Is SEO Dead
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Without beating around the bush, SEO isn’t dead and won’t be so long as search engines live and keep producing unpaid results. Now, let’s understand why SEO won’t die and why people keep saying so.

SEO has existed ever since search engines did but, it’s changing algorithms have made it a ball of fire that needs to be dealt with, very carefully and tactfully. This has lead to many SEO pessimists speculate on whether SEO will become obsolete one day. However, that’s far from true. While SEO may evolve over the years, it will never completely disappear. And, this will become evident when you’ll see how SEO has shaped over the years. Let’s have a quick look.

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The beginning

Google, in its nascent stages, was fault ridden and clunky, where it displayed results based on a handful of parameters and factors. However, it was the best thing to happen to the internet and it’s popularity skyrocketed. The growing popularity of Google and the simple internet ranking algorithms posed an opportunity to exploit for the system coders and marketers.

But, instead of looking at it as a marketing strategy, it grew to become a cheat code in the internet game. This lead to a lot of spamming because the algorithms were simple. For instance, if there needed to be x number of a particular keyword in a website to make it rank on the top of search engines, all that one needed to do was stuff the website with those many keywords, which also made SEO services affordable.

The present

However, the concept of affordable SEO services soon transformed. When Google reached a stage of stability, which was sometime during 2010, its algorithms began changing and maturing. These algorithms became complex eventually. The Panda update was the first to unleash hell on websites, penalizing them for duplicate content or keyword-stuffed content. Then came the Penguin, followed by the Hummingbird and Pigeon, which was the latest.

All of these updates made it difficult to spam SEO and rankings on SERPs thereby sparking controversies and speculations of which “SEO is Dead” was one. While marketers comprehended such algorithm updates as a journey towards the end of SEO, it was only efforts made by Google to ensure its visitors got useful results and kept coming back again and again.

Why SEO won’t die?

The growing complexity in SEO algorithms has left little room for spamming and stuffing in SEO. And, ever since the Panda update, there’s no stopping Google. This rapidly changing face of SEO has left many marketers and search experts bewildered and thus contemplating on whether SEO is dead. But, SEO isn’t dead and will never die. It will only evolve and help websites get better in the value they offer.

Do you think SEO can die sometime in the near future? Share your thoughts and opinions with me in the comments below.

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