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When you’re just starting out as a business, if there’s anything you don’t want to be worrying about, it’s the efficiency of your website. If you put the website up, it should just bring customers in, right? Sadly, it’s not as easy as that, and that’s where finding affordable SEO packages comes in. What should a good SEO package include?


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SEO copywriting


As Search Engine Watch points out, content is king. If you’re hoping that the strength of your brand will drive people to your website, you’ll be waiting a long time. A good package will include a copywriting service, whether that’s adding relevant pages to your site, or editing existing ones to ensure search engines will point to your site.


Keyword research


SEO for your site depends on the keywords you focus on, which your SEO package should focus on honing. Moz argues that researching what keywords bring visitors to your site allows you to bring more of them to you, but more importantly, brings in the right visitors. With this research, you can track the motivations and interests of your customers, and offer them exactly what they want when their demands change.


Custom link building


The off page references used on your site are vital for search engine optimization. Google sees quality links as certification that your site is legitimate and high quality itself. Those working on your SEO package will help improve your links by writing guest blog posts, submitting your site to high quality directories, and analysing your current link profile.


Social media optimization


Any good marketer knows that social media is one of the best ways of capturing an audience. Forbes points out that a robust social media presence increases brand recognition, increased inbound traffic and of course, better search engine rankings.


Paid search rankings


One option you may be offered is to pay for top search rankings on different search engines. If you’re looking for quick results and to present yourself to potential customers as soon as they search for your keywords, this could be a way forward.


SEO training


Having an outside authority optimize your site’s SEO is a valuable service to buy in, but they may not be there six months down the line when you want to make changes. In your package, it’s worth negotiating to have some training for your staff included. That way, when the time comes to make changes to your SEO campaign, you can do it without fear of decreasing your site’s standing.


SEO can look intimidating, and when you’re first starting out no one has the time to sit and decipher it all for themselves. In this case, buying an SEO package could be the way forward. Having a professional like SeoTuners to look over your site and optimize it fully to bring in new customers can do wonders for your customer numbers, as well as helping to bring in repeat business. Opt for the training, and you can even do it yourself later down the line.


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