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Pay-Per-Click or PPC Advertising embraces a powerful model of internet marketing whereby you pay only for those advertisements which are being clicked to be viewed. As a small-time business owner or someone who has just entered into his maiden entrepreneurial venture, you cannot afford to simply sit and relax for your advertising eggs to hatch and reap profits by themselves. In order to get your word out and extend your horizons by making your website or products visible you have to constantly undergo optimization in order to grab visitors’ attention and make them crawl to your site.

 PPC Advertising

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Pay-Per-Click is one such potential internet advertising medium which is cost-effective in the way that you require paying fee as the advertiser to the host Search Engines only when your ad is getting a click. If your ad is simply visible without any interested visitor sneaking to take a peek into what lies inside, you are not charged for your advertisement. PPC is considered powerful since the worth of the profits you obtain from a single click can be much more than what you pay if, of course, executed properly. However, in order to ensure that every click that you get from your targeted customer is a winning one making the fee seem negligible it is important to build up a proper PPC campaign. In fact, if Search Engines find your PPC campaigns more focused and diligently devised, thus appearing of optimum use to the visitors you are charged lesser fees per click, thereby augmenting your profits.

Understanding Keyword Worth

If you have even the slightest idea about SEO you must be aware of the important of choosing the right keywords to help your website get relevant matches. The more focused and specific are the keywords that you opt for in relation to your industry the greater is the possibility of receiving targeted quality traffic. In this aspect it is essential that you understand the concept of Cost-Per-Click bidding which will depict the fee you will be in a position to pay Google. Google AdWords is a helpful tool in this regard whereby you bid for your chosen set of keywords and pay Google for each click that your ad receives. If you happen to be among Google’s AdWords advertiser winners by virtue of your keyword relevance and quality, your ad or link will be catapulted in the top results of the search pages. The calculation of winners is done on the basis of two things namely your CPC Bid or the highest amount of fee you are bidding towards Google and your Quality Score that is judged by the quality of your keyword, relevance, click-through rates and landing page standards.

Understanding PPC Advertising Terms: Impressions, Clicks and Click-Through-Rate:

Impressions are the number of times your ad gets exhibited in front of visitors every time they type in the relevant keywords. Although mere flashing of the ads will not get you profits, yet with higher impressions you can understand that people are interested in your niche. Monitoring clicks on monthly or weekly basis is important not only from your sales perspective but also to gauge how much you have to spend in terms of fees per click. Click-through-Rate comprises the ratio at which your interested customers end up clicking on to your advertisement to check on your website or products.

A final word- if you wish to get the highest profits out of your PPC ads it is essential to delve into customer psychology, what they expect from you, how they rummage for you in search engine pages, what issues, if any, they are facing regarding your product and attempts to optimize client satisfaction. If PPC seems to be a profitable venture, rely on SeoTuners to manage it for you and reap its benefits in no time.

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