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4.48 billion people worldwide use social media while users remain active on just under 7 social media platforms on average. In the United States, 82 percent of the population has social networking profiles, that’s about 223 million social media users.

You must know how to leverage and manage social media platforms to market your products or services online. Here’s a guide to making sure you know what pitfalls to avoid, and which roads to take, when it comes to social media management.

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Do: Always Have a Strategy

You can’t wing it. If you’re signing up or publishing your first Tweet, take the time to think it over. Do you have goals, and what are they? Once you know your goals, you can develop a plan to achieve them. What support or assistance will you need for your plan to succeed? Refine and work on your strategies.

Don’t: Not Hiring Digital and Social Media Experts

Updating content, maintaining social media channels, and monitoring industry trends are a full-time job. Too many companies make the mistake of passing this on to their in-house staff, thinking that’s enough. But without proper training and tools, managing social media channels can be a nightmare. Same goes for SEO, choose an SEO service company to help you manage your online pages, and get ranking in search engine results.

Do: Use the Right Tools

The right tools depend on your business and what you need that will help you to determine which tools can provide the necessary support. For instance, some apps and tools allow you to manage your social media easily, while some might let you post content straight to a social media channel with features you can use to schedule your posts.

Don’t: Don’t Be on Every Platform

It’s a waste of the company’s resources to have a channel on every social media platform. Instead, find out where your target market lies. Where do they spend most of their time online? That’s where you should be. To make your brand and business visible to your audience, you need to be where they are. Focus your efforts on those platforms. Being on every platform will stretch your team and resources too thin.

Do: Track Essential Metrics

Determine what metrics are helpful. Those metrics should tell you how your social media campaigns impact your business. If that’s not happening or the results say those efforts don’t contribute to your bottom line, you will need to decide whether to step up your efforts or cut your losses. Tracking those metrics helps you make better and faster decisions. You can also use your gathered data to refine your strategies, processes, and campaigns.

Don’t: Deleting Negative Reviews

That may seem the best thing to do. After all, when potential clients visit your site or profile on Google My Business, you don’t want them to see bad reviews. But deleting complaints will only result in more complaints. People will start leaving comments on how you delete reviews from real customers. Instead, leave those complaints on the site. Reach out to those customers and try to resolve the issue. If you succeed, that will increase your credibility. Prospective clients will see how you handle customers and admire your diplomacy, tact, and professionalism, helping you to get more prospective


Do: Post Regularly

It’s not enough that you have a site or update the content a few times a month. Posting regularly keeps you active, so your brand and business are always visible to prospective clients. Also, posts offer an opportunity to reach out and interact with customers. Positive interactions make your business more trustworthy and can improve consumer engagement with your brands or services.

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Don’t: Losing the Human Touch

Too many businesses are obsessed with reaching out to customers. But they aren’t doing it in a memorable and personal way. Sidestep that mistake by keeping your messaging personal. Make the most of your brand’s unique personality when you reach out to your target market.

Do: Be Attentive

Answer as many questions as you can. You never know if those questions can turn into serious leads. Provide clients with answers. Some may ask questions on your profiles or pages, and this is why you must have someone to manage and monitor your social media channels. If you don’t, your audience may feel neglected.

Don’t: Get Complacent

Stay vigilant. You’re competing with other businesses online, and old techniques and ideas won’t work forever. You will need to reinvent your campaigns with new trends and strategies. Hire pros that can help keep your pages, platforms, and strategies up-to-date.

Managing social media can be overwhelming, but there are things you can do to make it stress-free and easy. Reach out and hire a digital marketing agency that can meet your requirements and take your brand to the next level.