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In the past, when we needed to find a bakery, an attorney, a doctor or a restaurant, we would look up the Yellow Pages. Today however, we look up search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. to find what we need. Having entered what we’re looking for, we visit the links that are generated through the search, mostly those on the first page, to look for more information on their location, contact number, products or services, clients and other important information or even make reservations or appointments. What’s more, most customers find out the brick and mortar locations of businesses through their websites.

So you can clearly imagine what your business is missing out on by not having a website. Eventually, it’s all affecting your margins. Besides, you’re allowing your competitor to beat you without competing at all. Hence, a website is a very important marketing tool that a business must invest in, to provide information and updates about your company, and attract new customers.

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Importance of websitesUnderstand that the point isn’t if your website needs a website or not, rather that your customers expect your business to have it. Besides, website creation is quite affordable for small businesses too.

Let’s look at some benefits that businesses can expect from investing in a website. As someone offering website SEO services in Los Angeles and Ventura, we believe that having a website can help businesses reap the following benefits.

  • Avail low-cost advertising – The Web has a much deeper and wider reach than any other advertising form. And, while it does take some time to get enough traffic to your website to be able to make your marketing campaign worthwhile, the effort costs close to nothing. Moreover, once you’ve established an online presence through a website, you can now promote it through different mediums such as PPC, social media, etc.
  • Gain more visibility – To be able to become visible to your target audience online, you must first have a website. No matter how well known your business is in the market, in the present digital age, prospective customers prefer finding out information online first and then walk up to your brick and mortar outlet.
  • Be accessible to your audience round the clock – By building a website for your business, you can be accessible to your prospective customers round the clock. Customers can browse through your products and company updates or buy in their convenient time. This way you can offer your customers convenience, which is the biggest lookout factor for the modern customer.

We’re living in an era when we look up search engines for the most basic of queries and needs. As such, not having a website for your business is as good as good as saying – I don’t need air to breathe.

So how important do you think websites are for businesses? Share your thoughts and takes with us in the comments below. And, for affordable website SEO services, visit us at SeoTuners.

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