Why SEO is Important from SEMs?

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Between the cost of SEM, web design, content, social media management and a decent logo, it can be tough to see a reason why SEO should still make it onto the list given the amount of time and effort needed to see results. After all, isn’t SEO just something large companies can afford to invest in to compete with other large companies?

No! At least, not anymore. For quite a while now, SEO has become extremely useful (and importantly) for small-to-medium businesses and enterprises because search engines deals with local business searches differently than they do for international searches.


How Local SEO Helps?


This means that if someone is looking for a business that is clearly localized – like a restaurant within a specific cuisine – then it will automatically prioritize search results of businesses located in the exact same neighborhood as from where the user is making their search, as per Search Engine Land.


This alone means that, with the right affordable website SEO company in Los Angeles and Ventura, like SeoTuners, everyone in your part of the city looking for your kind of business will see you at the top of search engine results, over all your local competitors.


This has been the way since the introduction of a new algorithm in Google. Google is the definitive leading search engine, with over 85% in total market control, and no sign of any major losses as per Statista.


SEO Doesn’t Have to be Costly


Speaking of costs, one big benefit of SEO is that it has seen a massive price reduction versus how much it used to cost businesses to employ a good SEO strategy. The result is that businesses can now afford quality SEO, mostly because companies are competing at a much more aggressive rate, bringing prices down and giving small businesses the chance to enjoy special SEO packaged built to offer an affordable yet reasonable list of services – a definite win-win situation.


You still have to find the right service, though. That’s where employing your own basic search skills can help you sift through non-viable options and narrow down your SEO solutions to the best, most affordable local services.

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