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In a market where big names dominate, a lesser brand usually has no chance at all… not unless you’ve got stellar SEO skills to back yourself up. Search Engine Optimization helps you grab a share of the market, even against bigger players in the industry. It’s a tool that levels the playing field, allowing small to medium-sized companies share the sandbox with the big ones.


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Interested but not sure where to start? Here are some simple ways to help you begin optimizing your pages for search:

Find Better Keywords

If you’re trying to rank for the same keywords over and over, but results stay the same, it can be a simple matter of adjusting your keywords. Get ones that are much closer to your speciality, that is to say, find something more specific to your niche. You’ll have much less competition that way.

Organize Your Page Better

Consider improving your on-page content by using primary and secondary keywords to support your focus keyword. You can use each phrase to designate a subsection. Be sure to factor in position, frequency and distance when you use keywords throughout your pages, says the Moz blog. That means they shouldn’t be too close together. Don’t overload the page with your keywords, and make every word you use in your page titles or headings count.

Get Pros

Not every company starts off with a great SEO team, but you can hire one to help you out. Plenty of firms offer SEO services in LA so it won’t be a problem to get the assistance you need to lower your bounce rate, get your pages to rank and boost traffic to your site.

Eliminate Duplicate Content

This has been a long-used tactic since Google Penguin wiped out most sites all over the world. Content farms and spam sites took the brunt of it, their page ranks dropping nearly 80 percent over night. It was enough to cause any self-respecting marketer to break out in a cold sweat. So if you’re still using spam-based tactics, end those now. Get rid of the duplicate content to get your Google standing to improve.

Fix Those 404 Errors

Nobody likes dead ends and that’s what these errors are. Set up redirects wherever applicable so that you can provide your readers with a way out of those dead ends, says the Entrepreneur.

Optimize for Mobile

The surge in mobile internet usage within the last few years has opened up a new and exciting channel for marketers. With many people using their mobiles to go online to surf pages or check reviews, there’s a need to make sure your site is as mobile-friendly as can be. If it isn’t, you’re going to lose customers before you can even start telling them about the good stuff. So embrace mobile now, says the CIO.

Clean Your URLs

You can use readable content in your URLs instead of numbers or random strings. You can use that page’s main keyword to leave a breadcrumb trail in your URL.

There are plenty of ways you can improve your SEO strategy. Get an excellent head-start with these tips and you’ll be making your way up Google’s search results in no time.

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