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Creating your presence on the social media platform and maintaining is a time-consuming and tough job, which you need to accomplish without any respite and in this endeavor to keep up with consumer expectations 24/7, what you need to have handy are the right social media tools. Without the apt weapons, achieving your target or addressing your potential customers effectively becomes a difficult job doing away with the very purpose of the social media presence. On the other hand, used efficaciously, these very tools can reward you with a handsome payoff as interactions through such platforms increase the chances of consumers purchasing your products by as much as 40 percent. Take a glimpse at 10 must-use social media tools that every entrepreneur should have at his disposal for optimum exposure over the online platform.


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Google Analytics: When you have established an online presence through a website or a blog site, it is important to trace its status from time to time to understand whether it is kicking off or is in a state of doldrums. Google Analytics can do the job for you by doing all the tracking in terms of visitors, who are the ones taking interest in your site and for how long are they perusing on it and the likes to enable you to respond accordingly. Along with its real-time statistical analysis, Google Analytics also creates custom dashboards for maximum effects.

Mention: Know what people are talking about your company on the social media platform and also post your comments on your social media account all in real-time through Mention. You can browse through trending topics and even filter your searches by including just the words you would like to search for.

Instagram: Lend your customers a bird’s eye view of what are the behind-the-scene attributes that makes your company unique and the lifestyle your existing consumers are leading by maintaining an active presence with all your followers through Instagram. Use the repost tool to share already posted images by other followers or businesses with the help of a small tile, a concept similar to that of Retweet of Twitter. In this way, you can repost or share content or images posted by another Instagram user by directly attributing the original source of the same. Not to speak of Instagram’s impeccably convenient video sharing capabilities, which acts as a great promotional tool for businesses.

Tagboard: If you have an active presence on multiple social media platforms like Twitter, Google+, Instagram and others use TagBoard to manage your hashtags effectively. Hashtags are potential tools for organizing and sharing content on social media platforms and when you are dealing with a bevy of them it becomes quite a difficult task to manage them simultaneously. Tagboard not only presents the content linked to the hashtag in a captivating way it also engages with it after it gets drawn into any central tagboard and enables building conversations among other users making use of these hashtags.

Buffer: Missing your targeted customers on Twitter and Facebook? Well, Buffer allows you to schedule your postings according to the time when your followers are most likely to be online. You can simply choose to set the time and Buffer posts them in the queue to the particular network you wish them to be posted automatically even if you are not working at that time.

HootSuite: Social media cosmos never dozes off and this makes managing content and updating them regularly a rather tedious job. But with Hootsuite Content Management System you can manage them effectively and also schedule your tweets and messages with consistency.

SumAll Free Imagery: Next time you need to search for quality images, which are copyright free, choose to rummage them on SumAll Free Imagery. This is a very useful tool for entrepreneurs, blog editors and online marketers since all images here are of high quality, are free and do not possess any copyright on them unlike Google and Pintarest which rarely give you just the images you are looking for and are often tagged with a copyright license.

Feedly: Keeping track of quality content pertaining to your business had never been easier. With Feedly you have all your favorite content from myriad websites pulled at one spot just in the form of a magazine as well as keep yourself updated about trending topics in your genre of business.

Addvocate: Managing your messages and decentralizing them is a daunting task indeed. However, with Addvocate you can streamline the process of your employee participation by installing a browser plugin, which possesses a user-friendly interface, moderation capabilities and formidable analytics to allow you understand which employees are actively taking part and their impact on your organization. Your employees can share and receive recommendations from a centralized team of marketers who can also see the number of clicks and engagement that they create on the centralized social network.

Twitter Counter: Finally, last but definitely not the least one of the most popular social media tools that you cannot simply afford to keep off your basket is Twitter Counter, a tool which lets you track latest updates which are trending among your list of followers, any change in their numbers and gives a prediction of your future Twitter growth.

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