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To improve your company’s ranking on Google, you need to know the signals to get ahead of the game. It is important to be mindful of the successful methods that are effective in improving your SEO ranking. We should also be wary of the negative signals on your SEO checklist to avoid an adverse effect. Practicing the correct tactics will create a positive impact, bringing your website and products to the forefront of the customers’ search engines.

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Strategize Keywords


Featuring quality content on your website that relates to keywords commonly typed by search engine users can certainly be a positive signal for the improvement of your SEO ranking. There are Webmaster Tools, such as Bing Webmaster Tools, that can help you determine the highest ranking keywords, pages, and phrases. By using this information properly, you can determine the most influential content on your site.


Make sure to use these keywords strategically, however, rather than oversaturating your site with them, which can look and feel tacky and unprofessional. Using the correct keywords while avoiding overuse will help develop positive signals and improvement of your company’s ranking.


Links from Relevant Sites


Earning links from other sites can be a vital signal of moving up the Google ranks. Getting the opportunity to be mentioned in articles relating to your industry can be a massive signal that your company is increasing in its relevance and ranking. Creating original blogs about fresh and relevant industry news can provide evidence that your site is informative and validated. Try to avoid outright asking for a link to your site to be added by a publication, however, because Google can decipher these requested links and this could possibly hinder your ranking.


Let’s Go Mobile


Prioritizing a mobile-friendly website design is extremely important for your SEO ranking. If your website visitors find your mobile site difficult to use or hard to navigate, the consequences can be substantial. Making your various pages, links, and contact information easy to find should be a main focus when designing your site, all while keeping smartphones and cellular devices in consideration. Google Search Console is a valuable tool that monitors your site’s mobile friendliness and provides tests or reviews of the website’s standard of accessibility on a smartphone.


High-Quality Content


While this may seem obvious, it’s important to remember that posting quality quality and engaging content might be the most crucial aspect of improving your website’s ranking. It’s a new age where content reigns king, and the best content will succeed mightily.


Developing blogs about hot topics or new industry trends will cause your website to soar to the top. Creating this type of content will increase the visitor’s time on the page while lowering their bounce rate. Above all, the user will receive helpful content and keep them coming back for more.


Can You Hear Me Now?


Did you know, according to Google, 72% of people who own a voice-activated speaker use them in their daily routines? [1] We’ve all become accustomed to various assistants such as Alexa, Cortana, and Siri, so it is important to optimize your websites for when people use AI for their searches. Catering your website for the way people speak can prove to be extremely valuable due to the increasing number of people using these little verbal “helpers” inside their devices.



Too Many URLs


Now it’s time to take into account the possible negative practices that might detract from SEO growth and development. A common negative signal on your website could be a large number of URLs. This will negatively affect your SEO, again, due to oversaturation that does not agree with Google’s algorithms. If you’re utilizing a Google Search Console, you will receive warnings if there is an alarming number of URLs present on the site. This will allow Internet search engine search bots to crawl the page, which could be detrimental to your SEO ranking.


No One Likes Spam


Everyone has seen those annoying spam comments on articles and blogs that have nothing to do with the topic. These are often just used to drop a link back to their random website. This tactic will not be effective for improving your SEO ranking and quite honestly appears to be a sign of desperation. This is a critical mistake and a huge waste of everyone’s time.


Push Button Backlinks


Search engines such as Google are becoming more advanced and have smarter artificial intelligence that can detect many different activities that are taking place on your site. That means shady or spam-like links will be found if you are getting hundreds or thousands of backlinks on a single push button. As tempting as it may seem, your website will be penalized and your SEO ranking will be negatively affected if these “short cut” activities are found being used on your site.


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