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There are proper and improper techniques to improve search engine rankings for a website. These methods are usually grouped in two camps: white hat and black hat. White hat is approved optimization techniques and black hat is the unapproved. The people at SeoTuners promise to always use white hat techniques to improve your site and keep it on the search engine rankings.

Website SEO companies know what search engines are looking for, and use this to create or change an existing site to exceed search engine expectations. Search engines are looking for easy to navigate sites, relevant content, relevant links, and honesty. All of these, and more, are considered white hat techniques. Honesty is not, ironically enough, to the content on the pages, but that the content that spiders find and the content a visitor sees are the same. While many SEO companies employ white hat techniques, be aware that some will lead you astray, which can hurt your company.

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SEO companyOn the other hand, there are black hat techniques. Some SEO companies use a technique to present different or more content to web crawlers, such as using text that is the same or similar color to the background or appears off screen, so that search engines find it, but a human visitor does not see it. Cloaking is a method that dishonest SEO companies use where a different page appears if a human is visiting the site or a crawler is visiting. These two methods are the quickest way to get penalized and be removed from search engine results.

There are other smaller infractions that you may not even know you are doing. Most laymen could not tell you what those are, but specialists, like SeoTuners, would recognize these methods and be able to correct them quickly and easily for you. Making sure that you employ a reputable company to handle your website SEO needs is extremely important.

By using SeoTuners you can avoid following the wrong advice and getting your site banned from search engines for employing black hat techniques. They will show you how to honestly improve keyword saturation, create relevant incoming links, help you choose better keywords so that you are found the way people search for you, and help you improve your site’s infrastructure to attract more traffic.

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