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Market analysts are often on their mind’s toes for all day long to come up with the best plans that will help to separate their products or their brands from the rest that is available in the market. This whole process requires the formulation of correct strategies so that ecommerce website optimization can be achieved a potential customer base can be generated that in turn leads to a heavy inflow of good traffic. Most White Hat SEO companies try to achieve it by shifting from self made branded keywords to a language that makes more number of potential customers hit the search engine button. However, if you are committing any of the below listed mistakes, it may lead to a decrease in your traffic and so these are the pitfalls that you need to avoid:

  • If you are marketing a product like a garment or a gift item, providing all its basic details is extremely necessary.  Unfortunately, a lot of companies fail to provide text descriptions apart from a generic explanation like boots, or handbag, or dress material etc which leads to a lower frequency query because there is nothing special that is separating your product from that of others.

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  • Many times, page owners make the mistake of uploading content that is received from the manufacturer without editing it. Since the manufacturer distributes same content to everyone, not editing to add anything unique makes you fall in the same list of countless other websites which is seen as repetitive and having nothing different to offer.
  • Today’s customers prefer making informed decisions and this is one big reason why websites that do not carry product reviews find themselves at the end of the line. For achieve this, ensure you have product reviews that look genuine and also are updated at periodic intervals so that the traffic keeps moving.
  • If you do not consider the demand keywords while writing out your headline, title pages, or the description of your product; you are in for trouble. this is a very common mistake made by most online stores who do not pay heed to these issues and often end up promoting the products which have little or no buyers.
  • In the world of ecommerce, the basic foundation of website optimization is based on how unique you can be. If you cannot make unique key phrases, chances are that you shall end up repeating the same combination of keywords again and again. A good way to avoid this is to organize comprehensive customer survey to learn the language that they use for keywords.
  • Keyword speaking is an art and that is why many SEOs fail miserably at it. One way to learn it is to look at various good websites and see how they use the name of the product in the website address itself. These are also known as keyword-friendly urls and the reason for the name is obvious.

Once you are able you sort out these issues and create unique content or product descriptions that separates you from a million other marketers who are selling similar products; you have a winner. The idea is to be unique enough to have spunk but sane enough so that you do not look like spam.

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