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Hello, 2023. Like any other year, we’re here to find out how to make the most out of our marketing efforts online. If you want to break the ceiling on your profits this year, increasing your exposure and ranking higher on the SERPs can boost your profit scores. Here are suggestions that you can try to improve your brand’s visibility.

Fix Your Google My Business Listing

If you run a business, you need to have a Google My Business Listing. Too many small to mid-sized companies make the mistake of neglecting this listing. Such a listing helps you rank for local searches. If you want to target local customers, a Google My Business Listing makes it easier for your customers to find you. Not having that means you’re missing out on a handy resource for increasing the visibility of your business. Best of all, it’s free. You only need to fill up your details and wait for the traffic to come in.

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Claim Your Google Maps Listing

Another thing you need to do to make it easier for customers to find you is to claim your Google Maps listing. Any potential customer who sees that page can find their way to your site or business. If you don’t have the manpower or skills to take care of this, hire an affordable SEO company. After all, it’s not enough just to put up content online. You need to constantly update your page and optimize your listing appropriately to put the maps listing in front of new people.

Correct Your Data

If you already have a Google Maps listing, checking the information is important. Are the contact details accurate? Even a missing letter or a wrong number means prospective clients who find you on the listings will need help getting in touch with you. As a business owner, you want the customer’s experience to be easy and stress-free. To make it easier for them, correct your information on the listing.

Reply to People

People can leave reviews on the Google listing, which means that’s another platform or channel you can use to promote your business. Think about it. If prospective clients come in and see a ton of positive feedback and happy reviews from clients, they are more predisposed to trust your products or services. You can show engagement with customers as well by replying to people’s reviews or comments.

Don’t Delete Negative Reviews

That may not sound ideal. But you can use negative reviews to boost your brand’s visibility. Reach out to the customer and ask about what happened. Make amends if that’s warranted. Set the record straight on the page in a polite way by replying to reviews. That way, people reading through the comments will see how calmly you talked to the customer and how you easily you resolved the problem. This way, you can create a strong, positive impression of how you handle clients.

Optimize Images

You can add images to your Google Maps listing. Don’t just take a bunch of old photos of your business and post them, though. You want to take the chance Google is giving you to wow prospective clients. If you’re a restaurant, add appetizing shots of your food. Add pictures of the restaurant to show how spacious the place is, the lovely décor, and more. The pictures you post can differ by industry, but choose photos that give searchers a positive impression of your business or anything you can think of to get people to be more curious about your business and swing by.

Personalize Your URL

It may not seem to matter, but trust us, it does. You can make a stronger impression and make it easier for first-time or prospective customers if your URL is memorable and not just a string of numbers. Personalize the URL to reflect the name of your business. Building a business takes a lot of work and paying attention to the small details will help you get your organization to where you want it to go.

Encourage Reviews

Reviews get more people to try your products or services, but out of a thousand customers only a few will leave reviews. Offer freebies in exchange for reviews, allowing customers to earn reward points or coupons for discounts on your site. The more positive reviews you have, the more customers will choose you over other companies.

Be Active

Make sure you check your site every day. Update your listings, remove old ones, add new ones and more. Google takes note of the activity, so the more active you are, the more beneficial it will be. They reward active businesses by improving rankings and therefore traffic to your site. In addition, regular posts keep clients coming back. That’s another reason to be actively involved in your business.

Use Local Keywords

Do a little SEO. Use local keywords to help drive more traffic to those pages. The increased traffic will help you expand your target market, rank higher on the SERPs and get you more sales or revenue.