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When you start an online business, success of the same depends highly on the SEO rankings. For the same you would require to assign a certain budget to it. Against the popular belief, you can get decent SEO rankings with a low budget too.

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If you are a start up with an Online Business, then you should be knowing, how important SEO ranking is to your website. You need to make sure that your online presence is felt and the right customers are being targeted and for the same you need to assign a certain amount of your budget to SEO. This will help you in making sure that your start up is garnering the right kind of attention on the right platforms. Whether it is Social Media or a basic Google search, SEO helps in all these areas.


What are the kinds of SEO budgets available?

There are various kinds of SEO budgets available. You need to form a budget that suits your requirements. There are companies that shell out tens of thousand dollars into SEO. But, that depends on your requirement and priority. But, if you have a decent amount of investment, you should probably be shelling out $3000 to $5000 per month on SEO. There will be SEO companies who assure to give you affordable SEO packages. Before you entrust your money on them, ensure that they have the reputation enough for giving decent SEO rankings to your site.

How to filter the right SEO Company?

If you are planning to spend minimum or less than minimum amount on SEO, then you should make sure that the company that is taking care of your sites SEO has a prerequisites in place. Map a chart of success. Give the SEO Company a goal to be achieved. Like, give them a percentage growth spurt required for your site after you invest into SEO with them. See, how well that is working out. Make sure that SEO Company gives you the right metric and ranking for your site. Check if this is what you were aiming for and this is what was assured to you.

Budget Chart

Personal Points that you need to keep a note of

Keep a note of what is the profit goal that you are looking at for your start up. What was the profit like when you dint invest into SEO, and now how much is it? Create a budget for SEO depending on this math. If you see a substantial increase in your profit and popularity, then you know you have given your site in the right hands. Once, you are assured, you can increase and decrease the budget based on requirements.


Make sure, that you give the SEO Company all the required information and resources it needs to get the SEO ranking climb the ladder. We do want our business to flourish, but interfering with the SEO firm might not be a very good idea. If your SEO company has some reports sent to you, read them well and analyse them well. Keep these points in mind and you can choose the best SEO firm that offer affordable SEO packages.

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