Is This Really Important To My Business?

At SeoTuners, being a Los Angeles and Ventura based local SEO company, we understand that the world of search engines is changing. Local search directories, like Google Local, are now directing their focus on delivering targeted results to the ever growing number of users who rely on search engines to provide completely localized business results from accountants to zoos. That’s why at SeoTuners we offer local SEO services Los Angeles and Ventura & optimization across multiple platforms. The Local Maps platform is especially important in the digital age as many smart phone owners use this application to locate products or services nearby. Google has even given this platform priority in organic search results, which further necessitates an optimized presence for any business.

Back in 2010, Google Local for business listings started being shown as part of the organic search results when users searched for products and services in a certain region. Based on the premise that users really want to see the information displayed for local businesses when a search query was performed in this manner, Google began generating results based on the trust value associated with each individual business. As people got used to seeing Google Local listings when searching locally, the perceived trust for a listed business has grown to the point where users are now far more likely to click on a Local listing rather than another search result. For local brick and mortar businesses, this means shifting focus from traditional SEO towards optimization that includes Google Local listings.

Why Google Local and Not Something Else?

Formerly known as the Local Business Center, Google Local combines the technology of Google Maps with local business listings to produce a business directory that is the envy of players such as Super Pages and Yellow Pages. In fact, coupling localized maps and regular business data has proven extremely popular with Google’s users to the point where the search engine now handles nearly 80% of all searches for local companies online, which is just under forty times the search volume of Super Pages and Yellow Pages combined.

How Does Google Local Optimization Help Your Business?

At SeoTuners, being a Google Local Optimization Company or local affordable SEO company Los Angeles and Ventura, we know that the days when people used to pick up a phone book to look for a local business are gone forever. With high speed internet access, local and affordable SEO Los Angeles and Ventura & the proliferation of smart phones, it’s far easier for people to look for a local business via Google than to navigate through another local directory. In fact, these days users have come to expect Google Local business listings to appear in their search results with the help of Ventura & Los Angeles local SEO services.

As the number of Google search queries for local companies grows, so has the competition for inclusion in the coveted 7-Pack, which is the seven Local listings allocated to any top search results page. In fact, there’s a very good chance that you will find your competitors already listed and edging you out in top local search results.

Can I Manage My Own Google Local Listing?

At SeoTuners, being a local SEO company Ventura and Los Angeles, we know that the days when people used to pick up a phone book to look for a local business are gone forever. This is time consuming work and totally unforgiving of mistakes or attempts at cheating. You may have success in creating a profile, but do you know how to fully integrate it into your Google + Business page, Personal profile and website or complete a Google + Author Verification for your blog? Probably not. That’s why this is best left to the professionals, and at SeoTuners we are the best in the business. If you do make a mistake, then you’ll spend weeks if not months trying to get back into the 7-Pack, not to mention countless hours learning how to do it right. Time spent fixing issues like this takes away from time you’re not spending doing what you do best and growing your business, so let the experts at SeoTuners handle this for you.

Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs Google Local Optimization

  • The 7-Pack often beats ordinary websites into 1st place in local search results.
  • Since it’s possible to get multiple 1st page positions, this optimization can create more brand awareness.
  • Users have confidence in Google Local results, so you get enhanced trust value, more clicks and more customers.
  • Google Local optimization is a cost effective method of advertising compared to traditional mediums.
  • Odds are some of your competitors are already taking advantage of Google Local listings.


What is local SEO?
Local SEO is the proves of getting keywords ranking in the Google Maps section of the search engine. Getting ranked for a local keyword in the Maps 3 Pack is imperative to generate local business from Google.
How do I get listed in the Google Local SEO 3 pack?
Google looks for a lot of important factors when it comes to local. Business citations (localized backlinks) are very important as well as having a consistent NAP (name address and phone number) across the web. Google likes to see consistency when it comes to local SEO.
What is the difference between Local SEO vs Organic SEO?
Local SEO refers to any localized keyword searches that trigger a Google Maps result whereas Organic SEO refers to the natural listing (not paid) that shows up just under the maps listings.
Is it worth paying for local SEO optimization?
Local SEO is generally one of the most affordable ways to engage in digital marketing.
How Important is Local SEO?
Local SEO can be crucial to help you stand out when people are looking for local service providers. Many businesses focus solely on local SEO to promote their business because it works.
Can you guarantee a number #1 position in the search engines?
No SEO company can (or should) guarantee you #1 results. If a company guarantees #1 placement, we suggest looking into another SEO company.
Why is Local SEO beneficial for my business?
Especially in saturated markets, an optimal SEO campaign can help you stand out from your competitors and in turn drive more potential customers.
How do I start local SEO?
Give us a call! We have many plans focused exclusively on local SEO.
Can you do local SEO yourself?
SEO is a very tedious and methodic process. It can be time consuming, and time we would assume you would rather spend running your business or making sales.
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