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Link building is a complicated but very effective process if done right as far as SEO tactics are concerned, especially when it comes to .edu backlinks. If you’re a California-based business, enlisting professionals for link building services Los Angeles and Ventura to connect with local universities is a wise rule of thumb. Here are a few ideas about how to get the highly coveted .edu backlink.

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  1. Write About a Current Course Topic

Try writing about a topic that’s covered in a current course and alerting the instructor of its existence as a reference tool for students.

  1. Make It Simple and Local

If you’re not ready to create scholarly content, backlinks can also be as simple as connecting as a nearby dining option.

  1. Form a Partnership

Offer discounts to professors or students. Your business name and website will appear on the list of affiliate partners of the university.

  1. Get Involved with Alumni

Whether you volunteer to write a blog post for the alumni affairs division, or you know an alumnus personally, this is a backlink opportunity.

  1. Get Featured on Your Alma Mater’s Website

Take advantage of your own status as an alumnus. Send news of your professional life and request your business be linked in your bio.

  1. Publish Hard Data

If you have statistics derived from firsthand research, post them online for citation.

  1. Offer to Host Student Guest Blogs

Holders of .edu love to bolster students’ reputations. Inviting a student to pen a guest blog is a great way to get a link from their university.

  1. Appeal to Student Publications

Student publications are hosted on university websites, and it can be simple to get a backlink if you offer something of value to students.

  1. Write a Student Survival Guide

The reality of university life is the revolving door of students. Creating whimsical content like a student survival guide is a great way to get the university to link to your article.

  1. Host a Targeted Event

Get an event listed on a university website geared toward students or staff and host it at your business.

An .edu backlink is considered the cream of the crop of SEO, but it takes effort to get it done. Once it appears, though, the influx of traffic and the legitimacy of your content will skyrocket.

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