Have E-commerce Development

At SeoTuners, we believe that utilizing dynamic ecommerce design and technology can help turn an offline business into an online powerhouse. There are many ecommerce website developers out there and there are even more out-of-the-box programs that can help someone turn their basement’s clutter into cash flow with just a few easy steps. But those solutions are limiting and don’t provide for the robust needs of a serious business looking to expand online. That is where an experienced ecommerce website developer, like SeoTuners, can help.

At SeoTuners, we provide ecommerce development services for businesses large and small. Over the years, we have expanded our experience in this area by customizing shopping carts and checkout procedures for clients in a number of different industries. Combining our team of programmers with a staff of interactive marketing experts means you get an ecommerce solution that is as tested from a usability standpoint as it is from a technical one. Our ecommerce designs are built to help your customers fill their shopping carts with as few clicks as possible. More importantly, our team will develop your ecommerce platform to help your customers complete the check-out process with ease.

The team at SeoTuners understands the importance of choosing a quality ecommerce website developer for your project. We have seen the fruits of our collective labor revolutionize the business models of many of our clients, which has led them to new heights in terms of revenue. As shopping habits continue to shift, moving more and more to online destinations, search optimization and affiliate programs are becoming ever more important. Creating the nexus of cutting edge technology together with solid marketing strategy is what we do best.

The SeoTuners of Internet Marketing and Ecommerce

Internet marketing means the marketing of the products or services offered by a company online and refer to the strategies and techniques that are used to achieve that goal. Internet marketing strategies include web designing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, online promotions and blogs. Essentially, internet marketing helps in attracting customers as more and more people use the internet for their search for basic goods and services. The internet is the widest marketing channel available for businesses across various industries and therefore attracts customers rapidly.

Ecommerce, also known as electronic commerce, is defined as the buying or selling of products or services through electronic means such as the internet, mobile devices, smart phones, fax machines and ATMs. Ecommerce affords companies a paperless exchange of business information as well. Ecommerce uses strategies such as public, relations, referrals, banner ads. Online shopping, online banking, teleconferencing, electronic tickets, instant messaging are some of the common business applications related to e-commerce.

What Is The Relationship Between Internet Marketing and Ecommerce?

Internet marketing and ecommerce have marked their place in the world of technology, but more specifically digital marketing. Presently, the success of any business strongly depends on the internet marketing it pursues as well as ecommerce opportunities, therefore, business in the modern age requires both. Internet marketing and ecommerce both deal directly with online transactions. Internet marketing is an integral part of ecommerce designed to drive traffic to the sales platform. Both ecommerce and internet marketing is available to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is an inexpensive way of promoting business. Digital marketing of this nature is also associated with various business models, which means any enterprise can and should use it. It is comprised of an ecommerce business model where goods and services are sold directly to consumers (B2C), businesses (B2B) or from one consumer to other consumer (C2C).

Knowing The Difference Between Internet Marketing and Ecommerce

Some people say that internet marketing and ecommerce are same, but at SeoTuners, we know that there is a difference between these two terms.

Ecommerce is a wider concept than internet marketing considering internet marketing only deals with business transactions carried through the internet, e-mails and search engines. Ecommerce carries business transactions through various electronic mediums like the internet, mobile devices, telephones, fax machines, ATMs ad credit cards.

Internet marketing looks from the advertising and branding perspectives as it tries to grab the attention of the customers by attractive designs and ads. Ecommerce looks from the shop-keeper perspective as it tries to figure out how the customers will search for the product or service, what features, functionality and prices would the customers accept and ultimately who those customers will be. Internet marketing is the nexus between the technical and creative aspect of the internet, including design, sales and advertising. Ecommerce marketing is considered to be the sales aspect of e-business; it includes exchange of data to facilitate the financing and payment aspect of business transactions. At SeoTuners, not only do we know the difference between these industry terms, but we know how to best apply them to increase your bottom line.