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In SEO, the biggest factors for search engine ranking are without a doubt content quality and inbound links. This is as per the Google Q&A, which lists these two alongside user experience design for SEO factors.


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Your content is totally within your control. You want talented writers, skilled editors, and a topic that interests your customers and gets plenty of shares and traffic.


It’s different with links. Since Google Penguin, which is getting an update soon as per Link Research Tools, utilizing self-created links are the least effective. Outreach links, created by talking to bloggers or paying for listings, are more effective so long as they’re legitimate, an example of which is being listed for a local business award. They work to your advantage. The best links are natural editorial links, given to you by trusted news outlets.


Thus, link building has become an important cornerstone in SEO. Through an affordable internet advertising company like SeoTuners, you’ll be able to get around today’s link building limitations. If you’re having trouble finding ways to get reputable websites to link to your website and get you the traffic and SERP you really need, then here are a couple of tips that’ll help you out.


  1. Replace Dead Links


A golden tip is to scour the web for educational or informative websites that report or educate on your chosen business niche. You can do this through a little Google-fu, by seeking out websites that specifically end in .edu and looking up the “blog” keyword in them. Then, through a dead link checking resource, you can discover if any of the websites these sites link to have a dead link. A little email outreach and you can refer them to your website to replace the dead link, by acting as an independent third party.


  1. Get into Local Directories


Local directories are an extremely easy way to get linked to online, but it’s still worth your while for the traffic. Free listings are best, but if a directory has particularly high traffic, then a paid listing may pay off for you.


  1. Host Local Meet Ups


By hosting meet ups in your local area related to your business, you can create awareness about your brand and create a little buzz online about your company.


  1. Reach Out to Local News


Press releases are a great way to build links. If you have a particularly interesting piece of news – like winning a local business award – you can reach out to a local news outlet to help them cover the story.


  1. Win an Award


This may sound tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. As per Search Engine Land, local business awards aren’t always greatly televised. Look around, and you may be able to find a local guild looking for nominations.


In the past, inbound links could come from almost anywhere, and they’d be registered as a significant factor in your website’s ability to rank. Inbound links existed as a ranking factor because they were a way for Google and other search engines to figure out that your website, being highly cited, must contain some valuable, interesting, and relevant information.


Today, inbound links matter in a different way. They can’t come from just anywhere, and they can’t be bought, either. With the introduction of Google’s Penguin program, link buying and spamming are offenses that will be punished through penalization.

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