Goal:  Increase traffic and sales through the internet.

This year over year comparison shows that we increased the overall traffic to this website over 342%.  Using various methods of search engine optimization and internet marketing we took this small site that was getting a little over 4,000 visitors per month to over 19,000 visits per month.

Organic traffic from Google was our main focus.  Targeting many different niche sites for link building and content promotion we were able to steadily increase user sessions that converted into new sales.  As you can see from section 1. Organic traffic from Google went from 2,397 users in 2016 to 13,064 in 2017.

With these huge increases in organic search traffic from Google we were also able to increase the direct or returning traffic to the site 269.13% which equated to over 3,300 more visitors to year over year.

With social media promotion utilizing Facebook and Twitter we increased traffic to the site over 74% from those channels as well.

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