Why should you choose us as your Penguin Penalty Recovery Company?

There are only a few companies & experts that can say that they have had more than more than 90% success rate with penguin penalty recovery & other Algorithmic penalties and 100% success rate with Manual Actions.  Many businesses and people know the strategy of what needs to be done, but we have actual evidence of what has been successful in the past for different industries.  We are Knowledgeable, Honest and reliable with over 25+ years of combined experience in penguin penalty recovery..


What exactly is Google’s Penguin algorithm?

The Penguin Update that launched on April 24, 2012 was Google’s way of fighting against unnatural links and toxic domains. It was a change to Google’s search results that was designed to punish pages that have been spamming Google and going against their guidelines. If you’re not familiar with this type of spam, it’s when people do black hat techniques like “keyword stuff” or “cloak” which violates Google’s guidelines.

If your site noticed a large drop in rankings or traffic between April 24, 2012 to October 17, 2014, then the Penguin algorithm most likely affected your site negatively. In this case we can help with our penguin recovery service.

What Caused the Negative Effect on Rankings?

If you hired an SEO Company or Internet marketing & web design company in the past to build “Quantity Style” links for you, or used backlink building software tools like LinkMachine, then there is a high probability that those links are now against Google Quality Guidelines and can get you in trouble with the Penguin algorithm if it hasn’t already. Do not worry! we are here with SEO penalty recovery service.


Do we have experience recovering from Penguin?

Yes with proof.  We see quite a large number of affected sites successfully escape the Penguin algorithm as well as recover from a manual action with our SEO penguin penalty recovery service. In most cases, we have seen amazing recoveries through our penguin recovery service from major traffic hits & Rankings which resulted in gaining much of what they lost due to the algorithm update.

We have seen major issues with the Penguin algorithm because of purchased backlinks from a previous SEO company they hired. In the process of SEO Penalty Recovery, we assessed the website and did a thorough link audit and requested webmasters to remove links.  Then we compiled and submitted a disavow file.  The site saw an increase in traffic with the Penguin refresh and then started to see even more positive momentum due to the new links that they had attracted since first getting hit with Penguin. In this whole SEO Penalty Recovery process, the important thing was not only to remove the bad backlinks, but also to replace them with quality backlinks since these bad backlinks links were undoubtedly the reason for the good rankings in the past.

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