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In the world of blogging and content production, if you’re in a highly competitive field like finance or marketing, you’re bound to experience the pain of having your content copied and stolen at one point or another.


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Plagiarism is a real issue. Not only does copied content and duplicated information get flagged by search engines, ruining your search engine optimization, but it also puts you at risk of coming off as being the person who actually stole the content you’ve created.   A plagiarism checker makes note of: plagiarized content undermines your integrity, and your SEO quality.


Originality is an important trait in content production. And preserving it is essential. While you can’t necessarily prevent content theft, you can easily flag it, and fight against plagiarism. Here are a couple very basic and simple tools to help you take charge of your blog and ensure that your content remains your own.


Use Google


It might sound incredibly simple, but Google really is your best and first line of defense when it comes to securing your own content and seeing to it that what’s yours truly is yours alone.


One of the more recent additions to Google that has helped blogs keep their original content unique is the addition of reverse image searches. If you do your own photography, utilizing Google’s reverse image search lets you click-and-drag your image into Google’s search bar to find more instances of it being used online. That way, you can find people who have stolen your images from your blog – and possibly more of your content.


Another extremely easy way to see to it that you get alerted whenever your content gets nabbed is Google’s very own Google Alerts. Through Google, you can get regular updates of whenever a certain key phrase within your text gets used again – highlighting that someone may be taking your content and reposting it, depending on how unique your chosen phrase it.


Get Professional Help


SEO specialists have fought plagiarism for decades – after all, it’s in the job description. Optimized content is original content, and original content ceases to be unique and optimized when it’s been copied over. Through seeking out affordable SEO solutions in Los Angeles like SeoTuners, you can prevent and punish content theft.


Be Sure to Add Your Disclaimer


Although it’s nowhere near being a surefire way to prevent content theft, a simple way to cover yourself in the case of plagiarism is through a copyright disclaimer on your website. By declaring that your content – including your images, text, and other media – is entirely your own, you can see to it that anyone using it to make a profit stands to be in violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act – an act implemented in 1998 to limit copyright infringement online.


Run Your Content Through CopyScape


Finally, a handy and quick way to check whether or not your website content has been plagiarized is through CopyScape. CopyScape is an online resource that, for free, searches for your target content all over the web and provides you with examples of plagiarism or copy pasting.


And there you have it! A few handy, and completely essential tools for any webmaster and SEO fledgling. You may not be able to prevent theft, but you can discover it and address it head-on with these tools.

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