Mike’s Cigars approached us in early 2017 requesting search engine optimization and revenue growth acceleration on behalf of their import and export cigar online business based out Florida.

At the time the website was roughly doing 21,000 / a month in organic search traffic with a monthly revenue of $240,832.68 according to their January 2017 Google analytics data.

Fast forward just 6 months to June 2017 and Mike’s Cigars monthly organic traffic jumped to over 41,000 searches a month for a total monthly revenue of $467,894.44, a 94% increase in organic traffic revenue in just 6 months!

All of this was achieved simply through a comprehensive and affordable national SEO campaign that costed less than $2,000 a month which translates to a 1,792.18% Return on investment (ROI) in just 6 months!

This is not the only scenario where we have sky-rocketed a client’s online sales revenue, after all we are one of the top ranked SEO companies in the U.S.A by topseos.com

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