The goal of every treatment center is to increase its visibility and easily allow those looking for a drug rehab facility to find a excellent solution.

That’s why you need to create a website that’s easy for people to find and that’s where our expertise in drug rehab SEO will help your facility rank highly on every search engine.

SEOTuners has been specializing in treatment center marketing for nearly two decades.

Our approach is simple:

Create affordable SEO strategies that focus on the keywords most important to your facility. We then create a set of action items designed to get those keywords ranking at the top of Google Page’s One search results page.

That way, those in need will find you first so you can provide the care they need right away.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process by which your company ranks as high as possible in Google and the various other search engines for specific keywords or key phrases users are most apt to type in when searching for your specific service.

There are a variety of strategies that go into good SEO which often include:

  • Analysing competitors
  • Discover appropriate keywords
  • Selecting the keywords to best target based on volume and difficulty to rank
  • Creating fresh, new content on your site
  • Optimizing your onsite content with the chosen keywords
  • Making sure your site has a clear navigation structure and offers an informative user experience
Find help through drug rehab SEO

Those in need of addiction help will find a good center better with proper treatment center SEO.

What is Good Treatment Center SEO?

Put simply, skilled treatment center SEO involves a comprehensive understanding of the drug addiction center business model.

Treatment center SEO is one of many internet marketing advantages and can be a delicate undertaking. You want to reach individuals in need of addiction help, but you don’t want those marketing efforts to seem intrusive or callous.

When we look at finding the right SEO strategy for your center we look at various factors of what your potential audience might be looking for.

Things like:

  • Geographic location
  • Addiction specialty programs
  • Cost
  • Health insurance coverage

These questions will factor into the plan of action to create finding the proper keywords that meet your facility’s needs.

For example, if your center specialized in opioid addiction more so than alcohol abuse, we’d focus on those keywords relating to opiods and its various spin offs such as “oxycontin addiction” and “vicodin abuse”.

We also will work closely with you and your staff to better understand what makes your facility unique. Knowing your business as if it was our own helps us find the right SEO strategy beyond just targeting the best keywords. But it’s also important to create content on your website and for your Guest Post linking strategy that will further help you rank higher.

And to that point…

How do I get my Addiction Treatment Website to Rank Higher?

Part of the art of understanding drug rehab SEO is creating well-written content that’s informative and educational throughout the site. That includes:

  • Blogs
  • Landing pages
  • Infographics
  • Press releases
  • Videos

We create highly optimized and targeted content to address:

  • Insurance groups
  • Specific cities
  • Specific states
  • Symptoms and addictions
  • Different substances

Our goal is to reach those people who will help grow your business as you help them overcome the sad situation they currently find themselves within.

Many people think Google is just a behemoth set of Artificial Intelligence algorithms that only cares about things like keywords.

Not true.

In fact, more important than just good SEO is providing the end user with a quality, informative experience.

If your website is not answering the kind of questions a visitor is looking for in a concise, well organized manner, then Google will punish your rankings status.

That’s why the goal of SEOTuners is to create content hat explains exactly what your facility provides and their treatment logistics.

Your website needs to provide a clear picture about things like amenities and what time frames are possible to hit certain milestones of recovery.

Is Local Website SEO Important for Treatment Center Marketing?


There are two ways to maximize your local SEO strategies:

  1. On your website
  2. Google My Business

At SEOTuners, we make sure that your pages’ title descriptions and Meta Descriptions include keywords that emphasize the areas your facility resides.

That way, if people search for “drug treatment center in Malibu, California”, your facility will rank near the top of Google’s search results.

Using similar keywords on your website’s pages with surrounding cities will also help people looking for a drug treatment center in that center will also rank high.

It’s also important to make sure that your company has a Google My Business (GMB) page. That page should be well maintained and updated often to keep it thriving in Google’s automated eyes.

That means, updating your GMB page often with new blog updates and photos of your staff or centers environs.

Also making sure that your profile on GMB contains a Google location map with directions and contact info.

Other areas to focus on with your GMB page include:

  • Making sure your facility is a “verified” listing
  • Use the appropriate business category such as “addiction treatment”
  • Always use the accurate address and contact info
  • Upload images of your staff and facility
  • Constantly update with blog info or facility upgrades

It’s always helpful to solicit positive reviews from past or present attendees of your program. Sharing positive success stories will not only show Google that your facility is authoritative and helpful, but will help potential future clients to take a closer look at your center as a successful resource from which to choose.

Drug Treatment Center Marketing

Good drug Rehab SEO helps new patience find your facility easier.

How to Find Your Audience

It’s also important to fully understand the makeup of your targeted audience.

It’s usually less often that the person searching for a drug treatment center is the actual addict.

Usually this recon is done by a family member or close friend looking to help the one in need.

Your website should reflect this dynamic by showing how your loved one will be taken care of at the facility.

The website should also offer support education for the family that has endured this period of time coping with a loved one’s addiction, but also what the expectations will be during the phases of discovery.

Appealing to the support unit of the addict – who are most likely the decision makers – are a key component in their rehab facility selection process.

Affordable SEO for Treatment Center Marketing

SEO fees can run the gamut of spending hundreds of dollars a month to many thousands of dollars.

The credo of “you get what you pay for” isn’t always necessarily true. You can work with an affordable SEO company and set your own budget. A professional SEO agency should treat you like you’re their only client, no matter the cost.

There absolutely are affordable internet marketing strategies that make you money, and SEOTuners is the leading choice to find such rewards.

Bottom line is, if the company takes your business, then they should deliver a hard-working plan of action and deliver results over time.

What are Onsite vs. Offsite SEO Strategies?

We’ve discussed on site plans of action with optimizing your website’s main page or blog page content with selected keywords. These pages will have many internal links sending people to other pages on your site that offer relevant information on the link that they clicked.

This is called “internal linking”, but there’s also a strategy of “external linking”.

External linking for the drug addiction audience takes your users to a site that offers greater insight into a selected topic. The best external links in these cases are those that go to very high authority sites such as a .gov or a large medical resource or Johns Hopkins.

This shows Google that you want to provide your audience with the most insightful information in whatever topic is being discussed on a particular page to enhance their knowledge and experience.

At the same time, it’s important to develop link building strategies where authoritative sites or a news site links back to one of your articles.

This reciprocal process will also show Google that you’re an authority on a particular subject which helps push your site up in visibility.

SEOTuners has mastered the art of managing these link building strategies, especially in the area of treatment center SEO.

Take Control of Your Drug Rehab Marketing Strategies

Are you in charge of the marketing for a drug and alcohol treatment center?

By now, you know that affordable internet marketing provides an excellent opportunity to get your treatment facility noticed. Addicts and their loved ones turn to the internet when researching in-state and out-of-state treatment options.

Yet, with so many drug rehab facilities trying to dominate, it’s incredibly difficult to stand out without proper drug rehab seo

SEO is an in-depth, time-consuming process. SeoTuners is here to make this process easier. We want you to focus on helping your clients with their addictions while we handle the technical aspects of SEO. We promise to take the time to learn about your treatment center, the conditions you treat and the therapies you offer.

We’d love the opportunity to speak with you directly! In the meantime, we’ve included information on our SEO process and the elements we pay the closest attention to.

Keywords: Why They Matter for Drug Rehab Centers

Best Keywords for Drug Rehab Marketing

Finding the right keywords make your treatment center marketing strategies work.

You can’t discuss search engine optimization without discussing keywords.

While it’s true that the role of keywords has changed over the years, they are still vital to content marketing. Here’s why.

Let’s say that the parent of a teenager suspects her son is using drugs. She turns to the internet to search for phrases such as “signs of drug use” or “detox options for teens”. The search engines return the most relevant results to the user. By including the right keywords in your content, you’re essentially telling the search engines what your content is about.

Website SEO is an organic approach that works over time.

The results aren’t immediate as they are with pay per click. This is just one of the reasons why you need a dedicated SEO team working behind the scenes to research keywords, run the appropriate reports and ensure that your content is doing its job.

What is Your Content’s Role in the Search Rankings?

Affordable Drug Rehab Advertising

Drug rehab SEO is only so good as the content on your website.

Once the proper keyword research is done, your content can be optimized with the appropriate keywords. But, this isn’t enough to bring in qualified traffic.

What you need to succeed is highly engaging content that is written to your unique audience. The search engines need content to index, so the more helpful content we create, the better.

For example, your audience may have questions about the types of insurance that are accepted or the differences between inpatient and outpatient rehab.

Developing content around these topics drives traffic to your website and gets people familiar with your treatment center.

Creating content is only part of your SEO strategy. Our SEO experts will also do the following:

  • Add locations. If you want your Drug rehab Treatment center to rank for a particular area, there are a couple of things we can do. First, we can optimize your web page’s meta titles with the appropriate city names. Also, we can add localized keywords in your content, such as the cities and regions you serve.
  • Optimize directories. It’s important to claim your business profiles in the common directories such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. All information should be updated and consistent, so people can easily search for your treatment center.
  • Encourage reviews. Addicts and their families want to know firsthand accounts of your rehab facility, its approach to treatment and how effective it is. Reviews, testimonials and personal experiences are encouraged. Personal stories are also powerful.

Consider All of Your Audiences

Dual diagnosis facilities have a lot of audiences to connect with:

  • Parents of teenagers
  • Children of addicts
  • Friends and families of loved ones in need
  • Teachers and school administrators
  • Those struggling with addiction
  • Those in recovery

When creating content, your different audiences must be considered. If your content only speaks to the addict, you’re missing out on opportunities to connect with other parts of your audience.

Putting together helpful information for friends and family can drive more traffic to your website, as can offering content for those who are celebrating recovery.

Additionally, your treatment facility likely treats many types of addiction. Dedicated pages for opioids, designer drugs and alcohol help visitors find the information they’re looking for quickly and efficiently. The more specific your content is, the more personalized it becomes.

By working with us for your SEO strategy, we will determine all of your audiences and discover the most commonly used keywords for each of them. We will then group the audiences into topics and concepts that relate to each. We recommend a good mix of content such as blog posts, videos, infographics, testimonials, podcasts and SlideShare.

The Drug Pandemic in America

Every day in America alone, approximately 120 people die from drug overdoses, totaling around 49,000 overdose deaths annually. Getting your message to suffering addicts can literally save lives. That’s why drug rehab marketing is so valuable.

Indeed, the statistics are alarming. A recent study shows that 20+million Americans suffer from Substance Abuse Disorder (SAD), and that number is increasing daily. The phrase “drug rehab marketing” seems cold-hearted and selfish. It sounds as if rehab facilities seeking drug rehab marketing are interested in profits more than helping suffering addicts. Yet, drug rehab marketing can be the difference between connecting your services to those in need or not.

Let’s be honest, without patients, a rehab facility can’t exist. It cost money to maintain facilities, employ staff, and advertise your services. SEO Tuners puts a human touch on drug rehab marketing. We connect your facility to addicts in need. Let us give you a synopsis of how our drug rehab marketing works.

How it Works:

We use a marketing mix. We understand human behavior. The majority of addicts are ashamed of their condition. Hence, most addicts today will search for information and resources online for privacy.

Our online marketing includes search engine optimization and backlinks to help addicts in your area find your treatment center. Since social media is so prominent, we provide a robust social media drug rehab marketing strategy.

We also use pay-per-click (PPC). PPC is a bit more expensive, but it yields better results because PPC is extremely targeted.

Ultimately, you’ll need to provide quality optimized content on all marketing platforms continuously to remain high in the search results once you get there.

Above all, your facility MUST provide excellent treatment, or all your marketing efforts will be in vain.

We can’t emphasize enough the need to get your drug rehab marketing strategy developed and implemented immediately. It takes months to see significant results from your marketing campaigns. Also, marketing campaigns have to be maintained indefinitely, or you will lose all of your progress.  

Contact us at 1-877-736-1112 to discuss your drug rehab marketing needs.

Our staff is highly trained, and we understand the drug rehab industry. We understand the patterns of substance abuse, and we can communicate the unique features and therapies of your drug treatment facility. We Generate leads and patients.

In an ideal world, there would be no need for drug treatment facilities. But as the statistics reveal, we be no means live in such a world. With the drug epidemic raging so prevalent in our society, we can help you keep your drug rehab facility full constantly.

Looking at the business side of your drug rehab facility, it is a competitive marketplace. Though you got into your business to help suffering addicts, there’s nothing wrong with earning a good living.

What We Can Do for Your Drug Rehab Facility

Here are some of our drug rehab marketing options that we can include in your marketing campaign.

  1. Television- TV is still the king of marketing. Using TV marketing is a great way to build your brand and fill your beds.
  2. Online Marketing- Online marketing is arguably just as effective as TV marketing. Trends indicate that online marketing will surpass TV marketing soon.
  3. Radio Marketing- Radio marketing is great for instant results. Unfortunately, you must keep an ongoing budget for radio marketing. Once your budget runs out, so do the phone calls.
  4. Affiliate Marketing- Get your message on hundreds of sites in the form of text or banner ads.
  5. Social Media- Over time, social media marketing will bring a consistent and increasing flow of patients.
  6. Local Markets- We’ll get the word out to local AA/NA meetings, therapists, and other treatment centers in your area. This marketing strategy is a great way to get referrals.

Call us today to discuss your drug rehab marketing campaign.

Summing Up Our SEO Process

We know there is a lot of information on this page, but don’t hesitate to reach out with questions!

Here is a rough outline of the search engine optimization process we follow.

  • Research keywords
  • Develop customer profiles
  • Optimize content with location-based keywords
  • Claim profiles on online business directories
  • Create content that targets your audiences

Need Help with Your Drug Rehab Search Engine Optimization?

By choosing SeoTuners for your SEO marketing, your treatment facility will get the attention you deserve to be great. We truly value our clients and the good they are doing to help people in our community’s fight addiction and lead a life of sobriety.

Our team understands that each treatment center is unique, and we’ll be sure to reflect this in your content. We’re also careful to use the same language as your drug rehab. Our SEO strategists are comfortable writing about co-occurring disorders, integrative treatment options, relapse prevention and aftercare.

We feel that being aware of these small but pertinent details allows us to deliver truly personalized results to our valued clients.

Don’t waste another minute on SEO when you could be using the time to change and save lives. Call SeoTuners to learn more about our SEO process for drug rehab centers and how we plan to get you to the top of the search results!

If you’re looking for an affordable internet advertising company that shares in your goals of success and high return on investment, then contact SEOTUners today for a free consultation to address your needs.


Why You Need a Great Drug Rehab SEO Strategy
The drug rehab space is one of the most competitive industries for online search. Good organic SEO can often make or break a rehab facilities bottom line. Fortunately, we are experts in SEO for the drug rehab space.
What are the Steps you follow for drug rehab SEO?
First, we schedule a consultation to go over what your needs are, what your area of treatment expertise is and then put together a plan to address the specific of your treatment facility.
What services do you provide for drug rehab marketing?
We offer an unparalleled expertise in SEO for drug rehab centers. In terms or marketing efforts, SEO is one of the most effective ways of promoting your treatment center.
How much does treatment center SEO cost?
We put together a plan and budget based on exactly what you are looking to target and can comfortably afford. The cost can vary depending on how many locations you have and how many treatment types you offer. For instance, do you offer dual diagnosis treatment? Opioid treatment? Detox? Sober living? etc.
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