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With online project management systems, extensive reports created, long lasting results and dedicated account managers for each project on hand, SEO tuners offer programs that are irresistible and thus make them easier to accept and succeed.

Like most affordable website SEO packages offered by a company, the packages offered by SeoTuners are of three basic types that assist businesses to increase their online visibility through proven reputable link building services and online marketing strategies.

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  1. Global SEO Package
    In this package, the company offers analysis, explanations and recommendations for site architecture and analysis, sub folder and sub domain optimizations, geo-targeting, a global link strategy that is location specific and a place listing on Google.
  2. Local SEO Package
    The services offered in this package by affordable website SEO packages Los Angeles and Ventura includes an H Card integration, a listing request on Google Places, Local Search Page Updating, User Reviews and other site / directories citations.
  3. E-Commerce SEO Package
    From analysis of product descriptions to recommendations for conversions, site setup recommendations to analysis of user behaviours through heat map reports, this package starts and ends with analysis and recommendations to boost businesses in the ever competitive e-commerce domain.

Within these specialized packages, small businesses looking for affordable SEO campaigns have the option to choose the basic package, the advanced package for one time services and also the basic and advanced versions of the annual campaigns.

The Basic One Time Package:-

This has been designed to assist websites who have keywords that are less competitive. These are useful for industries like spare parts manufacturers, giant machinery suppliers, businesses who rely on local markets, etc.

The Advanced One Time Package:-

Useful for websites that have medium competitive keywords, advance packages help to warn competitor companies. This includes services like health services, educational institutions, consultants, pharmaceuticals, etc. who are reliant on country specific markets.

The Basic Annual Basis Package:-

Designed for websites that have highly competitive keywords, this package is most useful for industries like job consultancies, IT services, etc. Companies that could really benefit from this type of package include medium businesses that rely on global markets, surveyors, suppliers for industry services, etc.

The Advanced Annual Basis Package:-

These packages are perfect for industries that have a huge online presence already and strive to keep any negative reviews about their services away from search engines like Google. For them, their business is all about reputation and they are not bothered about the position of keywords on a search engine results pages. They have multiple domains and sub domains.

For more information about our affordable website SEO packages Los Angeles and Ventura and other areas, contact SeoTuners or leave a message in the comments below and we’ll get back to you soon.

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