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The competition in the online platform is fierce. This is evident from the search engine result pages (SERPs) that feature so many paid ads, images and other visually appealing elements – all trying to get the attention of online visitors. Appearing on SERPs alone cannot help win business if visitors do not click on your ad or website link. This is where rich snippets come into the picture. All leading SEO companies based out of LA (Los Angeles and Ventura) and worldwide leverage rich snippets to help their clients win maximum business.

Rich snippets are a type of on-page mark-up or extra bits of text providing additional pieces of information and appearing just below the search result. Rich snippets allow a search result to stand out in the crowd and enable an online visitor to make a well informed click decision.

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Rich snippets are displayed along with your search results by search engines. So, you would need to make your pages eligible for rich snippets. This can be done by adding structured data of the appropriate type to your content that is relevant to your website and its products and services. Search engines such as Google and Bing have laid down certain policies for each structured data type governing the rich snippet display. So, it is important to make sure that you comply with each of these policies. It may take time for correctly marked-up content to trigger rich snippets in search results.

Some of the latest trends in rich snippets that businesses can leverage in order to improve the likelihood of online users to choose their page over others are as follows:

  • E-commerce websites can provide information about products including ratings/reviews, pricing, and availability as rich snippets. Google and other major search engines support rich snippets for ‘Product’ data type.
  • Google supports ‘Review’ data type for rich snippets. Businesses such as restaurants, hotels, travel sites, movies, stores, and other service based businesses can make use of review data for rich snippets display in their search results.
  • Search engines also display images of recipes as rich snippets for web search results on recipes. So, businesses that sell food or recipes can improve their online visibility by including recipe images (as content for rich snippets) on their recipe pages.
  • ‘Event’ data type is also supported by Google and Bing for displaying rich snippets. So, organized events such as musical concerts, film festivals, award functions, art and craft exhibitions, technology conferences, and so on that people may attend can leverage this data type and provide appropriate markup content.
  • Companies offering software applications and solutions can also leverage rich snippets for enhancing their visibility on SERPs and attract online users’ attention. Google supports ‘Software Application’ data type and so any related information including its URL, review ratings and pricing can be provided as ‘marked up’ content for rich snippets.
  • Enabling rich snippets for videos is another latest trend for improving click rates. Video content can be marked up with structured data including information such as the title, description, thumbnail URL, date of upload, and duration.

Search engines are always trying to provide users with not only better search results, but also additional information to help them click on the right search result. They are more than willing to use your rich snippet markup to achieve this objective. This is the reason why every reputed SEO company in LA and elsewhere implements rich snippets for their clients.

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