?


Doing PPC right is all about knowing the basic tenets of how to make the most of the marketing technique. First of all:


Use long-tail keywords. These are keywords that major industry players won’t be competing on with you, as they’re focused on spending their budget on the two or three extremely common keywords that everyone keys into their search engines.


Instead, focus on something more specific. Instead of “wedding photography”, try something like “affordable wedding video package los angeles”. Los Angeles and Ventura helps you specify what search engines already look for when cataloging a search request (location), and choosing a specific product or package with a commonly searched adjective which lets you shy away from the keywords with too much ad competition.


Finally, what really matters with PPC is that you are specific. You need to match your keyword to your landing page. Pay per click works on the basis that you pay for a certain number of clicks.


On their own, however, those clicks are entirely meaningless to you. The whole point is making sure that they actually pay forward into something useful – a sale. And that’s where a quality landing page comes into play to capture readers and leads and get them to buy the product they were looking for all along.

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