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People often find businesses and services online, and it’s a priority for most businesses to make sure that whenever their niche, product or industry is looked up, they’re right up there in the results.


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But the road to getting there isn’t very straightforward. If you’re a business owner and you’re telling yourself: “I don’t know how to increase my organic rankings,” you’re not alone. As any online advertising company will tell you, organic is the way to go when you have to choose between organic ranking and paid rankings,. However, it’s a slow climb that will requires a lot of work.


Here’s why:


Paid Ads Are Prioritized


This first point might seem to be refuting the importance of organic marketing. However, this is not the case at all. Paid ads are easily found on Google when a visitor is looking up for most products and services. For instance, key in something as common as “forex brokers,” and you might find several Forex brokers vying for the top spot above the search results.


Put in something like “blue shoes for men,” however, and you’ll discover no ads. The key thing to remember is that the more competitive the industry, the more ads you’ll find online.


While appearing at the top, the aforementioned Forex offerings are also highlighted as ads. While they take up a fair share of space on the top of the page, there’s another trend that has been following this increase of paid ad space on search engines.


In the past, the gist of search engine marketing was this: get as many keyword mentions and as much traffic on your page as possible, and you’re good. Today, it’s a bit more complicated, and involves reputation, content quality, the authority your page has, and so on. However, paid search engine marketing tries to bypass this, to a certain degree.


Why You Shouldn’t Rely on PPC Only?


Customers have begun ignoring ads. Trust is one of the key factors in online consumerism. As more and more businesses shift online and cater to the whims of their customers, customers are beginning to realize how much power their opinions and their money has on an industry. As such, they choose businesses that are proven in terms of quality and reputation, rather than those that bought their way up to Google’s top spot.


That’s precisely why working with a website advertising company to push your organic ranking up is important. You want to be trustworthy if you want to be successful in business.


Getting Found on Google Maps is Harder


Ads aren’t just reserved for general web searches. Utilizing the map functions of search engines such as Google reveals that you’ll first receive the paid listings in that area before finding the organic search results.


However, ads are always limited to the first four spots. This means that the best place for you to be at is the fifth position on the page, if you’re in a very competitive business in the area. Customers won’t dismiss you due to the “ad” tag, and you’ll still be the first organic listing that shows up for your given search term.


Don’t Fall Below the Fold


Most people don’t even scroll down through their search results any longer. It’s become far more common for people to key in a search term and then hit any one of the first five or so results. Although, the first page of Google features 20 results on most people’s screens, it’s much more convenient to only focus on the first few.


As a good portion of the screen is often taken by paid ads, that already narrows the chances for businesses using organic advertising to get any attention at all. Even if customers ignore paid ads, most won’t bother to scroll much further than the top five unless the first results are inexplicably unrelated to the search term.


Getting there, however, means scoring major website traffic. Now you may be wondering: “okay, but I don’t know how to increase my website traffic.” That’s where finding the right marketing and advertising company comes into play.


In short, to be a viable competitor in the online marketplace, you’ll want to make sure you rank in the top five organic search results. To get ranked, you need to get more website traffic, and the ability to increase website trafficis the specialty of an online website advertising company. Scaling your growth slowly, realistically and organically will be worth more in the long-term than doing so through paid and non-organic marketing techniques, and you can start by building your brand today.

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